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Below, you can find ssegold reviews written by users. Find out if ssegold is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover ssegold delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is ssegold legit? Is ssegold safe and reliable?

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Last Update: March 22, 2022

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Product is a provider of virtual currency and in-game items for a range of online games. They offer purchases for a wide range of popular, modern games ranging from action-adventures like The Witcher 3 and Grand Theft Auto V to competitive MOBAs like League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm to MMOs like TERA Online and The Elder Scrolls Online.

Customers have the opportunity to expedite the process of gaming by purchasing in-game currency and items and can also receive power leveling services for their existing characters.

Price strives to provide competitive rates on all of their items. Final Fantasy XIV players can level their characters in crafting skills from 1 - 50 for less than $100 or get access to over 20,000 gil (the game's standard currency) for approximately $50. In a price comparison to our top shops like KoalaCredits and InGameDelivery, SSEGold offered gold and power-leveling options prices are slightly lower.

The site regularly offers discounts on purchases. Items are often offered at up to 30% off, and these discounts are always clearly indicated within the catalog. Customers can also purchase packages for a variety of MMORPG's that provide discounted sets of equipment and materials specially designed to maximize unique character builds. also offers a membership rewards program. Members can receive up to 5%% off regular purchases made in the store. Members also earn points for money spent on the store, with each dollar of US currency translating to one member point. These rates increase depending on the lifetime spending of the customer. While the payout for rewards is minimal, big time spenders can see marginal savings from creating an account, and membership at is free.

Speed recognizes that their users are looking for convenience, and they offer a quick turnaround on deliveries. All purchases are delivered within an hour to 24 hours, depending on the nature of the product, and the site offers full refunds or compensation for items not delivered in a timely fashion. They employ an experienced team of power levelers who can maximize the leveling of your characters.

Shopping and Payment allows customers to pay via EU, US, and Russian currencies. Their payment options are limited in comparison to a number of major RMT markets, but they cover all of the basics. Customers can use traditional forms of payment like Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal as well as money transfer services like Western Union, PaySafe, Skrill, and Direct.

Customer Service

Customer service is primarily handled through live chat. Response on the chat was typically fast, and the customer service team responded to questions in under a minute. Questions were clearly and promptly resolved. SSEGold also offers support via Skype and email. All purchases come backed by refund, delivery, safety, and low price guarantees. The terms of these guarantees are ambiguous but the pricing is comparable or slightly better than most online retailers.

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Review by namira shikhu
SSEGOLD provides great service and they are fast. Plus, you can easily communicate with them through their website or through Discord. I’m their regular customer and I always buy a lot, my account is fine.

If you want to buy some game gold from them, I can show you my discount code: niki1, it helps me save a lot of money^^
Review by cooper
Customer service was very nice and transparent through the whole process and swiftly delivered the gold without any trouble will definitely come back Incase I need an epic mount
Review by charles
Easy to make an order and quickly delivery. Gold site professional and serious. I recommandate it.
Review by lee holt
Best damn site ever always helpful always fast. Best team ever thank you ssegold. Wish I could give 5 stars stuck on 1
Review by GucciPappa
Bought some OSRS gold and paid with PayPal. Contacted them via chat after purchase was done and was asked for my phone numbe to "verify" that it is really me (not sure how that cold logically work since I did not provide any phone number while ordering the gold :D). After I refused to give my number, I suggested that they could email me to verify it, but then they said that it is not an option. Atleast I got a refund.

Shit service, -1 star.
Review by mprome
I HAD a great experience with the company until the last time I ordered gold. They charged my bank, then wrote an email requesting my driver's license and a scanned image or photograph of my credit card. When I asked them why, they were quick to respond, but the response didn't make sense. They said they wanted to verify it was me because I had changed my name too many times so they wanted to make sure the purchase was valid. I told them they'd never done that before, and I'd already received gold on my character names! They then sent me another email TELLING me which names I had used. If I HAD been a hacker, that would have leaked information about another user's details to me. Also, Visa checks for bank fraud, so they should never have been asking to see my driver's license. They should never have been allowed to charge my bank before asking for additional sensitive information. I told them to refund me, they sent some image of a supposed refund, but my bank, 24 hours later, is still showing the charge, not the refund. I will be calling my bank to force a stop payment or have them speak to the company directly for the refund. So sad, because this ruined my positive experience with them. Will not use them again and my advice is to decide, before you attempt a purchase, whether or not you are comfortable sharing your identification information with them over the net.
Review by aid_sy
You are fantastic I have only made a couple of purchases but all of them were handled professionally and quickly, thank you!
Review by Xxithonpe
everythink fine ^.^
Review by Jake
Delivery in 10 minutes at the dead of night. No hitches, done a dozen times now. 100% Recomend.
Review by Aaron
Nice and patient support. Understandable when Daisy explained to me why they asked me for my ID as i made a really large purchase, I recieved the gold 10 minutes later. Recommend and will come here again.
Review by James. M
You guys are awesome, and make the game I love even more enjoyable. I will absolutely be sticking with your company exclusively. Thank You for what you guys do!!!!!
Review by Evans
They work fine. =] For sure. Btw, i think that should be a system payment offered to people who live in Brazil. We know that most on-line players are brazilian. Give them this gift of a nice way to easy purchasing. XD
Review by Anne
It's been 24 hrs since Ssegold accepted my money, and all I have to show for it is a letter saying they dont know when they'll get my gold to me.
Review by Shawn
Ordered a hefty amount of FFXIV Gil from here without any issues. They delivered the entire amount to me within 20 minutes or so. Their FFXIV Gil prices were fairly competitive with other site as well.
Review by linda
ssegold deliver the blade and soul gold.but it takes too long to deliver it.when i checked stock,they guarantee 15 min,but i take 24 hours friend tell me,and it only take 5 min
Review by Emperor
FAST and CHEAP! These guys delivered gold in GW2 within 30m. I actually talked to the support person first to confirm availability though. Great outfit and would buy from again.

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