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Telephone: +60124052343
Owner: SEA Gamer Mall Sdn. Bhd.
Street address: 69, Jalan Raja Omar, Taman Ria Jaya, 32000 Sitiawan, Perak
Country: Malaysia
Livehelp: line: seagm1, facebook, google+
Alexa rank: 24,032

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Last Update: January 1, 1970

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SEA Gamer Mall provides MMORPG related servicess to people all over the world. It has hundreds of different kinds of products available. The company started in late 2007 and operated out of Malaysia. SEA Gamer Mall was founded by professional gamers and continues to be run that way. It supports eighteen different currencies and is available in many modernized countries. SEA Gamer Mall continues to operate strong with many loyal customers. It is known for its sales in FIFA Coins, Archeage Gold, TESO Gold, World of Warcraft Gold, and game cards and CD-key for various games.

Along with having all of these services available, SEA Gamer Mall just recently started selling gaming merchandise. Different types of merchandises have been available in the site from hats to console games. The support forums are extensive and seem to cover any questions that potential subscribers may have. There are different levels or tiers that individuals have to work their way up to. Once someone spends a certain amount of money they can advance and have better rewards available.

Product. seagm or SEA Gamer Mall is a multi-platform seller of virtual currency, game cards, in-game items, power leveling services, game accounts and even physical merchandise like toys, t-shirts and DVDs. It services nearly 50 online games, mainly sports games like FIFA 16 and fantasy mmorpg games like MapleStory, Cabal Online, Ragnarok Online and World of Warcraft. Given its name, the site seems to cater primarily to Southeast Asian gamers but also accommodates those from other countries.

Price. seagm offers attractive prices for its virtual currency, going toe-to-toe with many other cheap sellers. Visitors may stumble upon up to 10% discounts on specific virtual currency through the flash sales seen on the site homepage, which encourages you to keep coming regularly to spot deals.

Speed. Delivery speed is average, not impressively quick but also not frustratingly slow. seagm should be able to send your virtual currency within an hour, more or less, for most orders. The site is fairly transparent when deliveries could be delayed than usual due to lack of gold stock.

Shopping and Payment. Because of the numerous kinds of virtual and physical items sold at seagm, buyers will need to click through relatively more screens before they can complete their transaction. The transaction forms also take time to understand, so expect to spend quite some time figuring out the process if it is your first time buying from the site. There is also no quick buy option on the homepage, which can be a bummer if you are in a hurry to get your gold. There are many number of payment options like PayPal, Skrill and paysafecard, and the site customizes your choices based on your country of origin, which is convenient.

Customer Service. If there is one are where seagm shines, it is in customer service. The site joins the rest of the sellers in using live chat support as its primary means of entertaining questions from potential buyers. But a great thing about their system is that the visual chat interface looks better than average, and you can also chat while browsing through their website. Agents appear to be well-trained, speak in fluent English, are very cordial and are upfront about their capabilities on delivering orders depending on the availability of stock. Clearly, the site has spent a lot of time fixing the customer service issues that continue to hound other sellers.

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Review by conij
crpa service couldnt accept id so couldnt buy
Review by Wilson Johanes
Buy steam wallet from 25 Jan until now and it's still working with fast respond and good service from CS :3 Thank you
Review by N
Poor experience. Wouldn't accept a passport as ID? It IS my national ID. I provided scans and selfies as requested. The customer support officer was blunt and not totally knowledgeable. I would not recommend using this site/service given they harvest data and information and then refuse to verify.

Very poor. There are other options, use those.
Review by msmarkos
The rewards they offer for purchasing cards is a scam. Dont buy into it. Support is useless cuz they just spew nonsensical words at you.
Review by aardbei
Can't change password keep getting password doesnt match. i am 100% sure that abc123 isnt hard to fail on. i contact customer service and the only thing what they did, was giving me a link to reset password. As i told it didn't work and they said you aren't listing to us. I exmplaind again that i get a message password do not match. He said you didnt listen to me and i wont help you anymore if you dont listen. I said i listen to you, but i get a error. He didnt listen to they error and got mad. He even said this:

alright then, we will be keeping a lookout of your trolling comment

Worst support ever. They blame you for sending in a error.
Review by Danesh
it's 11 days and they did not fix my key issue. I bought an PSN card and they gave me an invalid key. when I email them they just say we are checking it. so DO NOT buy from this website. just DON'T if u don't want to lose your money.
Review by Ahbunene
Very good seller. Fast delivery and good price
Review by Karla dela Rosa
Great service and fast delivery. First time I've bought Cabal Gold Online and I was really hesitant because of bad feedback to different companies. I'm glad chose SEA Gamer Mall. It was a really pleasant experience. Cloud was the person I chatted with and he was really cool and helpful.
Review by Kinashi
Purchased silver and completed the payment within 1 minute but seeing the deal still undone after 12 hours. Contacted a Livechat named Rachael for help and responded with extremely poor attitude. He even left the chat without finishing our conversation.
Having used online gaming purchase malls for years, I HAVE NEVER HAD SUCH A HORRIBLE CONSUMER EXPERIENCE BEFORE.
Never ever purchase from SEA again, guys.

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