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EverQuest Next Platinum Price History

Last Update: July 15, 2024

On this page you'll see a listing of providers from which you can buy EQ Next Platinum. This overview not only includes the EverQuest Next Platinum prices of every shop, but also a customer rating. Shops listed as trusted sellers have a proven track record and are usually safe to buy from.

Our EQ Next Platinum list has been last updated on July 15, 2024. The next update is scheduled for July 16, 2024. As of July 15, 2024 the median price for 3 is $0. Currently there are 0 EverQuest Next Platinum prices in our database.

About EverQuest Next Platinum

Returning players to the strangely familiar, yet undeniably altered, world of Norrath, EverQuest Next seeks to update the classic MMORPG for the modern market. Creating a new landscape for players new and old to inhabit, EverQuest Next seeks give players the classic EverQuest experience in a new way.

EverQuest Next is the next iteration of a widely popular series, and its new focus on a changing world presents a strong counterpoint to the usually-static MMO worlds of its competition. Combining traditional adventuring with technologically impressive new tools, the game is a strong pull for nostalgic veterans and interested new players alike.

Everquest Next makes use of an in-game currency known as "platinum" to allow players to level up their characters, buy in-game goods and create a unique presence in the world of the game. Everquest's long popularity has often made it a target for gold farmers, and the usefulness of the currency in the newest iteration of the game makes further farming a likelihood. Given the series' long relationship with various online platinum sellers and the player base's familiarity with the process, though, it seems that platinum farmers will likely be a major force in the game for its entire existence. While the anti-farmer methods that will be used by SOE are likely to be far more sophisticated than those found in past games, the large player base will likely be ready and waiting for the incoming supply of platinum in order to stay a step ahead of their competition.