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Telephone: 0049-1805-060-344-36
Owner: Massive Multiplayer Online Game Association
Street address: 11/F., Po On Commercial Building
198 Nathan Road, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Livehelp: Available
Payment options: Bank Transfer MasterCard PayPal Visa Card
Alexa rank: 49,209

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Below, you can find MMOGA reviews written by users. Find out if MMOGA is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover MMOGA delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is MMOGA legit? Is MMOGA safe and reliable?

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Last Update: January 26, 2023

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We have a chance to talk with one of the leading shop in RMT industry, MMOGA, about their business concepts, ideas, and visions on RMT industry. Here are the interview.

What does MMOGA stand for? Is there a story behind your selected logo?
MMOGA originated from “Massive Multiplayer Online Game Association”. The name has been a little long so it has been shortened to MMOGA and made a brand of its own. The logo has no further meaning, it is just easy to grasp and recognizable. When you see it on any banner, you can be sure to get high quality and your products really fast.

We have seen that you have 2 sites: and Which site is your primary website and why?
At first, we want to mention, that we own even more websites. for french people and for British customers just to name two. for Spanish customers will follow soon. There is no main focus on one website, we are trying to keep our high standards the same for all our web offers. Nevertheless, it is true that the main customer base is currently on, but we are expanding every day.

What are your thoughts on other virtual currency business such as Facebook credits?
We do no make a great difference on virtual currencies. If there is a market for it, we will offer it for sure. As you might have seen we currently are offering facebook credits in different currencies. Our gold farming partners cannot produce the credits on Facebook, but the market for Facebook casual players is way to vast to ignore it. Therefore we are offering keys and cards to to meet the demand. Let alone Zynga with its millions of players have to be reached, either by Facebook credits or direct game cards for their games.

What makes MMOGA stand out from other gold suppliers?
This is fairly easy, we established MMOGA as a brand with high quality standards. You can expect low prices, fast deliveries, many payment methods, 24/7 support and an overall great experience from your first visit till becoming a satisfied customer. The main unique selling point is the long term market presence. Every day there is a new gold seller on the market and another one made a quick buck and is never seen again. Our customers can profit from this as well. With our loyalty discount system you can reduce your prices overall and watch other suppliers come and go without any trouble.

What is your business motto?
We have no strict business motto we live by. As mentioned before, we are just always trying to improve our offer, quality, speed and prices to give the customers the best experience they can get. It worked out great so far, since we became the European market leader in this sector.

How do you see the future of MMOGA?
MMOGA will constantly grow without losing any quality at all. History has shown that there is a great risk in expanding without the power to back it up. So far we did a good job and this hopefully works out for us and our customers in the future as well.

Is there anything else that you would like to share?
We want to thank our customers for sure. Without all of our community the whole business would not work. We are deeply thankful for that. Check out our Facebook pages as well, to get raffles, the latest offers and gaming news.
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About MMOGA:

MMOGA started big in the German market. Started in 2004, the service provider continues to provide buyers with premium services. The site openly reveals customer ratings from over 140,000 buyers with very few negative feedback since 2008 to date. Exact customer reviews could be read are publicly displayed for new visitors to view.

To date, MMOGA has expanded its services to cover the French, German and English-speaking market as well. Besides ingame-currencies, the shop also provides powerleveling services, game cards and strategy guides available. In terms of payment options, the site probably offers the most options available, from PayPal and moneybookers to Google checkout, Fax Order and much more. MMOGA's facebook page also showcases MMO news and updates.

Product. MMOGA is a full-service site, offering virtual currency, power leveling services, accounts, game time cards and items. MMOGA sells virtual currency to most of the long-running hit MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and Maplestory, popular releases in recent years like WildStar and ArcheAge, as well as niche titles like Echo of Soul and FIFA 16 coins. It also provides power leveling and items options to players of Diablo and Runescape.

Pricing. Virtual currency prices in MMOGA are among the lowest in the industry, but customers can still find cheaper rates in other niche sites. Still, many continue to patronize MMOGA because of its relatively trusted name that makes the extra few cents premium worth it. MMOGA is also known to give out discounts and bonuses on occasion, which further lowers the prices on the site but may also lengthen the wait times due to high demand.

Shopping and Payment. MMOGA is not as user-friendly as other sites, especially for buyers that want to spend as little time as possible in a transaction. You will need to click through menus to find what you are looking for and finish an order, but nothing that would make you pull your hair out in frustration.MMOGA offers a decent amount of payment options for buyers with internationally accepted credit cards, but do not expect much support outside of that.

Speed. Where MMOGA shines is in its promise to deliver virtual currency in less than an hour. More than 85% of its customers get their orders in less than 30 minutes � an impressive average delivery time considering the number of games they cover and the volume they can accommodate per order. For those worried about deliveries that take more than a day � the site boasts that only 0.3% of orders fall in this category. This means that for most orders, virtual currency will be sent to your characters and accounts before you call it a night (assuming you placed the order in the morning.)

Customer Service. MMOGA is one of the few sites with a very helpful FAQs page where you can find answers to your most pressing questions without even having to talk to an agent. For more detailed questions and order-related inquiries, a live chat is available and the agents seem capable of handling most issues. But customers that opt to email might find the response slower than they would like.

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Review by Daniel
I just watched my auction expire again... never received the gold. But their email says its complete and delivered. Ugh.
Review by tom jones
Seller wastes time by asking many additional documents such as your photograph next to your ID and photo of your credit card! Even with Paypal. Mail to them bounces. Wait time for online support is over 30 minutes! Terrible service.
Review by Ciprian

The worst site ever, they took my money and after they asked for verification...why not before taking my money???
I could not pass the verification process 'cause my passport was expired and they do not accept national id card, even though they are in EU and I am from a EU country.
I asked for refund but nobody has ever replied.

Review by Jim
Never receive the items that i bought!!

they were using fake pics to fool u that they sent already!

Customer support takes ages to get back to u!

Avoid with this company!
Review by Leinararin/Jeremy
Well, first off, i dont really get the negative comments.
I've ordered Ectos for gw2 and gold here a lot about half a year ago and it always went smooth, however it was usually fairly slow.

I always got w hat i paid for but it once took a whole week of emailing n shit to get to that point so..well... I trust this site but it's meh.
Review by Marcos Torres
Completely horrible been waiting 1 week for one item and another few days for another do not trust!
Review by Cloudrizer
Online support is rubbish, prices are high and I canceled my 100k gold order because they couldn't deliver it.
Review by Georgi Dimitrov

I just purchased a game code from eBay from this company and they started black-mailing me that I need to send PERSONAL INFORMATION to their E-mail before they can provide me with the purchase.

I would say avoid all these companies that start with "MMOGA". Ignore the positive reviews, it looks like they scam people out of their money in a small percentage.

Just look around and you will see!
Review by tery
DO NOT TRUST THIS SITE, THEY NEVER DELIVERED MY PRODUCT AND NOW IGNORE ALL MY EMAILS, The live support chat is a scam also, I waited an hour on it and it gets stuck when your position is 5, I waited half an hour for one customer apparently and it never went below 5. then when i click leave a message it says support is offline. but then i click live chat again and surprise surprise ITS ONLINE... back in queue at 65 and guess what? STUCK AT 5 AGAIN. This is a sneaky thieving company. give me bullshit excuses and then stop replying when I want my refund. I have used other websites and they actually give you what you pay for and have GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

I got robbed by this company.
Review by Maarten
First time order (LotRO Gold Evernight), fast delivery. Excellent. Recommended.
Review by Pulkit Sharma
Never had any kind of issue with MMOGA.
Review by Joe
I placed an order for 50k gold for WoW on 2/4/16 and I didn't receive the order until 2/23/16.... so why the 5 stars?

Every time I contacted customer service they were more than happy to explain the situation and assured me they were working on the order and it would be delivered.

Since I work in customer service I highly value good communication which MMOGA seemed to provide.
Review by Kirsten
Not safe. Bought 200 gold for Guild Wars 2. They sent me through in game message but soon I received this email from ArenaNet:

Guild Wars 2: Warning for unauthorized purchases


During a recent audit, we found that your account received in-game items and/or gold from a third party which sells these things for cash or other items with real world value. Purchasing from these “Real Money Traders” violates our Rules of Conduct, so we have confiscated any available gold and/or items acquired from them.

These traders often use fraud, hacking, and identity theft to acquire the gold and items they sell. If you made a purchase with real funds, we suggest contacting the seller or your financial institution for a refund. Continued purchasing from such sellers could result in further action against your account, including the removal of gold and items purchased from unauthorized sellers, temporary suspension, or a permanent ban from the game.


GM Mordecai
Guild Wars 2 Support Team

So I don't recommend. Be careful! Stay away from them.
Review by Spencer Copeland
Tried to get DFO Gold. They advertised wrong in the first place, I should of never have trusted or bought from them....They said would deliver gold in game mail... you can't send gold in mail in DFO... they didn't barely communicate with me. Felt like they were being a bit rude and pushy too. 1000 Million gold for 8.90 sounds too good to be true because it is. I would of given 0 stars, but they at least pretended to try to help me, also They offer paypal so I can get my money back eventually... also I don't think I can actually give 0 stars.... so Bad... how is this rated so high?!
Review by Happy customer
fantastic, fast and friendly always recommend.
Prices are very efficient
Review by Oidipous
My experience with this site has been great. To start with, I purchased FIFA 16 coins at a good price, I made the payment smoothly and within 6 hours, I received my coins. Although I experienced some hitches, I received prompt assistance from the live chat. Totally recommended.
Review by Saveliy
Despite reading the negative reviews, I decided to try this site. I purchased some gold and after paying, they wanted to verify my identity. The phone verification failed so I had to send my photo ID; I must confess I did not like or understand why they needed the documents. Anyway, the following morning I received a message to get my gold. I must say it was worth it, it is a reliable site and I love it.
Review by Anon
Ordered the smallest amount of Gil for FF XIV.
After about 2 days I had to write a Ticket just to hear that their seller can't deliver. The smallest amount possible. Can't deliver.
I don't care about those peanut €uro's, it's about the principle.

Unreliable, stay away.
Review by Thore
I read some comments here telling MMOGA is a fraud site and I want to counter this. I purchased 500,000 FIFA Coins for around $40, which I thought was quite cheap, and within two hours, I received my coins. There was no hassle at all, unlike other sites where it takes up to 3 days to deliver something. It a smooth transaction, so I just do not understand all these negative comments.
Review by Sluaghadhán
I have purchased from this site two times, and I cannot complain. It's not the best shop out there but I got what I paid for. That should be enough.
Review by Haralambi
Just keep off MMOGA. They will just waste your time asking for your driver’s license or your passport, why do they need this personal information anyway. Moreover, after the hassle and after they charge your PayPal account, you will get nothing because they will not deliver what you paid for.
Review by Pherick is a good site, and I will use it in the future.I purchased 10m credits for SWTOR. Completing the transaction was easy, the delivery was fast, and I was very excited about it. Everything about the site is great.
Review by Mellan
The Site is a scam. I purchased some aion kinah from this site, and they told me they would deliver it in 24hours. Three days later, I contacted them and they told me that they were out of stock. One day later I inquired, and they copy pasted the same email; I requested a refund and got no response. I paid for nothing.
Review by Diogenes
I've used MMOGA for multiple games and they've supplied just what I wanted. Fast delivery too, usually they message me that they are ready to deliver within 3 days. Sometimes it's faster, sometimes it's slower. Quite happy with their reliability and will be using them some more in the future.
Review by Chesed
Didn't like the experience of ordering from MMOGA. They don't have very good customer service. They expect you to conform to the way they do business, instead of accomodating the customer. The customer is always right, these guys need to go back to business school and learn that chapter. Or just ask me, and listen to me.
Review by Soth
My experience with MMOGA is quite good. I just bought 20k wow gold from them. My first time to purchase something like this though. Everything was smooter than expected and I got the gold within an hour. Will try it again for sure.
Review by Miloslav
Try once but I never got the stuff I ordered. MMOGA claimed that they delivered it, but I never got it. The thing with a service like this is you cannot show proof that they did not finish their end of the bargain. You can't prove to them that something didn't happen, while they will say that it did. So just leaving this warning here, dont' do business with a company like this.
Review by Samuilu
I ordered from MMOGA once for wow gold. They claimed that I didn't make an order after I had been waiting 3 days. So I never got anything from them. But my credit card was charged. Communicating with them was nearly impossible, and I just eventually gave up. The effort wasn't worth my time any more. But then, they just found my order and gave me gold. Quite a surprise but still not that happy.
Review by Tewodros
I have never heard of MMOGA until today when I was searching for WoW Gold. Their price might not be the best but it's quite reasonable to me. The delivery was really fast. I am coming back again.
Review by Epaphras
Very happy with mmoga. Placed my first order with MMOGA for 50 Guild Wars 2 gold just to make sure it was good. They impressed me with quick delivery. Ever since they have earned my trust and I believe I have since bought over 1000 gold from them.
Review by Gideon
This site wasted my time and money. First, I am asked for copies of my passport, then my license and then later I received an email asking me to send a picture of me holding the credit card. This was crazy and an unacceptable to me so I asked for a refund and guess what they said, I could only receive a refund after 60 days. Seriously, who even does this?
Review by Kieran
I like using MMOGA, never had a problem and delivery has been fast every time. Regardless of what time I have ordered, even late at night/early in the morning, I get it delivered in a couple of hours. Someone messages you in game and arranges the meet for the exchange. Really convenient because you see the everything happen in real time.
Review by Eliseo
I've ordered a lot of stuff from MMOGA and they are top notch. Sometimes I get lucky and they give me a little something extra for free. It doesn't always happen but when it does it feels like Christmas. An unexpected Christmas, and you don't have to go to church afterwards. So in some ways even better.
Review by Simba
My experience with MMOGA was not very pleasant. For just a simple thing to do (give me the gold), it took a lot of effort to make it happen. These guys are tough to communicate. Maybe they dont understand English well? It was hard for me to understand what they were trying to communicate.
Review by Yefim
I waited five hours for MMOGA to get my purchase to me. After an hour they finally messaged me and told me to wait in an area. So I waited and didn't know what was going on. I kept in contact through live chat but they kept kicking the can down the road. Said they were going to deliver in just 15 more minutes, but 30 minutes later nothing yet. Waste of my time, never use MMOGA.
Review by Hiawatha
mmoga is a disaster, and I would not recommend it to anyone. Keep off this site. It has been 21 days now, they have not given me the gold I paid for, and they have not refunded my money. In the phone verification stage, I was told that the attempt to verify it failed and my phone was in my hand the entire time. It is a scammer, just keep off
Review by Tg84
I purchased from this site on 3/7/15. I was promised my gold would be in hand in 1-24hrs. Today is 5th day with still no gold. I have tried to contact them several times and only got a copy/paste comment of we are out of stock and have no delivery date.

I have asked for a refund. No response. I asked for my gold. No response. Just for giggles I checked their site for my server and it still shows 1-24hrs for gold they don't have and have no idea of when they are getting.

Stay away. They will take your money and not provide the service ordered.

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