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Last Update: June 19, 2024

On this page you'll see a listing of providers from which you can buy roi Gold. This overview not only includes the Riders of Icarus Gold prices of every shop, but also a customer rating. Shops listed as trusted sellers have a proven track record and are usually safe to buy from.

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About Riders of Icarus Gold

Riders of Icarus is a title in the MMORPG genre released by developer WeMade Entertainment and publisher Nexon in July 2016. The game is the start of a brand new franchise and offers an interesting twist not seen elsewhere in the genre: an emphasis on aerial combat on the backs of massive winged beasts. From the majestic capital city of Hakanas to the frigid depths of the Ruins of Matren, you'll explore a rich world full of amazing creatures. Unlike other MMORPGs, where the focus of the game is simply on slaying monsters, your goal in Riders of Icarus to capture them. There are over 100 mounts to obtain in Riders of Icarus, with each one providing multiple benefits in battles, such as faster speed and stronger attacks. Whether you're fighting a lowly peon or a powerful demigod, the game's action-oriented combat system keeps the battles engaging at all times. The biggest draw of Riders of Icarus is that it's completely free-to-play, meaning players can jump right into the game without spending a penny.

Like most MMORPGs, Riders of Icarus uses a gold-based currency as a way to procure goods, such as weapons and armor. While players can obtain gold in Riders of Icarus via killing monsters and quests, it's still a major time sink if you're looking to purchase high-quality items for your character. For example, to get some of the best items in the game could require a time commitment of up to 30 or 40 hours just to farm the necessary gold. If you're a player who isn't interested in grinding for gold, gold sellers already exist to provide virtual currency to players in exchange for actual money. There are players who would rather buy gold than waste hours grinding it, so the Riders of Icarus gold market is thriving. Like most MMORPGs, gold prices are higher on highly populated Riders of Icarus servers and tend to be higher on EU servers compared to servers based in the United States.

Latest Articles About Riders of Icarus

How To Make Even More Gold In Riders Of Icarus: Blight Of Frost

Riders of Icarus has also rolled out its first major content update, Blight of Frost Keep, which presents new gold making opportunities for players.

Quest in Parna’s Coast

With the level cap increased to 35, players will need to be able to earn additional experience mainly in the new high-level zone of Parna's Coast. The snow-covered lands of this new region are filled with powerful enemies that will also be dropping more silver.

If you want to focus on farming gold through questing, then it should be your priority to counter the Cold Wave and Severe Cold effects that permeate in the region.

Due to the extreme cold weather in Parna's Coast, many familiars will suffer from lower speed and energy.

You have many options to remove these debuffs such as using cold resistance scrolls or getting familiar gear that will grant the cold resistance set bonus. Aim to have these items as soon as possible so you can finish quests quickly and with minimal downtime.

Another way for you to brush off the cold debuffs is to tame familiars that have innate cold resistance or have mythic resilience.

The time and gold you invest in acquiring these anti-cold items and familiars will be more than made up for by your faster questing clearing times.

parnars coast in blight of frost

Solo run Frost Keep and Cavern of the Veil

It is an open secret that solo running dungeons, especially on Heroic mode, is one of the best ways to farm gold fast.

The new update opens the path to the forbidding Frost Keep dungeon for riders level 34 and above. Inside this frigid stronghold, the Frost Guard and their heartless leader Rondo hold frightening secrets and also expensive items that can be sold off in the auction house, not to mention ghostly mounts to add to your collection.

The second dungeon introduced in this latest update is the Cavern of the Veil for riders level 28 and above. The underground dungeon is gaining a notorious reputation for its harder-than-expected difficulty.

Part of what makes the Cavern of the Veil trick to clear is the sheer amount of Merumi zealots reside there. It’s a dreamy and gigantic underground cave that contains a Merumi temple guarded tightly by the Templars, and bosses such as a priestess will overwhelm undergeared and uncoordinated players.

While it is still very early to assess which classes can solo clear Cavern of the Veil, the initial word on the street is that kiting specialists such as the Wizard and Priest will likely be among the first to do so.

As always, practice and preparation are the best friends of a solo dungeon runner. Dungeons, especially the lucrative Heroic variety, will punish the slightest mistakes so you will do well to watch videos of veterans that have cleared it as well, and take copious notes of each dungeon to improve your next run. Preparation should also involve gathering the best equipment possible.

Cavern of the Veil

Sell PvP weapons and armor

The new update and upcoming ones will significantly bolster the amount of PvP content in Riders of Icarus, and with increased rewards and activities for PvP will come opportunities to get even richer by selling PvP weapons and armor.

In the coming months, Riders of Icarus will introduce the PvP battlefield system as well as the Exarahn Badlands. Teams will compete in large-scale PvP war events and face against each other, as well as bosses and other monstrous baddies.

There will be server-exclusive battles that will determine the strongest guild in each server. Then whole servers will also join forces in cross-server battles for glory and week-long server-wide buffs, among other rewards.

The idea is that while teams will be hunting down monsters, they will eventually meet and scuffle with each other. Imagine battling the boss on one front while also fending off a rival team from stealing the kill and spoils. This hybrid PvP system will be supported with ranking and automatic matching features, which should further fan the flames of competition.

One of the best ways you can cash in on the incoming PvP large-scale events is to start leveling your weapon and armor crafting expertise. PvP is a competitive sport so there will be a spike in demand for items that will help players survive longer or kill faster in PvP fights.

If you really want to rake in the gold from PvP equipment selling, then you will have to start watching the auction house. Start by tracking down which PvP items are becoming popular and selling at high rates. You can choose to compete and also sell similar items. Alternatively, you can avoid selling these items and specialize on less posted items.

Find fortune in field raids

Field raids have arrived in Riders of Icarus, bringing an exciting open raid experience.

Instead of zoning into an instanced dungeon, field raids take place in the open world, giving it a more dynamic feel as players around the area form groups to try and defeat the field raid bosses.

There is also no level restriction to join a field raid, making it a great gold and item earning opportunity for ballsy beginners and battle-scarred veterans alike.

Despite the lack of a minimum level requirement, developers recommended riders level 32 and above to take on the six field raid bosses that are available so far.

Three of them are located near Blasphemer's Swamp: Chieftain Keron, Mage Chief Usula and Chief Archer Poseanna. Be careful when attemptin this trio because they will fight together, so bring along a lot of friends or wait for more adventurers to converge in the area before starting the fight.

While the other three are scattered in different areas: Merciless Jeranin near Divinity Shore, Dark Knight Ashuram near Farlark and Bismuth the Ruthless near Bismuth Cove.

riders of icarus raid

Rev up for the new regions

The Blight of Frost update is the first of many other updates planned in the coming months that will further expand the Riders of Icarus world. New regions that have been confirmed and will be opened up soon include the exotic plain Akrat, the desert region Cloying Wastes, the enchanting forest Ellora Sanctuary and the aerial region Tritael Rift.

3 Efficient Ways To Earn Gold In Riders Of Icarus

Riders of Icarus has been sweeping the MMO world with its addictive world filled with mythical mounts to capture and ride into battle. But in order to take on the toughest dungeons and collect all the mounts you desire, you will need gold to gear up and fund your adventures.

Not to worry, though. We have gathered four of the most efficient ways for you to accumulate a steady stream of gold – enough to not only equip yourself with the best available gear in the vendors and auction house, but also even help out your buddies in-game.

Solo run dungeons

Running dungeons is one of the best ways to rack up gold per hour of play. That’s because dungeon mobs and bosses drop a larger amount of silver when slain – think 10 times or even more than the normal silver drops from enemies in regular zones. In order to get the maximum gold per run, you need to clear a dungeon the hardest one with little extra help as possible.

This brings us to the strategy of solo running dungeons, specifically on Heroic mode, the most difficult but also provides the highest drop rate chances for rare items and is unlocked after you complete a dungeon in Story mode.

Veteran solo runners recommend running the Ruin of Matren dungeon on Heroic mode. You can pick up a nifty sum of gold from the silver that enemy mobs leave behind. You can scoop up even more gold by putting up for auction the Heroic items, rare recipes and sought-after marks that drop from the bosses.

Heroic dungeons typically require three to five people to complete, so imagine if you can beat one by yourself – that means earning all that gold in a single successful run.

But remember that solo running requires a good amount of preparation and gearing up -- you won't be able to do it right off the bat. As a solo runner, you will need to invest in top-grade armor and also have full heal potions at the ready to help you get out of sticky situations. You will also need to learn how to kite effectively since you will not have the luxury of a tank to get aggro. It is also a good idea to have some Elluns for revivals.

If you cannot beat Heroic mode, you may want to dial down the difficulty and instead aim to beat Elite dungeons, which have lower drop rates than Heroic but higher than normal.

All classes are capable of soloing Heroic dungeons, and you can start by watching the videos of veteran players doing successful runs. Among the classes, Berserkers can have a harder time than the others during solo dungeon runs because of their distinct lack of blocks, ranged skills and heals, although it is possible to defeat most of the bosses through the smart use of potions and pets.

riders of icarus solo dungeon

Take up Alchemy and Barder crafting

There are six crafting categories in Riders of Icarus, but you should consider focusing on Alchemy because the portions you produce are useful for all stages of the game.

By gathering herbs and mushrooms, you can then use your Alchemy knowledge to concoct potions that refill your health and manda, as well as potions that refill your familiars' stamina.

Many of the five other crafting choices are suboptimal if your goal is to earn as much gold in as little time as possible. For example, crafting weapons and armor not only requires more time gathering ingredients, but the gear you produce quickly becomes obsolete as you level up and replace them with quest rewards or dungeon drops.

There is also a glut of weapons in the auction house, and it is hard to sell them when most other players would choose to save their gold for the endgame.

Alchemy potions, on the other hand, sell pretty well for the effort you need to make them because of how hard it is to come by potions naturally when exploring the game. Adventurers like to stock up on potions because death comes with inconvenient wound debuffs, and also cuts down on your gold earning time. And if by any chance you do not sell your Alchemy potions, you can just use them for your solo dungeon runs or give them to friends in exchange for items you need.

This is not to say that the other crafting options are useless, but if you only have time to develop one crafting specialization, then Alchemy is a solid, if not most profitable, choice available as of now.

If you were thinking of taking up a second crafting specialization, there is a strong case to pick barder crafting, which lets you make armoryou’re your tamed familiars as well as the marks you need to try and tame familiars. You can try to sell these barder items on the auction house, or use them yourself when prices for barder items go through the roof.

riders of icarus artwork

Complete daily quests

If you do not have the time to run a dungeon but want to make the most out of your short play period, then you should complete the daily quests. You can take on daily quests by checking out the mission boards and choosing those marked with a green exclamation point.

There are only four locations that currently offer daily quests, but what they lack in variety they make up for in handsome gold rewards and Elluns. Of the available locations, you may want to prioritize the Northern Watchtower in the Hakanas Highlands region which has five daily quests available.

Another key advantage to spending so much of your energy finishing daily quests is that you can earn Elluns, the cash shop currency. Elluns are relatively hard to come by and finishing daily quests is one of the more reliable and free ways for you to earn them. Otherwise, you can only get your hands on Ellun by waiting for special events or spending real-life cash.

daily quests