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Telephone: USA 1-315-889-1198
Street address: LuGuZuoBiao F building,
No. 199 LuLong Road,YueLu District
Changsha Xunyou Network Technology
Furong District,Changsha City, Hunan Province, China . No. 400,Room 508 Renmin Road, guo ji IT cheng
Country: China
Livehelp: 1498133786 (QQ)
Alexa rank: 4,492,145

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Below, you can find Goldah reviews written by users. Find out if Goldah is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover Goldah delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is Goldah legit? Is Goldah safe and reliable?

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Last Update: May 28, 2024

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By | Leave a Review | Read Customer Reviews offers MMORPG services for over 60+ online games ranging from World of Warcraft to FIFA 2016. They offer in game currency, strategy guides, items, and power leveling services for the vast majority of their titles. The website has been around since 2003 and is managed by G4P Limited. While G4P Limited is based out of China, they operate in China, the United Kingdom, and the United States. G4P Limited has a 24/7 live chat as well as various various social network pages, include a Skype for customer support. They accept 20 different global currencies and allow payment through 100 different payment channels (PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, etc).

The website's ranking peaked in April of 2015, then dropped to its current global ranking of 183,246. They have many 5 star reviews on various third party goldfarming review websites. They have a large following on their social media pages, with over 90,000 likes on facebook alone.

Product. The term �shopping mall� is something that would pop up in your head when visiting It sells virtual currencies for nearly 50 games, which is a larger selection than what you would normally see in other sites. Fans of online games and sports titles should be able to purchase their virtual gold and items from this website. For those that want to boost their accounts and characters, power leveling services are available as well, mostly for the top-tier mmorpg games running right now.

Price. Prices are quite on the higher range, but not the most expensive out there. Still, the budget-conscious gamer might wince at having to shell out several more dollars per order, and the more expensive rate begins to hurt the wallet with bulkier transactions or repeated purchases. The site does offer discounts such as a 3% off code for liking the site on Facebook, but nothing too large that the other sites cannot match with their own loyalty discounts or bonus promos.

Shopping and Payment. One frustration with is that its shopping experience is not as user-friendly and polished. For example, when buying World of Warcraft gold, players will see a randomly arranged list of servers. This forces you to search for your server using either the CTRL+F function or manually perusing the jumbled list. But the site tries to make it up to you by providing support to more than 100 payment channels, including most of the major credit cards.

Speed. has a respectable delivery Speed of less than an hour for most orders on the popular games such as World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 14 and FIFA, but there is an understandably slower fulfillment for other games in its service roster. Still, waiting past a day is more of a fluke than a frequent occurrence.

Customer Service.�s primary Customer Service channel is through its live chat. Agents tend to answer only when asked, and do not seem really eager to solve your problem. This can be seen as a bane or boon: It�s a bane for first-time customers that want more detailed answers to their ordering questions and deliver concerns, but a boon for customers that do not want aggressive agents that also try to upsell them or lock down their purchase after satisfying their query.

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Review by Erdir
bought a not very big ammount of swtor credits from them. at the time of this review it's been 37 hours and still no delivery. years ago i bought credits from them multiple times. don't know what's going on this time. customer service tells me they are out of stock which I find it hard to believe since i bought the second lowest ammount of credits and repeteadly offer me refunds. which i don't want. I want what I bought
Review by mmorpg-leveling established in Dec.2004. As the most competitive tradeing platform for virtual service on MMORPG ,It has been over 14 years of developing . We already have over 1 million registered members,from more than 100 countries worldwide, You can safely supply game related needs such as game golds, items, prepaid cards, Power Leveling from this market.

Dear customers, thank you for MMORPG-Leveling support and tolerance, we will strive to provide better service. We will assist you wholeheartedly to curb your doubts and problems. Your satisfaction is our goal! Thank you for shopping at MMORPG-Leveling Online Game Store.

After years of operation, our website is so well-known for gamers all around the world; we guaranteed to supply personalized service and products to worldwide game players. Feel free to contact us on 24/7 live chat or Skype. Our Customer service reps are waiting to help enhance your gaming experience.
Review by DIEGO
Review by Keith
Steal your money. Made a dispute will get it back. There scammers. They might work for you once or twice but they will eventually get you. Kinda like drug dealers. They will do good for you once or twice but once u come with alot of money there kicking you in the teeth. Never close a paypal dispute for these guys when they ask you to. I did trusting them and had to wait 45 days to get my 36 dollars back from my bank. HORRIBLE SITE. FUCK GOLDAH!
Review by Lee
After using so many different coin and account selling sites over these years i thought i would give Goldah a try.... NEVER AGAIN! I bought an account that ended up having nothing on it and then was told i'm not being refunded or reimbursed!

Please beware of buying from these guys.

Oh and i was impressed with the customer service live chat too *SARCASM INTENDED* where i was told 'It is your fault' and then just cut off from the chat, did make me lol to be fair.
Review by Thomas

I did buy an account from this website 6800 points for ps4. I got the login details. There were no points on it and no wallet funds to buy points with. I did directly go to the live chat. They are saying the funds are on the account. There is obviously nothing on it I even send pictures. After a lot of waiting en after I did go to sleep the 4 hours have past and they are not helpen and ignoring my massages!!! Very bad service, well NO service!! I think its just a big SCAMM! don't buy here!

Review by damian
ripp off
fraudsters from china
account was blocked money gone
open paypal case
report to police
sent info via social media

alles betrug
china abzocke
konto wird geschlossen
geld ist weg
paypal oder kreditkartenfall eröffnen
polizei informieren
bitte per social media weiter geben
Review by damian schaefer, cc or whatever they use is a
ripp off
lost all my money
account was blocked
china company
Review by Sven
I bought fifa16 points payment bij skrill but no points ....nothing
Review by P Meanwel
Long time Goldah customer have not received purchase coin buyers beware PayPal case opened
Review by linda
i buy some blade and soul gold from goldah,and they say they have stock,but they delivered in 24 hours.too slow for friend recommend me buy from,deliver in 15 min.thank you
Review by Oneiro
I've bought credits for SWTOR twice through GOLDAH and both times have been successful and reliable. The first time I waited between 3-4 hours to get my credits and the second time it took about 12 or so hours. I think maybe I just diminished their stock enough the first time it took them longer to accumulate the funds the second time. However, no BS and I eventually got my credits so I'm a happy customer. Will use again one day when I'm sure their stocks are replenished.
Review by Jack007
I have purchased several goods from this site and the prices are amazing. The delivery process from the moment of paying to actually receiving the product is so easy. You just simply enter payment information and the product is delivered in a few minutes. They have staff there guiding you every step of the way if stuck. Definitely recommending this to all my friends. You can't get any better prices.
Review by Mitchell
This company is truly amazing at what they do!! Their rep Joanne D was extremely helpful and patient with me while I make decisions. I was slow at understanding some things, but she walked me through the steps to success and made the overall process very easy. Great staff and a great service. Will definitely use this company many more times.
Review by Willie
I Purchased a CD Key and it was delivered so fast I didn't even expect it. Keep up the good effort!
Review by Freeman
I have experienced some really good prices all around this site. I was new to the fact that there was an option to check out as a guest. This made it even easier for me to get a steal of a price on gold. I love the effort put into this site!!
Review by Dustin
I am a very pleased customer right now. So I had some payment issues in the beginning and was very stressed out trying to figure out were all my money went. So all the good members were all very patient and Tino Edward finally managed to track everything down and I got my game keys back. I am so grateful for all the effort put into this!

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