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G2G.com, otherwise known as the gamer to gamer marketplace, was founded by Ken Chee in 2013. The site is a global marketplace for gamers around the world to meet up and exchange items that they would want to acquire or sell in game. It's kind of like an eBay for gamers. Some of the products and services offered on g2g.com are in-game currency, in-game items, game accounts, power-leveling, and boosting services for various games such as ArcheAge, Fifa 16, Final Fantasy XIV, the World of Warcraft, and so on.

Chee has a broad vision for g2g.com to become a global force in gaming, and it is already on it's way to becoming just that. G2g.com has at it's disposal over 200 payment methods in 22 different currencies. This leaves the global market pool wide open. There Facebook page currently has 94k likes and they also have a growing Youtube channel. This is an up and coming company in a rapidly growing niche, definitely something to keep your eye on!


g2g.com is a gamer-to-gamer marketplace where you can purchase from other players virtual currency, items, boosting services and trading cards for nearly 50 mmorpg and online games, including ArcheAge, Aion, FIFA 16, Final Fantasy XIV, League of Legends, Clash of Clans, Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic and World of Warcraft. You can also sell the above items to g2g.com and earn money from playing your favorite game.


Due to the nature of g2g.com as a marketplace, prices can fluctuate quite erratically. Usually, prices are fairly competitive for popular mmorpg games like Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft where there are thousands of offers that help drive down the rates. Even within a certain game, certain servers can command lower or higher prices depending on the availability of gold, so you will have to constantly check the site for new offers and strike while the prices are low. If you do not have a lot of time to do this, then you may want to turn to other sellers which source their own supply of gold.

Shopping and Payment

Shopping at g2g.com can be an exercise in frustration since the site does not update its list often. This means you may be interested in buying boosting services for one game, but find that there is no offer available at the moment. Payment is a bit more complicated here since you will have to create an account and login before you can proceed to checkout, compared to other sellers that let you do an outright payment even if you just landed on the site five minutes ago. Payment options are decently varied, and you will not likely have trouble settling your order if you have a major credit card or can execute online fund transfers.


Delivery speed is advertised as 1 hour on average, quite slow compared to other sites, but this understandable since the supply of gold will come from other players instead of kept by g2g.com.

Customer Service

Customer support consists mainly of a knowledge base where you will click through pages of frequent asked questions or FAQs. To be fair, the knowledge base can help you in some instances, but if you have a query that is not covered in the FAQs, then you will need to send in a support ticket and wait for a relatively lengthy time to get a response. For urgent concerns, calling is the most direct way but many players may not want to pay for such calls.

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Review by Rene Jetheuchnixan
Very Bad Company, dont let you fool.
They once were a good Company but you have to verify with a picture, back and frontside of your ID, a Foto and then they let you wait over 2 weeks for delivery.
ive got no satisfiying answere to this behavior.
Only bot answeres that tell you nothing.
Prices are also to high as ive researched after this fiasko.
Look for another site.
Review by Marius P
This company is a very shady business. They want all of your private information (credit card, utility bill, ID card, and EVEN MORE). When they got all your personal data they still refuse to get you access to their website if you have locked money on your account!!!
The customer support is total garbage and they requested me to give them MY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. I blanked out some digits and they still complain and straight-up lie about me giving them a "wrong credit card" registered to my name.
They literally scam customers for 35€.
This is insane and highly criminal activity.
I will see if I can come into contact with the police, because of personal data theft and fraudulent behavior.

Review by Peter
I had a very bad experience with them. Purchased a service that never materialized. They refused to provide a full refund, and still charged me a service fee, despite me never having received any service from them. I would not do any further business with them and would encourage others to look somewhere else.
Review by M0h3n
G2G still keeps hurting their sellers, I was working there till today and I had over 700 completed order and 540+ positive feedback there as a seller, today they canceled an order that was completed 1 year ago based on a report of the buyer and took my money from my pending payments and in this 1 year, anything could be happened to that account by the buyer. when I wrote my story in Trustpilot they also disabled my selling permission but that was no problem because I was not going to sell on their website anymore, they are trying anything now to steal from both buyers and sellers.
Review by Joseph

Refuse to release funds

I paid for Powerleveling service for which the seller claimed was the wrong one and asked me to cancel and reorder a different one. He then said he didnt offer that service any more. So my $40.29 CAD that i sent via SKRILL is sitting with G2G as "Store Credit" and they refuse to refund the money. Keep in mind that i was told to cancel the order.
I would not nor plan on using this website for further transactions so they will always have my money.
They instantly close the tickets requesting a refund. So now they are sitting on my money collecting interest in an account.
Review by Anti-scammer
G2g now reduced the minimum withdrawal fee to USD 30, used to be USD 100. This is great for new sellers.
Review by Anti-scammer
BEWARE Minimum withdrawal is USD 100, lower than that then your payment will be trapped there.
9.99% deduction of your item when successfully sold
Withdrawals will deduct your money again by 2% and USD 0.99.
Review by InfoMijas
Basically, it is a platform for selling objects and game accounts, in which you sell your items, the balance reaches your account, but they do not let you use it to buy or on your website, if you do not send them a copy of your documentation (DNI) and a photo with the ID in hand, to double check that you are you. Say, that I sold a few million in a game, and I have practically lost them, I had no idea that I would have to send my documentation. To a Singapore website, who knows what they will do with this documentation. With your copy of your ID you could borrow, open bank accounts, basically use your identity to know what ends ... I refuse, so the user who ALREADY SOLD and does not want to send the documentation does not return the money or nothing. They earn free money, which is what will happen with the balance of my account. I hope you're worth not to sell your things for G2G.com. A greeting.
Review by Andrea
Worst site ever i got 108 € and they took 27 euro without any sense so i cant withdraw, every support email is just a joke never answer back and on the skype contact there are some chinese kid with 0% professionality who tell you to contact the email for sellers. WORST SITE EVER DONT BUY DONT SELL DONT DO ANYTHING
Review by Doğancan
Scammed site
Very bad supporting.
I have money this site and vertifaced my account and they says you have so many account they cant vertifaced my account and they closed my all ticked
Review by Martin
Personally I've never used the site, but here's a story of how this site sucks. Being in the military i travel often, so I can't always prevent stuff. Point is my account got hacked while i was away and got sold on g2g. I managed to get my account back amd emailed the email thay was saved onto my account only for thay person to send me prove that he had bought the account on here. So yea. Site is a scam. If you buy here. You'll probably get robbed. So don't. He also paid more for the account thay what I spent on the game so i felt bad for him. So I'm here to warn y'all.
Review by Luke
They are SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!

I sold an account there, buyer claims he lost the account data. BULLSHIT! GETS A FULL REFUND BY G2G AND GETS TO KEEP THE ACCOUNT...
Customer support only replied with a copy/paste answer, in the worst English imaginable...

Review by Luke
They are SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!

I sold an account there, seller claims he lost the account data. BULLSHIT! GET'S A FULL REFUND AND GET'S TO KEEP THE ACCOUNT...
Customer support only replied once in the worst English imaginable...

Review by ivan
I do not advise buying here. get the ban. bought kinah aion euro
Review by G2G Scamers
It's a good scamming marketplace.
Review by Dan
I tried once and got scammed. Even got called a liar.

I tried once more, and got scammed again. This time my order, albeit a cheap one, seems stuck in permanent verification status.

If I could rate less than zero, I would. Point is, these people are fraudsters to the core. Do not deal with them. Do not even entertain the thought about going to their website.
Review by No good
Got scammed no secure Even If they Tell it.
Tickets will be deleted. Dont buy its pure Luck not als descibe
Review by HGX
You cant trust the site it is all fraud... I gave them a shot sold my first account and still have not received funds for the account i sold! Support gives me a diffrent date everytime on payout! It has been almost 2 weeks and still no payout... Dont waste your time with g2g.. Horrible!!!
Review by Ariana
Dear G2G, My order # in reference is 9162014 and ticket # is 104071.

G2G works when the seller is honest. My 1st 2 transactions, I got the gems I purchased no problem. Note, sellers ALWAYS take much longer than they claim, so if they say within 1 hour, expect 1 day.

My 3rd order, the seller never fulfilled, and here's where G2G's horrible policies came in. They refunded me the purchase amount, but not the "Transaction Fee" they charge on it, which is about 3%. When you complain, they say it's in their terms & conditions, which is true.

But that means, they leave you holding the bag if something goes wrong. 0 protection for buyers. I know they are scamming you out of the fee, because credit card companies and Paypal refund the fee when you refund the $, so they're just keeping the extra as revenue. It downright should be illegal. If the seller screwed up, then the buyer should be made whole. I even said it was ok to credit me the Transaction Fee as in-store credit, and they said no, so here I am, writing this review to let others know.

It's all buyer beware. If you run into a good seller, good for you. If not, you're out $ and G2G wins regardless.
Review by Oh Taku
Bad customer support, got banned ingame, got no refund and ticket was set to solve without my question being answered.
Review by Lakni
Feels like fraud and cheating, orders never delivered, refund goes to their store credit card without asking.

Support copy paste the same message each time, filed dispute and now they closed my account with credit still in it.

Review by Wubbo
Do not trust. Very bad communication and awful refund policies.
Review by Mustii A
Merchant is scamming and the company claims they can not do anything and refers to the buyer guidelines.. What a company, I warn about using them.
Review by Subject 99
First two puchases went smoothly and fast, was very pleased. However last three purchases has been troublesome. As they say they have plenty in stock but once you ordered they let you know they dont have stock. They also refuse to refund back to my card and keeps refunding to "store credits".

Review by Code 19
At first I was skeptical about buying gaming account online, but with g2g website, I feel a lot more confident buying online than before. It has really good advice and support including live chat. I brought the coc account within few hours on my first time visit to this website. Then I was given an opportunity to chat with the verified seller and made an arrangement for delivery. He has been very helpful too. The overall process was fast, easy and safe. Definitely will go to this website again in the future and recommended to anyone who is interested in buying/selling gaming accounts, or for boosting.

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