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Below, you can find FIFACOINSBUY reviews written by users. Find out if FIFACOINSBUY is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover FIFACOINSBUY delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is FIFACOINSBUY legit? Is FIFACOINSBUY safe and reliable?

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Last Update: February 5, 2017


By | Leave a Review | Read Customer Reviews is an in-game currencies supplier specialized in Fifa series from Fifa 14 to Fifa 16. The site have been around since 2013. They claims to have over yearly 10 million visits with over 100,000 customers. Although their main targeted customer is in America, has been translated into many other languages to support customers from all over the world.

At present, coins are made by 150 Fifa passionate players. FifaCoinsBuy has been growing continously since its debut in 2013. Payment process in is quite quick and easy with many choices of payment methods available. They have introduced a new application for IOS and Android to support a mobile market.

Product. True to its name, FIFACOINSBUY specializes in the sale of FIFA Coins, a currency in the popular online football game. In fact, it touts itself as the "worldwide leading FIFA services provider," and it reasonably tries to defend that claim with an impressive statistic of 100,000 regular customers since starting operations in 2013. The site offers an extensive service list that covers FIFA 14, FIFA 15, FIFA 16, and all the platforms in which the game operates, including Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, Android and iOS.

Price. FIFACOINSBUY has one of the lower Prices for FIFA Coins, but not the absolute cheapest. Still, when factoring in the discounts you can get during the holidays - the site offered a 15% discount on orders during Thanksgiving and Black Friday - it can compete with the most affordable sellers based on Price.

Shopping and Payment. Shopping at FIFACOINSBUY is quite simple because of the lower number games listed on the site. You arrive and choose the FIFA game, the platform, and which services you want, and then proceed to checkout. An order should not take more than 5 minutes. The site layout is also clean and easy to navigate. Payment options are a bit limited though, including PayPal, Visa, Discover, bitcoin, Skrill and JCB. The site is also one of the few sellers that has invested in a dedicated app - called Fut Coin - to help its customers purchase more easily on mobile.

Speed. The site's homepage promises that 90% of orders will be delivered within 5 to 30 minutes after finishing the transaction. This is a bit faster than other sellers, which typically only promise 15 minutes as the quickest that you can get an order, but this is understandable given their streamlined supply chain by servicing exclusively FIFA online games. It also reveals that an automatic delivery system was put in place that has helped Speed up the delivery process.

Customer Service. FIFACOINSBUY says it employs more than 50 staff in its Customer Service team, which should mean that queries should be answer is always ready for every customer. This translates to faster responses, and also a more professional handling of your concerns.

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Review by copacabana
scammers dont buy here
Review by Messi ah
they promised to deliver within 30min, finally got it but took goddamn 16 hours. you know people need to sleep too? complete ripoff.
Review by David
I have heard of the various complaints against these guys. Truthfully, i have never found an issue with them. The site is good and does deliver. Customer service is also very helpful, at least they are to me.
Review by Arthur
I don't know what to say. I have never had an issue with these guys. I bought over 200 k in coins. I got them very fast and efficiently. I do not have any complaints with Fifa Coins. This is the place to for cheap coins.
Review by Erik
I recently invested in over 300 k. I have yet to see the money. This site screwed me in a very big way. Worse still, when I went to confront them, they merely turned a blind eye. They even stopped talking to me altogether. If you have any smarts in this world, you will go elsewhere.
Review by Rafael
Everything was going great, up until my last purchase with these guys. I was using paypal. This was also a mistake. Before they could proceed, they told me I had to give them my id and my card number. Why in the hell would they need this!? I called them on their own crap. They have yet to return my calls. I never heard from them again. I am currently in claim status with my paypal account for stolen money. Does this answer your question?
Review by Eddie
I have been waiting over 4 hours for 500 k. Does this tell you anything. They makes themselves sound legit, but they are nothing more than a scam. Do yourself a favor and do not give them anything. They do not care.
Review by Joshua
This whole site is a trap and a scam. Do not buy into their act. Stay away!!!
Review by Robert
If you are only going to buy up to 1 m or below, you are cool. If it's above this number, the service always delivers some lame excuse. They will white wash things for you. They will only get back to you when they are willing to. It's usually only on their terms. If you are buying very little you are going to be okay. Why? It's because you are not really worth much to them at this point. As I said, legit...but only to a point.
Review by Howard
I have to tend to agree with the others. Do not invest with these people or the site. They will take your money and not think twice. Then they will turn around and blame it all on you. It's in your own best interest to stay away. These people no nothing of customer service, nor do they care.
Review by Mike
Let's say you are going to buy 199k using the Fast Trade Method. You wait about 24 hours, then they tell you to wait more. They do this all for you over chat. There is no face-to-face time. You will never get anything back from them. My advice is to tell them to go screw themselves and never do business with them again. To make matter worse, they don't even really give a damn.
Review by Terrence
I am very angry right now. About three weeks ago my account was hacked into. Some guy from Asia got in there and stole my money. When I spoke with customer service about this, they only offered me 2 million--out of a 5 million loss. How stupid is that! I mean this is already a fictitious site. Customer service will not even give me back my own fake coins. I bought them on good faith. If I do not see results soon, I will spread the word about this site. I will tell everyone I know never to do business with them again. When they don't have any customers left, than this will make some impression on them. Rant Over!!!

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