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Below, you can find ff14gilhub reviews written by users. Find out if ff14gilhub is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover ff14gilhub delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is ff14gilhub legit? Is ff14gilhub safe and reliable?

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While most virtual currency stores try to focus on offering products for as many games as possible, FF14GilHub offers products for only one game: Final Fantasy XIV. Whether you play Final Fantasy XIV on the PlayStation 4 or the PC, you'll find Gil available for your server. In addition to Gil, FF14GilHub also offers power leveling services for your characters. These power leveling services can get you to the maximum level possible in under a week, which is perfect for when you want to level up an alternate character. Unlike other websites, FF14GilHub does not have any Final Fantasy XIV items for sale.


Because FF14GilHub concentrates on providing Gil and power leveling services for just one game, they can offer a competitive FFXIV Gil price always. On average, the prices that FF14GilHub offers are slightly lower than the market. The staff at FF14GilHub are constantly monitoring both their competition and the in-game economies of each Final Fantasy XIV server, so it's not uncommon to find even lower prices depending on when you look. Unfortunately, FF14GilHub does not offer any loyalty programs or coupon codes; however, customers who buy Gil in bulk amounts will receive a small discount that is contingent on how much Gil they are ordering.


FF14GilHub knows that speed is important to Final Fantasy IV players, which is why they strive to deliver most orders within an hour. However, for larger amounts of Gil, it can take upwards of 76 hours to fully deliver your order. Some payment methods, such as a PayPal eCheck, can delay delivery by up to four days. For power leveling services, FF14GilHub promises to take your character from Level 1 to the maximum level in just over seven days.

Shopping and Payment

The front page of FF14GilHub is almost entirely devoid of graphics, allowing it to load quickly on both PC and mobile devices. If you're looking to quickly purchase gold and get back into the game, then you'll love the design of FF14GilHub. While most virtual currency stores have a quick buy option, FF14GilHub devotes its entire front page to this feature. The first thing you'll see upon visiting FF14GilHub is a list of all servers with the option to immediately buy gold on any of them.

Unfortunately, FF14GilHub only offers a handful of payment options, though these payment options include popular services such as PayPal and Western Union.

Customer Service

Like nearly every other virtual currency website, FF14GilHub allows customers to contact them using one of three methods: live chat, Skype and email. Like other virtual currency stores, FF14GilHub has a 24/7 live chat feature with customer service representatives responding to inquiries within minutes. However, response times tend to be longer on the weekend or during early morning hours. For problems that don't require an immediate response, the Skype and email methods generally respond to most inquiries within 24 hours. The customer service staff at FF14GilHub is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, and most customers praise them for their problem-solving skills.

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Review by Coter1
Fast and revealable
Great place to buy and sell in game items! love how they have a protection system to guaranty a safe and proper transaction.
Review by Kottle
Fast and safe, great service
Great sellers, real players and an escrow system to protect both parties.
Review by Koro
Quick Delivery, Good communication and Service shofar the best I have worked with. Recommended if you are new to this type of service or old, about 5 min delivery.
Review by Mbaro
Customer service was great, and was very helpful with fast results. Will definitely be coming back.
Review by Roxer
If there's an error they will find the way to fix it very quick. They are also very nice and easy to communicate with. Also, I revived my payment very quick.
Review by Mouce
Fast service, easy to talk to in live chat with any questions that you may have.... and an overall superior product!! For less!!!
Review by Toner
Very fast, always organized, gets you in and out!I've been using ff14gilhub for 3 years now, always ontop of their game fast and friendly service they are all the best and very courteous and professional staff, keep up the good work guys
Review by ths ff14gilhub lucy
Ths FF14GILHUB Guys!! We buy 1000K ffxiv gil! buy i forget it after 2 mouth ago,i get my gil! lol
Review by Cheap and very fast
Ff14gilhub is a great website. Their staff is super helpful and friendly, and they provide a great service at a very reasonable cost. I love them and will continue to use them all the time.
Review by The best ffxiv gil seller
This is my fifth, maybe? I don't remember anymore about how many times I get back to this website to purchase ffxiv gil. ff14gilhub.com is still the best gil seller on the market today.
Review by Good service
I have always found their service to be very reliable and I have never run into issues with them. The customer reps are always very helpful and willing to answer any questions and help with orders.
Review by Amazing service
Customer service was great, and was very helpful with fast results. Will definitely be coming back.
Review by blizzen
They chat is very convenient and they are very helpful. Very fast delivery and no hassle at all.I made a mistake on which relm i picked and they fixed it for me.
Review by shaoyun
Fast, Cheap, and Reliable services. I will most definitely be coming back to buy so much more!
Review by process works
Not much more to say. Held my hand through learning how the process works. Appreciate the time and effort put into getting me what I wanted. Cheaper than several other sites I looked at, as well.
Review by Amazing service
Customer service was great, and was very helpful with fast results. Will definitely be coming back.
Review by PaweĊ‚ Starczyk
Made numerous amount of purchases and so far everything has been going well without complaint. The great service is fast and you get your order between 5-10 minutes, so waiting for the service/stuff isn't a issue. Will buy more from this website for sure.
Review by amazing wang
Best Ever ffxiv gil Purchasing Experience at ff14gilhub.com! The guys there are helpful and patient. At first I just wanted to test the water, however I never thought the ffxiv gil are so cheap and fast. Again the customer service is so amazing.... Anyway, I will RETURN!
Review by Raymond Gregory
I've used ff14gilhub numerous times, the staff is always friendly and helpful and answers any questions I have. Delivery usually comes near instantly as well!
Review by Solirey
New customer and after reading other sites with this service was not sure if to order. They were fast delivery and at a great price. Highly recommend when making a decision to buy from this service.
Review by jim
I have been using this service for a few years buy ffxiv gil now and the delivery has always been very fast and super friendly. I would def recommend this to anyone who is looking for a reliable supplier!
Review by ffxiv gamer
ff14gilhub is a nice website for all console to buy ffxiv gil! nice service,delivery fast!i like this gamer!i want say ff14gilhub is the best place to buy ffxiv gil!

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