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Below, you can find TITANIUMBAY reviews written by users. Find out if TITANIUMBAY is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover TITANIUMBAY delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is TITANIUMBAY legit? Is TITANIUMBAY safe and reliable?

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Titaniumbay.com only sells one type of virtual currency: World of Warcraft gold. It can deliver to all servers in the US and Europe. For those with plenty of gold to spare, you can also sell your extra gold at this site.


If you’re after the cheapest World of Warcraft gold, you might be better off shopping at other sellers since this site has one of the more expensive prices for gold. Take for example its 35,000 gold + 17.500 “free” package, which totals 52,500 gold and costs $26.25. Compare this with the 50,000 gold for $17 rate among the cheapest sellers listed on MMOBUX.com. Titaniumbay.com does beat a few sellers like Koala Credits that sells 50,000 gold for $26.43, but you can find dozens of other sites with cheaper offers if price is your ultimate decision factor. If you do decide to buy here, it is best to wait for the free gold promos during special holidays and in-game events such as Noblegarden.


Titaniumbay.com reveals its average delivery time is 21 minutes and 19 seconds as of March 25, well within the faster end of their advertised speed range of between 10 minutes to an hour for orders 80,000 gold and below, and 10 minutes to 12 hours for orders 100,000 gold and above. This seems like a very quick delivery speed, considering that the site offers up to 600,000 World of Warcraft gold per order.

Shopping and Payment

One of the highlights of Titaniumbay.com on a customer perspective is its user friendly website. The site is professional looking and neatly organized, and they have a lot of features that make shopping easier such as a shopping cart system and multiple language support (English, Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish.) International buyers can also choose to convert their order in terms of US dollars, Euros or British pounds. The site also accepts a wide variety of payment methods such as PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, Skrill, Bitcoin, Amex, Discover and more than a dozen other options.

Customer Service

Live chat support located on the bottom right part of the site, and agents appear to be well trained and quick on the keyboard. Issues are quickly addressed and there is a sense that they are really there to please the customer instead of just doing the bare minimum assistance.

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Review by Rade Petrovic
Scamm company they scammed me for 13200 WoW Classic Gold! I have Videoproofe of trade and chat manipulation of them!
Review by Fyre
Don't buy gold from this site, they make you put items up in ah to get your gold on top of that... why do you have to put items up in ah for them to buy to get your gold if you buy gold from them with money? I do not get it... rip off. :(
Review by Joey Iandoli
Review by SS1
Terrible service. They advertised that "average delivery time" was 20 minutes and 58 seconds. So I placed my order at 10:30am. At 12:30pm, my order was still not completed. I contacted support. I was told that it would take up to 3 more hours. At 5:30pm, my order was still not completed. I contacted support again, and was told that my order was going to take up to an additional 6 hours, but they would prioritize my order. 24 hours after that (a total of over 31 hours since my initial purchase), my order had STILL not been completed, and my AH items expired. I contacted support. They said they would "rush their supplier" and "prioritize my order". I told them that this was ridiculous, and that I wanted a refund. I was then told they would "contact a manager" and then said he was "afk" and when I asked when my refund would be completed, they said "I guess that in 1-2 hours". Absolutely ridiculous and unprofessional. If my order is not refunded, I am opening a complaint through PayPal.

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