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Last Update: September 25, 2019

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Products. pvpbank.com sells virtual currency for more than a dozen top-tier massively multiplayer online games (World of Warcraft, Rift, Everquest Next), multiplayer online games (League of Legends, Diablo 3) and even a console game (FIFA 14). It also sells items and powerleveling services for most of the titles on its roster.

Pricing. If you’re looking for cheap gold, then pvpbank.com will not disappoint. It beats a lot of the popular sellers in terms of prices, especially when it comes to World of Warcraft gold, when comparing via MMOBUX.com. The site also offers a decent number of discounts and bonus gold that will further stretch the value of your hard-earned bucks. Just constantly check out the homepage where they advertise such promos. Loyal customers of pvpbank.com also earn member points for frequent gold purchases, but these are subject to restrictive usage rules. For example, the member points as well as discount codes could not be during the yearend holiday season – a disappointing restriction that raised our eyebrows.

Shopping and Payment. pvpbank.com uses a fairly modern shopping cart system that makes buying gold intuitive and convenient. The process is easy to understand so that first-time buyers should be able to place an order with little assistance needed. The site also accommodates international users by featuring order conversions to Japanese yen and British pound. (Just click the dropdown icon in the upper right of the screen beside the shopping cart icon.) There are also a lot of payment options to choose from such as PayPal, paysafecard, Moneybookers, Western Union, selected credit and debit cards, and direct banking channels.

Speed. The site does not have an outright promise on how fast it will deliver game gold, but usually orders are fulfilled as fast as a few minutes up to a few hours, based on the most glowing reviews. Some orders though could take as long as a day or more if you are buying gold for a new server, as well as during the holidays when stock is quite strained. Our experience also shows larger orders are prioritized by the delivery team, so take this into consideration.

Customer Service. Don’t be discouraged by the opening spiel from its customer service chat screen, which can give you a migraine. The support agents communicate well enough and are actually pretty responsive (a supply check for a server takes them just several seconds instead of a minute.) But expect the agents to insist that you increase your gold order with the slick proposal that should you do so it can be delivered to you at this moment. Some can be put off by this. If you prefer a more professional, no hard selling approach though, there are other sites that provide such kind of customer service that you can check.

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Review by Lawson
I have been playing MMOs for years. This site helps me a lot.
Review by Daniel
Bought much wow gold from PVPBANK, fast and safe. Their services are great.
Review by Dil
Very quick service, precisely as described. Easy choice of delivery method.
Review by Faerilyn
STAY AWAY - they are terrible. They used to be good but then something changed and I've been waiting for my order for almost 2 months. They keep wanting me to cancel because the price has tripled since then but I want what I paid for. I even offered a trade for an item worth less than what they owed me, but said it was "too expensive for their profit".

Needless to say, I will be going elsewhere from now on.
Review by AA
They took money and then you don't exist, no delivery. Don't trust scammers
Review by R
I kind of love this site. I've been buying from them for years for one game in particular and it's SO fast, efficient, safe and the customer service actually rules.

I see a lot of bad reviews sometimes online so I felt I should say what I feel about them: I have never had a bad experience with pvpbank. They're my go-to guys for in game stuff, in a pinch. Highly recommend them.
Review by Ajiar
I had no problem except just a little waiting. Plus they have great customer support. I recommend this site, offers are cheap too.