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Proudgame is no longer operating. Contact details on this page, including phone numbers, e-mails and URLs, might not be accessible anymore. Any details about the shop as well as past customer feedbacks are provided as a reference only. For a list of alternatives to Proudgame, please check our top-ranked shops here.
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Telephone: +347690-0218
Owner: Proudgame
Street address: UNIT 04,7/F, BRIGHT WAY TOWER,NO.33 MONG KOK ROAD,KOWLOON,HK. Hong Kong TEL: 001-(347) 690-0218
Country: China
Livehelp: Not Available

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Last Update: October 30, 2013

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Products. is a virtual currency shop for several big mmorpg titles: World of Warcraft, Aion, RuneScape 2, Star Wars: the Old Republic and Diablo 3. You may be wondering what the �Specials� and �Featured Products� tab is supposed to contain on the homepage, but during our review we found these pages to be black. Our guess is this used to contain other products, maybe power leveling, CD keys or other related game services as seen here.

Pricing. does have something to be proud about � its virtual currency prices are very competitive, and can count itself as part of the cheaper tier of sellers on Only a few selected shops which compete solely on price beats its prices. This is probably due to their focused strategy of only providing for the core games, and building a strong supply network that can keep prices low.

Shopping and Payment. The website has a very clean and simple layout that makes it easy to find what you�re looking for. It uses a working shopping cart system that summarizes your purchases before checkout. The online shopping cart also ensures that you have purchases the right virtual currency amount and provided the correct character names to avoid confusion during deliveries. New customers will need to fill up a customer profile first which adds a couple or so hours on your initial order time.

Speed. Deliveries are often made under an hour, but some will take longer than that especially on servers that are less populated. (Larger servers tend to have more supply in our experience, except of course during expansion and patch releases when demand on populated servers tends to spike.) But payment method is limited only to PayPal.

Customer Service. Customer service personnel are quite helpful and friendly without being too chummy. They also tend to be versed with online gaming lingo, which is a nice surprise and tends to help establishing a rapport. Be patient though when asking the harder questions, since they may take time to answer as if they are referring to some guidebook.

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Review by diful0503
I saw the real cheapest seller of gold.
Review by oujuyu22
I bought several times already proudgame merchandise.They have a very good service.I trust them.
Review by tuichieu
thx for the service , ill come back soon
Review by adism444
I have used this service several times, and have found them to be reliable and honest.
Review by oujuyu22
Good service, you can trust.I have also come back proudgame buy
Review by luyiyaog
The most reliable. And their customer service is fantastic
Review by hsin1988
First-class service, and timely delivery.At the same time gave me a lot of promotions.I like this. Will come back
Review by enal1210
Service attitude is very good, and cheap.I like
Review by iwamotozrg
I have used this service several times, and have found them to be reliable and honest. If they cannot meet their posted delivery time, they usually give a bonus, and get the fires lit under their production team to get it done asap. Compared to the other service I tried (SWTORSELL.COM) this site is far superior. I will always go back to Proudgame