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Owner: BanLan Technology Co., Ltd
Street address: NO.3, West of Yangtze Road , HeFei, AnHui
Country: China
Livehelp: MSN, Facebook, Twitter

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Below, you can find onlinegameshop reviews written by users. Find out if onlinegameshop is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover onlinegameshop delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is onlinegameshop legit? Is onlinegameshop safe and reliable?

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Last Update: August 6, 2017

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Onlinegameshop specializes in virtual currency for all the major sports games, with a focus on Electronic Arts titles such as Madden NFL 17, NHL 17, NBA Live 17 and FIFA 16. You'll also find currency available for other sports games including NBA 2K17 and Forza Horizon 3. While their primary focus is sports titles, Onlinegameshop does feature virtual currency for a handful of multiplayer online role-playing games, including Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV, Albion Online and DOFUS Touch.


The prices at Onlinegameshop are similar to what you would find at other virtual currency outlets. While there is no bonus or reward system, Onlinegameshop offers discounts in the form of coupon codes. For example, customers can receive a coupon good for six percent off their next order just by visiting the store's Facebook page. Also, the Onlinegameshop website offers an array of discount codes on the Coupons & Rewards section of the site. These coupon codes help make the prices at Onlinegameshop some of the lowest out of all the virtual currency retailers.


One area where Onlinegameshop falters is the delivery speed. While other virtual currency sites promise delivery times of under an hour, Onlinegameshop's delivery speed is 24 hours or more due to the number of steps a customer must take. First, the site recommends that the customer contacts them on Facebook or Twitter to verify that the amount of currency they want to buy is available. After placing an order, the customer must then contact the website through the live chat service to verify the information before the company processes your order. Any errors in this process, such as providing incorrect billing information, could result in a delivery delay of up to a few days.

Shopping and Payment

The Onlinegameshop website explodes with color the minute you open it, with the major games represented by large static pictures and a banner that quickly rotates from game to game. Despite a significant number of graphics, the website still loads relatively quickly on both desktop computers and mobile devices. What some customers will not enjoy is the live chat service automatically messaging you the moment you enter the website, especially if you're the type of customer who wants to browse in peace. Unfortunately, Onlinegameshop does not offer the variety of payment types as other online virtual currency sellers, only providing the basics such as PayPal and paying directly with a credit card.

Customer Service

There are three ways that a customer can contact an Onlinegameshop representative: a live chat service, an email address and through social media. Each of these forms of communication is available 24/7 and two of them, the live chat service and email address, are vital for completing an order. Unlike other websites, the social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter do field customer service questions and can help you with an order. No matter which method you use, you can expect a reply within a few hours.

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Review by Ahmed
Ordered a product, never received it. User-Site communication is very poor.
Review by Kim Smith
An absolute scam. I asked if they had the in-game currency in stock before making a purchase, they confirmed that they did. I asked for an amount well over twice the amount I was purchasing, and then they quadrupled the price and told they were out of stock and my order can not be purchased.
Review by simon
Prices at Onlinegameshop are similar to what you might find in other selling virtual currency points; Customers can receive a coupon good for six percent on their next order simply by visiting the shop also Onlinegameshop the site offers a variety of discount codes
Review by aliceonlinegame
This site is particularly convenient, is a professional reliable and trustworthy partner, customer service is also patient service, providing fast coin delivery.
Review by Fifacoinsonline
30 minutes of delivery, cheap delivery of real time, the main relatively safe and trustworthy!
Review by Chel Guides
i bought 20m gold from them on nba live mobile after contacting support instantly after i bought it to see what the wait time was they got me the gold not even 30 seconds after great service will be using them every time i need some :) Good service, convenient and easy process.
Review by fifafifa
Reliable!Delivery of coins within 20 mins , with most friendly ,fast and cooperative Customer Service !I told a lot of friends are here to buy
Review by GAMEFAN

Review by Peters
Reliable!!! Delivery of coins within 20 mins , with most friendly ,fast and cooperative Customer Service !!!Prices are also cheap compared to other coin sites !! Recommendable !!!
Review by John Nancy
This site is safe and cheap, I told a lot of friends are here to buy
Review by Jack ham
I bought a lot of gold coins in this site, and convenient and fast, I will always buy this site, but also recommend to everyone
Review by Monna
Very satisfied and Order arrived quickly. I was a bit cautious at first because I half expected to receive nothing, so I purchased a small loan of 6 million FH3 credits from them for about $3.76. I was pleased when my order arrived as promised within about 45 mins. So I figured was the hell I would buy the 30 million I needed for a rare item I wanted. I figured at worst if they abused my credit card information or something I could just report it to my bank. Again credits arrived as promised in a timely manner. From my experiences I would happily do business with them again.

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