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Website: http://www.ogpal.com/
Telephone: +1-408-540-6377
Street address: 15111 N. Hayden Rd.
Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
Country: United States
Livehelp: Available
Payment options: American Express E-Check MasterCard PayPal
Visa Card Western Union
Alexa rank: 11,126,474

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Below, you can find OgPal reviews written by users. Find out if OgPal is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover OgPal delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is OgPal legit? Is OgPal safe and reliable?

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Last Update: August 14, 2016

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Leave a Review | Read Customer Reviews
Review by bradley
they cannot be trusted anymore i have been a loyal customer for over 5 years and i have always had a good experience with them. now they will not deliver without a picture of your credit card being sent even though i purchased the same thing recently.
Review by Cindy Wiltz
Scam service. They will try to get personal information from you after gaining your trust. Do not trust this website.
Review by Ria
So I ordered about 500m vindictus gold from ogpal, and as soon as I went to their live chat, somebody named "Daniel" answered. Daniel told my to wait 12 hours (even though the email they sent me said I had to wait 10 minutes) and that my gold would be delivered to my mailbox in game. 12 hours go by and my gold is STILL not delivered. I go back to their website and again this "Daniel" figure answers. I ask him what the issue is and where my gold is, he said that they were OUT OF STOCK AND I HAD TO WAIT 16 MORE HOURS!!...I already gave these damn guys my money and they had my order, so what gives them the right to run out of gold while they still had my order to complete? I clearly placed my order awhile back. Even then I gave them one last chance. Maybe all their Bullsh1t was all true, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. 16 hours later... Still no In- game mail. Now I'm just annoyed.. I go to their live chat for a third time and my buddy Daniel here tells me somethings wrong with my PayPal.. I contacted PayPal, they told me NOTHING was wrong with my PayPal and that I had full, complete access to my PayPal. These ogpal guys were just bullsh1ting me at this point. This website just plays dumb games in hopes of scamming you of your Money, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM. I have currently opened a dispute with PayPal (screenshot included of the live chat) so that these morons are forced to give me my money back. Don't be an idiot like me. Am I a in-game currency seller from another site? No. I am someone who got ignorant and ended up in a mess with a scamming business website, now I'm just trying to warn you. Whether you listen to my advice or not is completely up to you. In fact, I do not recommend that you buy in - game currencies from any website at all because most of them if not all are frauds. If you have enough money to buy game currency from websites, then you have enough money to buy in game merchandise from cash shops and sell those for gold. Do not be fooled by their fake low prices.
Review by Hyper
I placed several orders here over the years. Always got my gold within 3 hours. Payed via iDeal which is conventient for me. I had to contact live chat for quick delivery and I was helped friendly there.
Review by Peter92
First, I would like to say DON'T ORDER FROM THIS SITE!I ordered 20$ worth of World of Warcraft gold which is 10.5k, I had to wait 2 weeks before I got my order and on top on that they kept saying they were out of stock. As soon as I got my order and confirmed with the site, an hour later Blizzard emailed me saying that the gold I have obtained was scammed/stolen from other players. So they automatically took 10.5k from my character, As soon as I seen the email and ingame mail, I talked with a customer service from ogpal.com I was very polite and asked calmly if they can help and they told me, my account was probably hacked and my loss has nothing to do with them. I sent them the email blizzard has sent me and also screenshots of the ingame mail, they still refused to believe me and denied that they scammed or stole or even account hacked for my order. At the end of the day I understand buying gold can get one banned from the game, but at the same time how can you tell me that blizzard taking my gold because the person who gave me gold "scammed or account theft" has nothing to do with your company? makes no sense, I am out 20$ and 10.5k and ogpal can't do nothing about it but give me broken english and tell me my account was hacked. I hope everyone takes there time to read this review and never order from this site.Text
Review by Chammardicles
First of all, this website is reliable. It does give you your in-game currency. OgPal is a good, reliable, cheap in-game currency seller. OgPal has excellent service; I mistyped my information, and within 10 minutes it was fixed and I had my mesos. I have been buying from OgPal for a long time, and the only con of this is that OgPal's delivery time fluctuates; after the cheque has cleared, I ask for the stuff, sometimes they give it to me straight away and sometimes it takes at the most 2 days. Overall, OgPal is an excellent provider.
Review by Vorkk
If you are ordering game cards, beware!

First of, they are located in china and not the USA as stated. This is just one of their lies.

I ordered my game card and they started by telling me that the code manager was not there. I should wait over the weekend (this was on Friday) until Monday. On Monday, it was wait another day and so forth. Lies after lies until they finally admitted to not having it in stock. I asked for a refund and they refused. They told me to please wait until they had it in stovk. I opened a Paypal dispute (we are about 1 week later at this point). They responded to the Paypal dispute fairly quickly (I was shocked) and said ''is it ok if we send to your email right now?''. I did not expect to get my money back from them so I said yes if you do it right now. Right now was 2-3 days later of course. So are they a full con? No. You get your product weeks after your order. First time ordering from them and it was my last. Thank you for a very unpleasant transaction filled with lies.
Review by meiji
OGpal almost always has the cheapest prices on the market. But from the 5 times that i've ordered from them there were always 3 main problems:

1. rarely have stock or enuff for my orders
2. long hassle and confirmation process info that takes about 20-40 min before my order is even verified.
3. They ask a lot of wierd questions and one time asked for my S/N number which I did not feel comfortable giving out.

I stopped using them ever since they asked for the S/N #... the cheap prices just weren't worth the security issues with that

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