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Telephone: +1-888-221-1554
Owner: Ournetworking Canada LTD
Street address: 310-200 Finch Ave
West North York
Toronto, ON, M2R 3W4
Country: Canada
Livehelp: Available
Alexa rank: 168,394
Below, you can find Guy4Game reviews written by users. Find out if Guy4Game is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover Guy4Game delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is Guy4Game legit? Is Guy4Game safe and reliable?

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Guy4game provides MMORPG services such as game currency, items and power leveling for popular game titles. It has been around since mid 2004 and is being managed by Flora Chen. The company is based in Canada though it has operations in China, Korea, Japan and Mexico. Chen said in an interview with Cnet, Guy4Game has a staff of 150 full-time workers and a client list of more than 100,000 customers.

Based on the traffic ranking of Alexa the company has enjoyed a decent growth from the launch date, peaked in the late 2006 then slightly dropped to a steady level. The site is currently at a global ranking of 169,588. Guy4game has received excellent reviews from many third party review sites

Products. sells virtual gold for the most popular subscription and free to play MMORPGs as well as selected online games.The full list includes as of this review includes: World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, RuneScape 2, Diablo 3, SWTOR, Aion, Rift, Final Fantasy 11, DAoC, EVE Online, Lineage 2, MapleStory, TERA, The Secret World, Path of Exile, Age of Wushu and Neverwinter. The website also sells gear, items and accounts for the World of Warcraft game.

Pricing. is famous for having some of the lowest prices in the industry, especially for games like World of Warcraft. It beats virtually all other sellers also listed on the price comparison tracker. (But note that a few unlisted sellers manage to beat it purely on price.) While the difference may come down to a couple or so dollars per order, this can make a difference especially for high quantity buyers. It also rolls out discount and bonus gold promotions for specific games and holidays, which further increases its value.

Shopping and Payment. Shopping at is made very convenient by its organized layout where you can pretty much find what youíre looking for within seconds. The shopping cart is very sleek and intuitive, which lends confidence to buyers that it is a legitimate and well-managed site. The average customer though will have to fill out quite a bit more personal information to process their orders. Customers also benefit from a range of payment options such as PayPal, Visa and MasterCard credit cards, Skrill, Google checkout and plenty more.

Speed. Rather than guaranteeing delivery as fast as 1 hour like other sellers tend to promise, says it can send the gold within 6 hours. The strategy seems to lower expectations to satisfaction, as we found that they often deliver gold faster than 6 hours. This is a great tactic to condition their customers to be a little bit more patient. This lets avoid the frustration that eventually builds up when customers fail to get their gold at impossibly fast times.

Customer Service. Customer service is superb. English communication by the online help agents are almost native-like, and their responses are prompt and helpful. Couple with the often very competitive prices, itís hard not to see why is held to high esteem by many gold buyers, racking up one of best aggregated review ratings at

Guy4Game - User comments

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Comment by ronald hamilton on 06-03-2015 3:41 PM
don't use this site they used a hacked account to deliver the product that was promptly removed by blizzard for coming from a hacked players account I've done deals with them on ad off had minor delay issue's in past but this is a bad deal didn't know they did that or I would never have done it I'm pissed about losing my money and 40,000 gold but I feel even worse for the poor bastard they hacked in order to do a deal dam same they are that way  
Comment by Jimmysjonka on 09-11-2014 3:31 PM
So i wanted to test buying gold from this site, and what i experienced was to begin with them not living up to the transfer method we agreed to, after contacting support they said they would punish the delivery guy, and i guess that delivery guy or the website it self punished me by hacking my account. No one else knew i was buying.Good i only bought few and not much as i wanted to. Stay away from this site. Go to other more reputable sites such as koala credits.  
Comment by ChildHoodHorror on 15-06-2014 6:01 AM
Placed an order for 15,000 WoW gold on a US server and it took about 2 days to fill.

I will not post on this order again unless I happen to run into any Blizzard trouble.

I think I would buy from them again.

One tip, be willing to give it a couple days for any website it seems.  
Comment by AussieWarrior on 05-03-2014 7:00 AM
Guy4Game is very good at what they do, they always deliver on time with me.

WoW currency: Takes a couple days but they deliver
ToR Currency: Delivery within 12 hours of order

Overall, wonderful service and comms  
Comment by Kashmaru on 30-01-2014 6:24 PM
Ordered SWTOR Credits on the Jedi Covenant server yesterday and was told that they were out and are working on it. Gave me a little bonus because of the wait but said it'd be done in 24 hours. Which was true Within about 12 hours I had my credits sitting in my mail waiting for me when I woke up so I'm happy with that

What didn't make me happy is today I got a call from my bank locking out my debit card and sending me a new one stating that the card was stored in a database. Now this could also be because of Target's thing or because I used moneybookers. Either way, that sucked lol. But overall, I would have liked my credits faster but they did deliver in the 24 hour period they said they would so I cannot be mad (And considering the bonus for waiting I'm happy)  
Comment by XayFace on 18-12-2013 6:13 AM
*Do NOT buy from guy4game*
*Do NOT buy from guy4game*
*Do NOT buy from guy4game*

I chose Guy4Game after a Legion mate suggested using their service. He said that they took less than 10 mins to deliver the gold. I'd also like to point out that their website advertises delivery in under 30 minutes for small orders. This was not the case.

I ordered 130M Gold (the 3rd smallest option) for Aion and never received it even after 12 HOURS OF WAITING.

After the first 2 hours, I contacted customer support again. "Mickey" told me that they were currently out of stock and needed time collect the Gold. Mickey also promised extra gold as incentive for waiting a little longer. So I waited.

I would not have purchased from them in first place if I knew that they were currently out of stock.

I ended up waiting an additional 3 hours before contacting them again. This time I spoke with Jake. He basically told me the same thing "We are currently out of stock and collecting your gold".

After this, I went to bed for the night. When I awoke (about 12 hours had passed since the money was taken from my back account), I still hadn't received the gold I paid for. At this point, I contacted them again asking for a refund.

I still haven't gotten a refund.

I'm pretty certain that this site is a fraud, at least half of the time.  
Comment by Arkayah on 11-12-2013 2:15 PM
I've no idea what happened within the last year but their service has taken a downward path, I'm one of those typical long-time users that suddenly find themselves running into difficulties with not only their appalling service but their so-called "resolutions".

Recently I purchased a customized 36-90 "fast" powerleveling service as I was going away for a month and I wanted to just hit end-game content on my warlock.

I should have noticed something wrong when I was not receiving any updates via email on the progress of my purchase but as I was on holiday I put the thought aside, it was not until 2 weeks into my holiday I received an email about my account but not from Guy4Game but from Blizzard claiming they've banned my account due to 'abusing the economy'.

I contacted Blizzard immediately and had the account recovered within the week, I then contacted Guy4Game and told them the situation. The person in Live Chat was profusely apologetic and advised for the hassle they would get me a full set of PvP gear to make up for the trouble with the promise that their levelers were professionals and my account would be secure.

What a mistake to allow them access to the account again.

Not a day after I gave them the new account login information another email from Blizzard was sent through threatening account closure for the same reason. This time however my claim of a hacked account wouldn't suffice for Blizzard and they closed the account and the investigation.

I got a hold of a Live Chat representative and the same result, profusely apologetic and advised since the situation was out of their hands they would pass it along to their supervisor, as he was not in they would email me his decision.

It took 3 weeks, every couple of days I would go back and ask for their supervisor and to see what the decision was but conveniently he was never there, regardless of the different days and times I went on Live Chat and I would just get the same response from the representatives.

Now, I consider myself a very patient person but my patience was fraying by the end of the third week.

The email I finally got from the supervisor gave me two resolutions they could either refund the $89.20, minus $30.00 because they supposedly fulfilled a portion of my order or they could give me a discount on one of the accounts they had to offer. I was not happy.

That account I had since BC, the rare titles/mounts/pets that I acquired during the years did not come to a value of $59.20 nor could a 5% discount for another account satisfy me. In fact it baffles me that they would make me pay premium for their shoddy accounts after they had lost my account, nothing but a reimbursement of a reasonable dollar amount close to the value of what the account would've been worth would satisfy me.

Yes, it was my decision to risk my account for convenience sake. Purchasing any service or gold comes with risks and consequences and I'm writing to convey that those consequences are very real.

They still have a pretty solid reputation with a lot of other users and by no means will my experience determine what will happen to you. But be warned, their resolution process (if it can be called that) is not going to leave you a happy customer.  
Comment by knifepoint on 30-11-2013 6:40 AM
Definitely would never buy from them again. waited over 5 days for my gold and still have not received it. all they said was it will be ready in a few hours. Be careful and don't buy from Guy4Game. ill go back to koala credits or Itemgarden. even though they are more expensive, at least you get what you bought.  
Comment by playthegamez on 14-09-2013 4:09 PM
Was not too clear what would happen after going to pay - however because was using Google Checkout I was confident everything would work out properly.

Stayed logged into the game and got some WoW currency about 70mins later, so I'm happy.

Comment by swifted on 14-09-2013 10:08 AM
i had just been scammed and i turned and thought what the hell at like £4 short maybe they will let me i onpened a live chat and asked and she started trying to get it to work for me =)
Comment by Megalith on 24-08-2013 11:51 AM
I've gotten SWTOR creds from this shop a few times now.
And honestly, two or three times it was rather slow and I wondered if I was getting ripped off, but each time it was simply a slow delivery - and in one or two cases the people providing the creds actually threw in a nice item to make up for that slowness.
But other than those few slow deliveries, Guy4Game always came through with the full ammount of creds in one go, and at least once the delivery was so fast that I made a purchase on Guy4Game, alt-tabbed back into SWTOR and saw that I had an in-game mail - which turned out to be the creds.

So, as far as I can tell, Guy4Game is reliable, usually fast, solid and all that.  
Comment by eids1 on 29-07-2013 6:39 AM
Asked their support if they have the gold in stock, the support person said they 'checked' and that they in fact do and it's ready. Placed my order and 20 min later they tell me they've been out of stock for the last 6hrs and that they will notify me when they have it. I would not buy from them again since they clearly lied to get me to buy..

Be cautioned

Update: I got my currency 4 hours later. It was just delayed.  
Comment by summer on 13-03-2013 1:12 AM
First time buyer here. I placed an order for WoW gold. Order process was simple and straightforward. Took about 20 mins to get my purchase in game. 100% Satisfied and would recommend their service to anyone else. Prices are competitive and delivery is fast! Five stars, thank you Guy4Game!.  
Comment by lscarvo on 04-12-2012 3:35 AM
Very Good Site

Fast easy and professional. These guys are the real deal. Customer service is great, prices are great, and the product is great. This is the only site I trust to give me fast and cheap gold..  
Comment by sophia0923 on 15-11-2012 8:02 AM
Ive bought gold, accounts, and had power leveling services from guy 4 game and they have come through flawlessly every time. They did such a good job leveling up a rogue I wanted for cata, I wanted to write a review. A happy customer for 4+ years. Thanks!.  
Comment by inkfrog on 13-11-2012 2:04 AM
I have done a number of transactions with Guy4Game and have been satisfied everytime! They are always 100% with transactions and get what you buy within the time frame specified. I have done 2 powerlevels and bought lots of gold and never had an issue that they couldn't resolve on the spot! Definitely going to do more business in the future and I recommend them 100%!.  
Comment by bee.s on 07-11-2012 2:21 AM
I've used guy4game several times over the past couple of years to purchase both wow gold and BOE items, and have never had any problems. Customer service is always responsive, and the items are usually delivered quite in a day or two, sometimes longer for rarer items with server xfers on cd, but they always come through. I highly recommend their wow gold or wow items services!.  
Comment by MrChorna on 03-11-2012 4:04 PM
Bought gold for aion around 2 days ago..
Still no gold and they say they need 3-5 days to refund, and now they arent even answering!

Comment by Issikle on 15-09-2012 2:49 PM
Hi, I have ordered from this shop recently and still have not received my currency from them. I tried to contact them both via their live chat and their e-mail however neither is currently working. Therefore I have no way to contact them as to find out where my order is at and this leads me to believe I have been had. So based on this experience I definitelly do not reccomend this shop.  
Comment by UnGiven on 03-08-2012 11:41 PM
Bought gold for runescape, perfect customer services. Took me through everything I needed to do and know received my gold seconds after my payment would use again for sure! 10/10!  
Comment by newtsuk on 28-06-2012 1:12 PM
Where to start. It has been two days now and i still haven't received any of my order of WOW EU gold. I have been in contact with their 24hr "help" and nothing. They are incapable of answering any questions on the matter. All they can do is tell you they dont have it. They can't tell you anything else. They say sorry alot but they don't understand the meaning of the word. I was told by one operator that after 24 hrs they had 3000 of my order ready that i could have. When i emailed back to say that would be ok, i was told they had sold that 3000. How are they ever going to complete my request? Clearly not sorry like they have said all along. Seriously this is a terrible site and i would keep well clear. i will put the copies of some emails to back up what i have said.

first with the 3000 offer:

Really sorry for the delay of your order and now we only have 3000gold on your sever and we candeliver it to you now if you would like to accept it.We will try our best to farm the rest gold for you, and when we have stock for the rest of it we will send you an email, but if you do not want to wait longer, we can refund you if you would like.
Thanks for your waiting and your business.

second saying its gone:

Dear customer

Sorry for inconvenience , there must be something wrong with our chat,
you can use some other browser to have a try , since stock for your
server not rich , and many customers here , so that 3000 gold has gone ,
sorry , we are keep restocking for you now , if you dont want to wait
any more we can refund you now ,


sales <[email protected]>

i have emailed them back as their live chat is done but they have now stopped replying....  
Comment by exjouster on 06-06-2012 11:48 PM
Recently raved about this site, but now have hit a snag. Seems a lot of their providers on SWTOR got banned, so now they are not meeting delivery promises. Too bad, they used to be better. At least their customer service reps were really able to fix anything, but pleasant, at least.  
Comment by friendface on 03-06-2012 6:08 PM
I'm the guy who posted below that says fuckyouguy4game. I should have taken my own advice. After checking Tera prices theirs were the best on the recommended sellers list. I thought I would try them again since it was for a different game and it's been years maybe they'd improved.

I ordered 300 gold, was billed for it, and then sent an email that says I was refunded, but without a refund, and it said that I requested it which I didn't.

I thought it was a mistake and sent their [email protected] email address a question. I got a very rude response which is below:

You have charged back order before, our security sytem can't accept any
online payment from you any more, you will get $18.61 back.If you want
to order again here, you have to use western union payment.

Sales Representative
MSN:[email protected]
Live chat on website
Email: [email protected]

That "charge back" was for them getting my LOTRO account banned with their careless gold laden emails. I never received the items, they offered a refund and not so much as an apology for getting my account banned. So the "charge back" was their own system.

Obviously, what they say is a lie or I wouldn't have been billed already. They can accept the order they just choose not to fulfill it after taking my money.

Whatever. Fool me once, fool me twice, etc. Here you go mmobux I'm your warning.

TL;DR: ***DO NOT BUY*** It's cheap for a reason.  
Comment by exjouster on 02-06-2012 2:55 PM
I have used this service several times, and have found them to be reliable and honest. If they cannot meet their posted delivery time, they usually give a bonus, and get the fires lit under their production team to get it done asap. Compared to the other service I tried (SWTORSELL.COM) this site is far superior. I will always go back to Guy4Game  
Comment by Gynsu666 on 21-05-2012 4:26 AM
Almost always have a good experience from these guys. Fast and honorable. They tell me when they are low or not able to fill an order and or how much they can sell.  
Comment by paulz_69 on 08-05-2012 2:46 AM
I've used Guy4Game to buy Everquest platinum, WoW gold, and SWTOR credits. Delivery of small to medium sized orders occurs within 3 hours in my experience. Larger orders in Wow and Everquest were delivered piecemeal and were usually delivered in full inside of 24 hours.

I also attempted to buy gil in Final Fantasy XIV and ran into my first and only problem with the company. Responses from customer service were like may companies template responses indicating additional time was needed to fulfill the order and it usually happens within 2 days. A week later no eta by the company, same template response. Refund took 5 business days. The FFXIV gil service has since been discontinued.

Very dependable and easy to do business with for popular games, not so much on low population games.  
Comment by Vander89 on 12-03-2012 10:18 AM
Awesome services!

Bought credits for SWTOR and delivered in 1hour!

Be sure to ask if they do have it in stock, they have awesome customer service team so don't worry to buy from them, but you have to contact them first about the stock of the credit.  
Comment by SalomeYvette on 03-02-2012 1:20 AM
great services  
Comment by Hilmar on 01-12-2011 11:18 AM
I bought wow gold from them, but after 2 days, blizzard told me that i got gold from a hacked account , and close my account. WTF Guy4game  
Comment by paul87 on 22-11-2011 7:10 AM
Bought Platinium for Rift, delivery within 10 minutes and the price is okay too  
Comment by fuckyouguy4game on 15-12-2010 6:24 PM
Absolutely the worst service i have ever had.DO NOT BUY OR SELL TO THEM. bought gold from them for one account after selling my other account to them, never received the gold and after 5 days of fighting with there terrible customer service they gave me half of what i was offered for the account. Worst, and i mean worst customer service and there about as disrespectful as can be.  
Comment by IcedCube on 15-11-2010 1:52 PM
I'm not sure where your troubles are arising, but every time I've ordered Eve ISK or Atlantica Gold (And have asked whether they had it in stock or not!), customer service took no more than 20 minutes to assign a contract and get me my currency.

This makes Guy4Game not only the fastest provider (no unnecessary phonecalls after the payment has already been confirmed -- not to mention asking my creditcard details after I paid through moneybookers... wtf?), but also the most reliable. (And their customer service is fantastic, too.)

Perhaps you people should actually think and ask whether the gold can be delivered before whining they CAN'T deliver it. Every time I've made a payment I got the gold within half an hour, and if you even tried to be a decent consumer, so would you.

Comment by chris05uk on 14-11-2010 10:36 AM
seriously, never use this website - they have the worst customer service ever, and prefer to use un-safe methods of transfer, when asked why they did this I got the answer "to save time".

Do you self a favour and avoid this website. Try others out there like BankofWow or Koala.  
Comment by Pwall on 22-10-2010 1:33 AM
I bought gold from Guy4game and a few weeks later I got an email from blizzard saying they took it back. It pretty much said it was reported I hacked an account and they returned it to the account it came from which could only be them since it was the first time I ordered gold in 3 years. I talked to their live customer service and the just jerked me around. I would never buy from them again. Guy4game you suck!!!  
Comment by aidy12 on 31-07-2010 8:53 AM
First time buying game currency online, so I was kind of worried about being scammed, however they were excellent! I picked them because they had a decent rating on here, and don't regret it. Paid at about midnight, received an email that morning at work saying that the money was available, and then when I got home that evening, they traded me the money in no time at all.
Definitely will be shopping with them in future!  
Comment by Luxmaster-CZ on 08-11-2009 12:28 PM
I went to their site, and asked live person if then have ISK in stock. They answered me then dont know, to ask tomorow. So I asked next day, and they said they do, and they are ready to immeadetly fill my orders. So I placed one, and told them i did.. i have money in about 3 minutes!! ive been scammed 3 times before on another sites, this one is first one that send me money, and they sent it immeadetly
If ill ever buy more ISK for EVE, im sure ill use this services  
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