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Telephone: 0049-1805-060-344-36
Owner: Massive Multiplayer Online Game Association
Street address: MMOGA LTD
11/F., Po On Commercial Building
198 Nathan Road, Kowloon
[Hong Kong]
Country: Germany
Livehelp: Available
Alexa rank: 29,058
Below, you can find MMOGA reviews written by users. Find out if MMOGA is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover MMOGA delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is MMOGA legit? Is MMOGA safe and reliable?

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MMOGA - Prices

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Currency Price level Looking for a better deal?
Age of Wushu Liang Very expensive 5 sellers offer cheaper AoW Liang
Aion Kinah (US) Cheap 9 sellers offer cheaper Aion Kinah (US)
Aion Kinah (EU) Average 8 sellers offer cheaper Aion Kinah (EU)
ArcheAge Gold (US) Average 5 sellers offer cheaper AA US Gold
Darkfall Online Gold (US) Very cheap 1 sellers offer cheaper do-us Gold
Defiance Scrip Very cheap Cheapest seller! (But servers may vary)
Diablo 3 Gold Very expensive 6 sellers offer cheaper Diablo 3 Gold
Dofus Kamas Very cheap Cheapest seller! (But servers may vary)
Dragon Nest Gold Very expensive 4 sellers offer cheaper Dragon Nest
Dungeon Fighter Online Gold Very cheap Cheapest seller! (But servers may vary)
Eden Eternal Gold Very expensive 8 sellers offer cheaper Eden Eternal Gold
EVE Online ISK Cheap 4 sellers offer cheaper EVE ISK
Everquest 2 Platinum Very cheap Cheapest seller! (But servers may vary)
Final Fantasy XI Gil Cheap 5 sellers offer cheaper FFXI Gil
Guild Wars 2 Gold Average 7 sellers offer cheaper GuildWars 2
Guild Wars 2 Gold (EU) Expensive 10 sellers offer cheaper GuildWars 2
Knight Online Noah Very expensive 3 sellers offer cheaper ko Noah
Lineage 2 Adena Very cheap 1 sellers offer cheaper L2 Adena
LotRO Gold Cheap Cheapest seller! (But servers may vary)
Raiderz Gold Very expensive 3 sellers offer cheaper Raiderz Gold
Rift Platinum (US) Cheap 4 sellers offer cheaper Rift Gold (US)
Rift Platinum (EU) Cheap 2 sellers offer cheaper Rift Gold (EU)
Runescape Gold Very expensive 6 sellers offer cheaper RS2 Gold
Shaiya Gold Very cheap Cheapest seller! (But servers may vary)
Star Trek Online Credits (US) Very cheap 1 sellers offer cheaper STO-US Credits
SWTOR Credits (US) Cheap 4 sellers offer cheaper SWTOR Credits (US)
SWTOR Credits (EU) Cheap 2 sellers offer cheaper SWTOR Credits (EU)
The Secret World Pax Romana Cheap 1 sellers offer cheaper TSW
Tibia Gold Very cheap Cheapest seller! (But servers may vary)
WildStar Gold (US) Expensive 11 sellers offer cheaper WildStar Gold (US)
WoW Gold (US) Cheap Cheapest seller! (But servers may vary)
WoW Gold (EU) Expensive 15 sellers offer cheaper WoW Gold (EU)

MMOGA - In depth

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We have a chance to talk with one of the leading shop in RMT industry, MMOGA, about their business concepts, ideas, and visions on RMT industry. Here are the interview.

What does MMOGA stand for? Is there a story behind your selected logo?
MMOGA originated from “Massive Multiplayer Online Game Association”. The name has been a little long so it has been shortened to MMOGA and made a brand of its own. The logo has no further meaning, it is just easy to grasp and recognizable. When you see it on any banner, you can be sure to get high quality and your products really fast.

We have seen that you have 2 sites: and Which site is your primary website and why?
At first, we want to mention, that we own even more websites. for french people and for British customers just to name two. for Spanish customers will follow soon. There is no main focus on one website, we are trying to keep our high standards the same for all our web offers. Nevertheless, it is true that the main customer base is currently on, but we are expanding every day.

What are your thoughts on other virtual currency business such as Facebook credits?
We do no make a great difference on virtual currencies. If there is a market for it, we will offer it for sure. As you might have seen we currently are offering facebook credits in different currencies. Our gold farming partners cannot produce the credits on Facebook, but the market for Facebook casual players is way to vast to ignore it. Therefore we are offering keys and cards to to meet the demand. Let alone Zynga with its millions of players have to be reached, either by Facebook credits or direct game cards for their games.

What makes MMOGA stand out from other gold suppliers?
This is fairly easy, we established MMOGA as a brand with high quality standards. You can expect low prices, fast deliveries, many payment methods, 24/7 support and an overall great experience from your first visit till becoming a satisfied customer. The main unique selling point is the long term market presence. Every day there is a new gold seller on the market and another one made a quick buck and is never seen again. Our customers can profit from this as well. With our loyalty discount system you can reduce your prices overall and watch other suppliers come and go without any trouble.

What is your business motto?
We have no strict business motto we live by. As mentioned before, we are just always trying to improve our offer, quality, speed and prices to give the customers the best experience they can get. It worked out great so far, since we became the European market leader in this sector.

How do you see the future of MMOGA?
MMOGA will constantly grow without losing any quality at all. History has shown that there is a great risk in expanding without the power to back it up. So far we did a good job and this hopefully works out for us and our customers in the future as well.

Is there anything else that you would like to share?
We want to thank our customers for sure. Without all of our community the whole business would not work. We are deeply thankful for that. Check out our Facebook pages as well, to get raffles, the latest offers and gaming news.
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About MMOGA:

MMOGA started big in the German market. Started in 2004, the service provider continues to provide buyers with premium services. The site openly reveals customer ratings from over 140,000 buyers with very few negative feedback since 2008 to date. Exact customer reviews could be read are publicly displayed for new visitors to view.

To date, MMOGA has expanded its services to cover the French, German and English-speaking market as well. Besides ingame-currencies, the shop also provides powerleveling services, game cards and strategy guides available. In terms of payment options, the site probably offers the most options available, from PayPal and moneybookers to Google checkout, Fax Order and much more. MMOGA's facebook page also showcases MMO news and updates.

MMOGA - User comments

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Comment by Jimmy on 02-02-2015 6:01 PM
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