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Telephone: 0049-1805-060-344-36
Owner: Massive Multiplayer Online Game Association
Street address: MMOGA LTD
11/F., Po On Commercial Building
198 Nathan Road, Kowloon
[Hong Kong]
Country: Germany
Livehelp: Available
Alexa rank: 36,335
Below, you can find MMOGA reviews written by users. Find out if MMOGA is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover MMOGA delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is MMOGA legit? Is MMOGA safe and reliable?

MMOGA - Prices

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Currency Price level Looking for a better deal?
Age of Wushu Liang Very expensive 6 sellers offer cheaper AoW Liang
Aion Kinah (US) Cheap 4 sellers offer cheaper Aion Kinah (US)
Aion Kinah (EU) Cheap 1 sellers offer cheaper Aion Kinah (EU)
ArcheAge Gold (US) Very cheap Cheapest seller! (But servers may vary)
Defiance Scrip Average 2 sellers offer cheaper Defiance Scrip
Diablo 3 Gold Cheap 2 sellers offer cheaper Diablo 3 Gold
Dofus Kamas Very cheap Cheapest seller! (But servers may vary)
Dragon Nest Gold Very expensive 4 sellers offer cheaper Dragon Nest
Dungeon Fighter Online Gold Very cheap Cheapest seller! (But servers may vary)
Eden Eternal Gold Very expensive 7 sellers offer cheaper Eden Eternal Gold
EVE Online ISK Very cheap Cheapest seller! (But servers may vary)
Everquest 2 Platinum Very cheap Cheapest seller! (But servers may vary)
Final Fantasy XI Gil Expensive 6 sellers offer cheaper FFXI Gil
Guild Wars 2 Gold Cheap 1 sellers offer cheaper GuildWars 2
Guild Wars 2 Gold (EU) Cheap 4 sellers offer cheaper GuildWars 2
Knight Online Noah Average 3 sellers offer cheaper ko Noah
Lineage 2 Adena Very cheap Cheapest seller! (But servers may vary)
LotRO Gold Very cheap Cheapest seller! (But servers may vary)
Raiderz Gold Very cheap Cheapest seller! (But servers may vary)
Rift Platinum (US) Cheap 4 sellers offer cheaper Rift Gold (US)
Rift Platinum (EU) Cheap 2 sellers offer cheaper Rift Gold (EU)
Runescape Gold Average 4 sellers offer cheaper RS2 Gold
Shaiya Gold Very cheap Cheapest seller! (But servers may vary)
SilkRoad online Gold Very cheap Cheapest seller! (But servers may vary)
Star Trek Online Credits (US) Very cheap Cheapest seller! (But servers may vary)
SWTOR Credits (US) Cheap 2 sellers offer cheaper SWTOR Credits (US)
SWTOR Credits (EU) Cheap 2 sellers offer cheaper SWTOR Credits (EU)
Tera Gold (US) Expensive 7 sellers offer cheaper Tera Gold (US)
Tera Online Gold (EU) Average 3 sellers offer cheaper Tera Gold (EU)
The Secret World Pax Romana Very cheap Cheapest seller! (But servers may vary)
Tibia Gold Average 2 sellers offer cheaper TB Gold
WoW Gold (US) Cheap 4 sellers offer cheaper WoW Gold (US)
WoW Gold (EU) Average 6 sellers offer cheaper WoW Gold (EU)

MMOGA - Game Time Cards

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Game Time Cards Duration Price Level Looking for a better deal?
EVE Online30 daysAverage Cheapest seller!
EVE Online60 daysCheap 2 sellers offer cheaper
Final Fantasy XIV60 daysAverage 5 sellers offer cheaper
Lord of the Rings Online60 daysAverage 1 seller offers cheaper
Rift30 daysCheap Cheapest seller!
Runescape30 daysExpensive 2 sellers offer cheaper
Star Wars The Old Republic60 daysAverage 4 sellers offer cheaper
WildStar Online30 daysCheap Cheapest seller!
World of Warcraft60 daysCheap 4 sellers offer cheaper

MMOGA - In depth

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We have a chance to talk with one of the leading shop in RMT industry, MMOGA, about their business concepts, ideas, and visions on RMT industry. Here are the interview.

What does MMOGA stand for? Is there a story behind your selected logo?
MMOGA originated from “Massive Multiplayer Online Game Association”. The name has been a little long so it has been shortened to MMOGA and made a brand of its own. The logo has no further meaning, it is just easy to grasp and recognizable. When you see it on any banner, you can be sure to get high quality and your products really fast.

We have seen that you have 2 sites: and Which site is your primary website and why?
At first, we want to mention, that we own even more websites. for french people and for British customers just to name two. for Spanish customers will follow soon. There is no main focus on one website, we are trying to keep our high standards the same for all our web offers. Nevertheless, it is true that the main customer base is currently on, but we are expanding every day.

What are your thoughts on other virtual currency business such as Facebook credits?
We do no make a great difference on virtual currencies. If there is a market for it, we will offer it for sure. As you might have seen we currently are offering facebook credits in different currencies. Our gold farming partners cannot produce the credits on Facebook, but the market for Facebook casual players is way to vast to ignore it. Therefore we are offering keys and cards to to meet the demand. Let alone Zynga with its millions of players have to be reached, either by Facebook credits or direct game cards for their games.

What makes MMOGA stand out from other gold suppliers?
This is fairly easy, we established MMOGA as a brand with high quality standards. You can expect low prices, fast deliveries, many payment methods, 24/7 support and an overall great experience from your first visit till becoming a satisfied customer. The main unique selling point is the long term market presence. Every day there is a new gold seller on the market and another one made a quick buck and is never seen again. Our customers can profit from this as well. With our loyalty discount system you can reduce your prices overall and watch other suppliers come and go without any trouble.

What is your business motto?
We have no strict business motto we live by. As mentioned before, we are just always trying to improve our offer, quality, speed and prices to give the customers the best experience they can get. It worked out great so far, since we became the European market leader in this sector.

How do you see the future of MMOGA?
MMOGA will constantly grow without losing any quality at all. History has shown that there is a great risk in expanding without the power to back it up. So far we did a good job and this hopefully works out for us and our customers in the future as well.

Is there anything else that you would like to share?
We want to thank our customers for sure. Without all of our community the whole business would not work. We are deeply thankful for that. Check out our Facebook pages as well, to get raffles, the latest offers and gaming news.
English: German:

About MMOGA:

MMOGA started big in the German market. With more or less 8 years of experience to date (year 2012), the service provider continues to provide buyers with premium services. The site openly reveals customer ratings from over 50,000 buyers with only 19 negative feedback so far. Exact customer reviews could be read are publicly displayed for new visitors to view.

To date, MMOGA has expanded its services to cover the French and English-speaking market as well. Besides ingame-currencies, the shop also provides powerleveling services, game cards and strategy guides available. In terms of payment options, the site probably offers the most options available, from PayPal and moneybookers to Google checkout, Fax Order and much more. Returning as well as new visitors could enjoy the frequent promotions and discounts offered by the shop. MMOGA's facebook page also showcases MMO news and updates.

MMOGA - User comments

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Comment by bearies on 08-09-2014 4:20 AM
I just got my order 10 minutes ago. They're NOT a scam. They just take a while.  
Comment by bearies on 07-09-2014 11:19 PM
I ordered 600 gold for GW2 from them and they told me I'll get it between 1-24 hours after they receive my payment through PayPal.

I sent the money, they got it and sent me an email letting me know they received the payment. After 24 hours from that time, I sent them an email asking why it's taking longer than their expected time frame. They simply said they don't have the supply at the moment and asked if I would like a refund. I appreciate the fast response so I said I'll wait.

It's been 3 days now. I truest MMOBUX that MMOGA was a "trusted" website. I can't even trust MMOBUX anymore. I'm just gonna keep ordering from EpicToon and ItemGarden. ItemGarden is the best website out there, yet suspiciously isn't even on this websites list.  
Comment by lastkingin on 22-12-2013 8:26 PM
Seriously, I don't know why people give such bad reviews, but, in the last 2 days, I have ordered 3 fifa 14 coins for over 20 euro and they have always sent to me. Yes, i used paypal and for those who thinks its a bad website dont use it, it's good.  
Comment by Vorkk on 02-12-2012 11:24 AM
Wow! Just wow! This shop is TRUSTED?!!! Paypal is apparently flooded with complaints about them even if they can't do much in many cases as they cannot refund non tangible items (ie: gold). I really hope that they lose their Paypal status soon.

If you buy from them, risk not getting your purchase and when you bug them about it, customer service will ''hang up'' on you and send you to the email customer support which they won't answer anyways. Trust me. Check out other websites and they will back me up. I think MMOBUX can be bought most likely with some donations because nobody in their right mind would trust these crooks. I don't even see one particularly positive review of them on here except the one that is clearly from them lol How sad!  
Comment by maciver on 16-10-2012 5:28 AM
Contacted the live support to determine if they had stock for my game server, live support replies yes we have over 10 million ready for transfer on this server. I order with a "24" hour turnover. After 36 hours I contact live support again and they have ZERO currency for my server and have not had any in weeks yet told me before purchase that they had 10 mill. Ok... So I ask when should get the order completed, was told when we get to it you are our top priority. This was 10 days ago and still no order. Contacted again requesting refund since no transfer was made and they STILL have nothing to send to me. How can this STILL be trusted on MMOBUX? I was scammed...  
Comment by ostkaka2k on 02-10-2012 10:37 PM
well was worried since i order gold from mmoga before reading these comments.. however i actually received my gold 20 hours later ingame trade face to face, though i did go for mail option. It was not a big amount(for mount training). I guess i was lucky. Would suggest you dont order large amount or anything expensive from any site really.  
Comment by Rachel on 27-09-2012 8:42 AM
I have had 3 friends go through this website and have all suffered from MMOGA lies and scams. Each of them has bought gold from here and they still have not recieved ANY at all! It's been 2 weeks. So they have given up, they know they got scammed.

Even the remarks below back up the truth about these scammers.
If anyone tries to say good things about these people then most likely they are the sellers trying to back themselves up. Do Not listen to these scum.

P.s they lie even on here on how much you pay for your gold.

Comment by Vorkk on 08-09-2012 1:37 AM
It's so sad that they are trying to post on here pretending to be a satisfied customer. I'm sure you got what you paid for ''Marcin'' and everybody who complains is a 15 year old boy. Also, I'm sure you're the only person in the world who is happy with sending them a copy of your passport as verification. Who else but one of their agents would call that quick and easy and in terrible English to make it all better.

Face it, MMOGA, you have terrible service. You're liars and scammers and I hope that MMOBUX moves you from registered to SCAMMERS because that's all that you are. You're not even good liars. You fake account said it could of been more professional then you go and give yourself a ''very good'' rating. Could it have been better or was it very good? How sad!

If you want the truth about them, believe the others who didn't get what they paid for or go to their Facebook page where people are calling them scammers and fraudsters. That's what they are after all.  
Comment by bystry09 on 05-09-2012 8:43 AM
I bought Guild wars 2 for them last night and I am happy with service.
Well they should be more professional but its only suggestion coz am not 15 years old boy. Any way I will buy from them again. Many Thanks for quick service and quick security check.
Definitely will recommend this shop

Comment by mpsii on 04-09-2012 6:53 PM
I ordered and was charged quickly for currency in the SWTOR game. After 5 days of "You are our top priority" and "our stock is low on your server" I still do not have my currency. They should remove the shown timeframe of 1-24 hours and replace it with 1-24 days.  
Comment by Vorkk on 01-09-2012 5:23 AM
I recently placed an order for 200gold for GW2. It was advertized on their website as 200 gold for 30$. I paid what was advertized. They realized soon after how tough it was to get the gold in this game and now 200 gold is over 1000$. They delivered me 9 gold and called my order complete. When I ask for my gold, this is what I got:

01:02Suki -MMOGA: sorry. the gold is so expensive to conlect
01:03Suki -MMOGA: pls be your understand
1:07Suki -MMOGA: the price before is not correct
01:07Suki -MMOGA: we are so sorry for the inconveniece

False advert? Yup this company lives by it. DO NOT TRUST THEM. Go to a trusted but maybe more expensive shop. At least you will get what you paid for. Here, you do not.  
Comment by rockman412 on 15-04-2012 5:51 PM
I placed an order 21 days ago for 100k wow gold on a popular server. So far I've had 14.6k delivered, my order status shows as "delivered."

The only way to talk to their "live support" is by not placing any details in the description field of what you need. If their reps think you are going to ask status of an order they will kick you to a "submit an e-mail" form before you talk to a person. Sometimes even after you start talking to a person and you ask for status they kick you to the submit e-mail form anyway to not deal with you.

Their e-mail support you will get mixed messages in German and English randomly so you'll need to be savvy with Babel-fish and even then sometimes they'll tell you your order is ready when it's not. However you won't discover this until you attempt to set-up face-to-face trade with live support.

In short they only delivered 14.6% of my order, I would not recommend *anyone* order from them for MMO services.  
Comment by paul87 on 03-03-2012 4:52 PM
Bought 2 months RIFT gamecard, paid with paypal, 30 seconds later i got the screenshot ! Wow thats really fast  
Comment by elmokupo on 01-12-2011 2:57 PM
I made a purchase on their website of an item which promised instant delivery.

I have still not received the item and have tried mailing them about it.

In my first mail I told them to deliver as promised or refund me. They answered this mail instantly, but not with anything useful that could get me my ordered item or the money back

I send a second e-mail, telling them AGAIN to deliver as promised (allthough the promised instant delivery now is far too late) OR refund my money. They have ignored this e-mail now even though I have sent it three times...

I have also opened a paypal dispute, which they haven't responded to.

My advice... DON'T TRUST THEM. There are better, more honest and more reliable services out there that offer the same AND you don't risk losing your money like I am right now.  
Comment by freggor on 16-07-2009 8:29 AM
These guys use a weird way to prevent fraude (?).. First you order what u want, then you can pay, but you dont receive the new "security" policy before they have the money. When they have the money you will get an email of the new security rules...
U have to print out a form.. fill it in and put a signature on it.... Scan the document... Scan your ID card ???? and make a picture of yourself holding the filled in document.
Now i handle a few rules against fraude too so i decided to cancel the order (which costs €10,- ).. And I'm not joking... 10 euro's!!! for a gamingcard of 23,95 or something.. OK so i decided to do it anyways cause well i don't wanna send them all my private details including my ID card.. and its better to get 13 euro's back then nothing at all.... Paid the 10 euro's for administrative costs (i guess)... and a couple of days later i still didnt receive my money back... i contacted them again and they say: we did refund it so contact i told em i thought it was a matter between MMOGA and Moneybookers (i mean thats what the 10 euro's are for right?)... but no.... i have to contact them... dont know if im ever going to see my money again.. but damn.... never doing business with these guys again.....
i suggest to find another site if you are in need for gold/gamecards etc....  
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