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Website: http://www.koalacredits.com/
Telephone: +852 8199 0394
Owner: Koala Credits Ltd
Street address: 20 Tsu Man street, Happy Valley, Hong Kong SAR
Livehelp: msn, skype, google talk
Alexa rank: 1,152,537
Below, you can find Koala Credits reviews written by users. Find out if Koala Credits is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover Koala Credits delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is Koala Credits legit? Is Koala Credits safe and reliable?

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Koala Credits - In depth

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Koala Credits is currently very well ranked on MMOBUX; the first ranked shop for several months. After getting in touch with them, we get to learn more about Koala Credits and their thoughts on the secondary industry.

What is the story behind your inception
Koala Credits was established in 2010, and it's operated by a group of 5 friends who have been playing several popular games together from World of Warcraft to AION. We used to buy gold online, but we've found it was very difficult to find a trusty gold store because of its unstable delivery time, unprofessional customer service and sometimes empty promise. In order to solve these problems, we established Koala Credits.

Koala Credits gets a lot of popularity in MMOBUX. What is your secret?
It's all in two words: shopping experience. Improving shopping experience is always our mission. We try our best to reduce the verifying process when the customers place their orders and keep searching for the most reliable gold suppliers. We are definitely honest to our customers without making them any empty promise.

In your opinion is virtual currency market over hyped or over estimated?
As far as I'm concerned, this market is over estimated. With the decline of WOW, this market is not so glorious as it was. But anyway, as long as there are people playing games, this market will still exist.

What are the major difficulties you encountered while entering the industry?
Well, the first difficulty I encountered was to build a professional team to engage in the website construction and promotion. The second major difficulty was to build up a great reputation among the market and ranked in the top of the gold shops. These 2 things really require great efforts and a long time. There are also other difficulties such as searching for potential customers, retaining frequent customer, and developing the new virtual currency market.

Where do you wish to see Koala Credits 10 years down the line?
I wish that Koala Credits will become the most famous gold store in the RMT industry. We will continue to provide the most satisfied shopping experience for the customers with our best service.

Anything else you would like to share with us?
One thing I want to say is that there will be great opportunity when you are willing to take risk. Even though this industry is developing quickly in these years, but there are still some great risks in the industry due to some uncertain factors. No body knows whether a new game will enjoy a long-term popularity or not. So before you decide to develop the new game currency, you should get ready to take risk, and at the same time, have a keen insight to the development trend of the new virtual currency market so that you can seize the opportunity when it comes to you.

About Koala Credits:

Koala Credits was founded early on in 2010, but the owners of the shop have been selling gold by themselves long before the company was born.

The company, which is based in Hong Kong, focuses on serving US and European customers. Their customer service has exceptional English-speaking skills, friendly and knowledgeable. At Koala Credits, scams and frauds are monitored quite intensively so as to protect customer security, and keep Koala Credits legit. This could explain why Koala Credits delivery time differ from one order to another, according to a number of Koala Credits reviews from customers.

Koala Credits is one of the few shops that offer face-2-face delivery (f2f), which is by far the safest delivery method for any game. Despite the fact that this would have to be counted towards Koala Credits delivery time, it seems the shop has been keeping a fairly good record on that.

The checkout process is very simple. You only need to enter an e-mail address and telephone number, which Koala Credits will use to contact customers at the point of delivery. After the purchase, buyers receive an order code, which can be used to track the process of their order on the seller's website.

Koala Credits - User comments

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Comment by ChuckTheEMT on 14-12-2014 12:26 AM
They are just incredible. I have never had to wait for
more than 12 hours to get my credits, and most of the time I was delivered within an hour.

The 24 hour Customer Service are friendly (but swamped and slow at times, but I understand busy.)

I have 100% confidence in them, which is saying a lot for the "illegal" action of buying in-game currency. I trust them. They deliver. It's not as cheap as some sites, but they haven't let me down yet, the Customer Service is great, they are fast, and they are discrete.

I will never buy from any other service.  
Comment by alexcon92 on 27-10-2014 7:39 PM
Placed an order with Koala for some SWTOR credits which were promptly delivered, and then delivered again by mistake! I was e-mailed asking if I wanted to return the credits or pay for them and I chose to return them, went on live chat this evening to sort out the trade and was told that I could keep the extra just for offering to return them

An amazing gesture from a great website on only my first order with them! Definitely recommended to anyone and I'll be going back soon.  
Comment by bozopete on 07-09-2014 5:27 AM
Used to buy WoW gold from ige.com for many years, but their delivery times started taking months. So gave Koala Credits a try after reading the positive reviews on mmobux.

Placed a fairly large gold order for my somewhat small population WoW server. Didn't check ahead of time on gold stock via live chat as I was going to order the gold regardless of it being in-stock or not.

After waiting 7 days and no notification on the delivery status, I contacted them via live chat. The support person was friendly and said they'd contact me via email when they had the gold ready. After another 7 days an email arrived saying the gold was ready for delivery. Hopped on live chat letting them know I was logged in on WoW. And the gold was delivered face-to-face after a few minutes.

I'm quite happy they were able to drum up the large sum of gold in 2 weeks. Notifying me of the upcoming delivery and having a face-to-face transfer means alot to me. I highly recommend Koala Credits and will order from them again.  
Comment by Jspunky on 09-05-2014 4:47 AM
Great service- 10 minute delivery- pretty damn fast. WAY faster than the competition! Don't settle for less. These guys rock it! Deffo Gonna be back to them for all ma game needs  
Comment by RyGuyz on 28-04-2014 7:16 PM
I recently purchased from Koala. It was a positive experience. There a slight delay, due to me having to reply to an email sent from the email registered to paypal, for verification.. Didn't know I had to do that.. Customer support was helpful and quick.. Just had to reply to verify.. Got my gold within minutes.

All in all, a positive experience. I will be buying from them in the future. 9/10  
Comment by Silverminken on 25-04-2014 4:10 PM
Was pleasantly suprised about how easy this was. I had to wait ~60 minutes for my gold.  
Comment by Franko3 on 04-04-2014 10:59 AM
Today I ordered a large amount of eso gold(30k) from KoalaCredits on North America server. Before I ordered it, I contacted their support to ask about the delivery time and expected that it would take around 1-2 days.

However, the support said that this 30k gold could be delivered within half an hour. I could not believe my eyes!. At that time I was thinking that they might lie to me. But you know, they didn't lie. When I ordered this 30k gold, the support checked my payment status and did some verification. After that, I got all gold I ordered within half an hour as they said. What an amazing speed!

All I could say to KoalaCredits. Good price, good support, and great speed!  
Comment by sgtbigdawg on 15-02-2014 2:57 AM
update, mistype of the above not 20 hours, 2 hours. Anyway after sitting on the livechat for 5 hours it finally disconnected and I started the process all over. This time finally someone got the phone verification to work and after another hour watching nothing happen on the chat screen and asking if they were still there I was told they will email me later when I can get my stuff. I asked for a possible ETA but was just told I would get an email. cheers for waiting longer.  
Comment by sgtbigdawg on 14-02-2014 8:42 PM
Ok I do like being secure but seriously. Ive been on the live chat for an hour now and they still are having troubles sending me a txt message. I tried with two other methods and texted my phone just fine. Its been almost 20 hours at this point and the live chat guy only says something like every 10 minutes which forces me to think I am impatient when I ask " Are you still there?" This is however the only annoying part thus far. The fact that there is a livechat and the do verify your identity a couple of different ways, sms and email is pretty good. I did order a good bit of gold so I know that will take time, just next time double up on contacts if you are going to be delayed. send an email and send a txt, just in case the SMS txt doesnt get though.  
Comment by STEPHANEPARE on 31-01-2014 9:36 AM
My experience with them was somewhat mitigated, but i can atest that they are honest.

I bought 20000 gold on server zangarmarsh on alliance, in world of warcraft. Afdter 2 days and half they couldn't find enough gold on my server, and after I inquired as to my order's status, they offered a refund.

Well, it turns out they didn't know that we are merged with the hellscream server, and they did have the gold on that server. So, I had to wait 20 more minutes, and I finally had the gold.

This is definitely much slower than what I was used to back in wrath, last time I played, when I could buy 30-40 thousands and have it in minutes, but i uess I can understand how shrinking server populations is making their job harder. They at least have been unscrupulously honest with me, and even offered a refund before I could mention it.  
Comment by koalacredits on 31-12-2013 8:26 AM
Dear customer ,we are sorry for the inconvenience that you met.The main reason is that your order risk score is not met our system.But anyway thanks for your post .and we will improve our system and won't make this happen again .Thanks.
Originally posted by Rasputin
I placed a power leveling order with Koala Credits. I was contacted by email and they asked for my phone number. I gave it to them and then they sent another email stating that the order could not be filled because I have a prepaid phone. I had to contact customer service several times and finally issued a dispute with Paypal. After a several messages back and forth, they finally issued a refund. I have a little more faith in them since I got my money back, but I am still confused as to why they could not deliver what they promised.
Comment by koalacredits on 31-12-2013 8:14 AM
1.The item ETA is depend on games,if we have stock,it should be 5-20 mins. if not ,it usually take 1-2 days.
2.We will improve our worker's skill to server customer for this issue

Thanks for your post.

Originally posted by XayFace
* Koala Credits is LEGIT *

I chose Koala after having a bad experience with Guy4Game. I was attracted to the testimonials saying that delivery took less than 10 minutes.

I did not receive my gold for about an hour after the purchase. I had to bother the live support person for about 40 minutes, but he/she helped speed up the process.

I will be doing business here again in the future. Next time I'll be a bit more patient with the wait time now that I can confirm that this service is legit.

I was very unhappy with customer support. I had asked a simple question:

What is the ETA of the Item I purchased?

Which turned into a 40 minute fiasco of poor grammar and unclear directions.
Comment by koalacredits on 31-12-2013 8:07 AM
Hi,thanks for your post, we are so sorry for the inconvenience caused by our customer service, we will try our best to improve the problems and aim to make better service to satisfy you in the future.

Originally posted by XayFace
* Koala Credits is LEGIT *

I chose Koala after having a bad experience with Guy4Game. I was attracted to the testimonials saying that delivery took less than 10 minutes.

I did not receive my gold for about an hour after the purchase. I had to bother the live support person for about 40 minutes, but he/she helped speed up the process.

I will be doing business here again in the future. Next time I'll be a bit more patient with the wait time now that I can confirm that this service is legit.

I was very unhappy with customer support. I had asked a simple question:

What is the ETA of the Item I purchased?

Which turned into a 40 minute fiasco of poor grammar and unclear directions.
Comment by XayFace on 18-12-2013 11:34 AM
* Koala Credits is LEGIT *

I chose Koala after having a bad experience with Guy4Game. I was attracted to the testimonials saying that delivery took less than 10 minutes.

I did not receive my gold for about an hour after the purchase. I had to bother the live support person for about 40 minutes, but he/she helped speed up the process.

I will be doing business here again in the future. Next time I'll be a bit more patient with the wait time now that I can confirm that this service is legit.

I was very unhappy with customer support. I had asked a simple question:

What is the ETA of the Item I purchased?

Which turned into a 40 minute fiasco of poor grammar and unclear directions.  
Comment by CCN10 on 28-11-2013 1:45 AM
Koala credits
Nice site with good prices and faster delivery services
Will purchase again for sure
Thank you  
Comment by hjxflavor on 04-10-2013 11:04 AM
I've been a customer for quite a few years with Koala Credit and they always deliver super fast. I like to check with live chat to see if they have stock before purchasing. They have never lied to me before about the stock they have and always delivered to me in 5 to 20 minutes every time. I Just bought 200M Kinah for Aion right now and they delivered in 10 minutes! Very consistent!  
Comment by Skatterman89 on 09-06-2013 7:52 AM
Bought gold for diablo 3 from Koalacredits
and had no trouble paying for it with a debit
card and received it face to face in game
10 minutes later. If I ever buy gold again
I will be buying it from these guys.  
Comment by Rasputin on 08-04-2013 11:39 AM
I placed a power leveling order with Koala Credits. I was contacted by email and they asked for my phone number. I gave it to them and then they sent another email stating that the order could not be filled because I have a prepaid phone. I had to contact customer service several times and finally issued a dispute with Paypal. After a several messages back and forth, they finally issued a refund. I have a little more faith in them since I got my money back, but I am still confused as to why they could not deliver what they promised.  
Comment by SilverTonue on 03-03-2013 2:39 PM
Used a few times now always had my gold in the time frame I specify, and usually within half an hour of purchase. Today I ordered and asked if the could deliver straight away, within 5 minutes I had my gold. Would definitely recommend Koala Credits  
Comment by redarmyse7 on 01-03-2013 10:14 AM
Placed my order and recieved the gold within 15 minutes and was updated along the way via live support, a fantastic service which was clear and safe throughout.

Thanks again.  
Comment by farook on 18-02-2013 4:02 AM
It's been a long time since I bought gold. Initially I was a bit sceptical about purchasing from this shop. I went through the reviews and read no flaw about the shop, as such decided to purchase gold from them. My experience was pretty okay. I was in touch with customer support throughout the process. Hence I come to a conclusion that this shop is Good enough to buy gold.  
Comment by ilovejin on 31-01-2013 2:16 AM
This is my experience with them for Guild Wars 2. Their prices were about $5 more than the cheapest sites (at the time of my purchase). I purchased the same quantity (50g) from both Koala and one of the cheaper sites (EpicToon).

Koala had me email them back and verify that I made the purchase with my paypal email. After that delivery took place within 30mins through ingame mail. EpicToon took almost 2days to deliver the 50g to me. They did email me and notify me of the delay, but only after a day.

So in the end, Koala lived up to it's reputation. If the price difference between Koala and cheaper sites was still $5-10, buying from Koala would be a no brainer. However, that premium has now gone up to nearly $20 (4days after I made my purchase). I'm not sure if the super quick delivery is worth that premium.  
Comment by PodBait on 24-01-2013 6:35 AM
Placed order, customer support was very polite, received goods within 24 Hrs.
Will use their services again after I go and get blown into space dust a bit more.  
Comment by reegad on 21-01-2013 12:44 AM
I was really in doubt if i should buy ingame cash from these guys or not. I found other reviews about them being good and i found reviews about them being bad.

I had to check for myself. I started the live support chat, talked with a nice guy and asked him how much they had in stock, he answered quickly and i placed the order, i gave him my refrence number of the order and after only 4 minutes!! i had the gold in my ingame account. He told me delivery times was 10-15 minutes, HE LIED, it was only 4!

Koala Credits comes up as one of the "more expensive" gold buying sites, but in fact, it was only 0.1$cheaper than most of the other sites. and the service was great!  
Comment by Krate on 09-01-2013 2:33 AM
I placed an order yesterday and I was happy that it was delivered in about 4 hours with no difficulties. Anyway I will continue to purchase from Koala Credits. Also recommend my friends since I am happy with the service.

Many thanks for the quick service and security check!  
Comment by Belyad on 02-01-2013 6:55 AM
This is the second time I purchased from koala Credits and I must say their service is great each time. Thank you for maintaining the standard  
Comment by _debo on 29-12-2012 4:04 AM
I ordered some D3 golds from them tonight and I can only describe them as amazing and awesome. Prompt and professional, they quickly answered my enquiries over the live chat, performed some verification on my account and delivered my purchase in an eye blink. I'll surely recommend them to my friends and I can recommend them to the forum readers too.

They are just pure awesomeness  
Comment by Pherax on 28-12-2012 7:41 AM
I placed my order and ran into some verification issues (my fault), they were very helpful and not only refunded the first order quickly, but stuck with me when I placed the second order so as to reduce the time it took, Very good service, will definitely use again D:  
Comment by heroshi on 24-12-2012 1:46 PM
Good prices, and friendly customer service, but they only support paypal, and paypal keeps telling me the payment was rejected by the merchant. The exact message is:
"This payment cannot be completed and your account has not been charged. Please contact your merchant for more information."

Paypal is working fine when I buy from other merchants with the same cc and the cc has over 1500USD credit unused. So it seems to be a technical problem between paypal and koala credits integration. It's not so much Koala's fault that paypal is doing this but only that they don't offer an alternative to paypal (like google checkout).  
Comment by Watcher12 on 23-12-2012 2:51 AM
Really fast and good meso service  
Comment by dogo on 18-12-2012 8:26 AM
I read pretty good reviews about this shop for purchasing gold. Being a first time buyer I was a bit hesitant about being ripped off. But I am glad to announce that my order was completed within the stated time period.  
Comment by Koorew on 03-12-2012 2:47 AM
Since my earlier comment did not show up. I just to inform you that the team has been doing a great work. I would expect the same service in the future as well. Please do not disappoint us ever. Good luck  
Comment by abstrack on 02-12-2012 4:06 AM
when it comes to needing kinah asap koala credits is best. not even 30mins youll get what you need. i recommend them to anyone who plays aion!!!  
Comment by Lily88 on 01-12-2012 1:45 AM
After I paid money and then I received my gold within 30 minutes. Especially, their 24/7 chat, it is really convenient and useful. Recommend this shop for sure.  
Comment by zoro on 22-11-2012 4:25 AM
I would like to congratulate you for the great effort. Good customer support, got my product at the right time. Keep it up team!  
Comment by Sighcloned on 16-10-2012 10:59 AM
Great thorough safe service.
Received gold in the time it took to verify my identity (15-20 mins)
Fairly priced 10/10  
Comment by blackmojo on 15-10-2012 9:18 AM
Extreme fast and good service. Can't complain on anything on my order(guild wars 2 gold).

Very positiv exp. with koala credits.  
Comment by Manguro on 04-10-2012 7:45 AM
Was shopping around, and saw all the great reviews this had. So gave it a try with a small purchase. Went on their site. Contact live support to ask a few questions. And they were really helpful, and patient. After a few minutes, I purchased wow gold. And they delivered like promised. Definitely buying from them again, and a lot more. Safe payment method (PayPal). Their prices are a little higher than others, but for such great support and speed, i'll gladly pay the few extra bucks.  
Comment by dave100j on 16-08-2012 5:23 AM
Purchased eve isk. By far the best and safest service.

Thank you  
Comment by AnonyGoldBuyer on 24-06-2012 6:45 PM
Great pricing on Diablo 3 gold. I got onto the live chat and from start to finish it only took a half hour to get the game gold. Probably the best experience with gold sites I have had so far, and I would definitely recommend this site to anyone. I really liked the live chat!!

Comment by alucard on 23-06-2012 6:36 PM
very simpel post :

excellent service , got my gold under 20min, also good support

will buy from them for sure in the future  
Comment by Dust on 03-06-2012 5:04 PM
These guys live up to their high ratings.
The customer service is great and the rep that helped me had the patience of a saint.

I would use again in the future and highly recommend them to anyone not able to spend time farming gold for such long hours.  
Comment by santy on 21-05-2012 6:22 PM
less than 30m got my AION kinah  
Comment by btdown on 19-05-2012 2:32 PM
Placed an order for $30m in energy credits for StarTrek Online. Received order within 30mins. Good experience. Will do business with again.

Comment by bdawk1313 on 19-05-2012 11:39 AM
First time customer, took them about 3 days, I guess that's normal delivery time for them, every company is different, but they do deliver. Their customer service was always polite and helpful, will use them again in the future.  
Comment by Vorkk on 18-05-2012 7:46 PM
Always fast delivery. I wish they did game cards too so we could just buy from them instead of getting screwed over by bad Asian companies that either do not deliver or deliver 2 weeks later. Other than that, perfect site. No lies. No delivery 3 weeks later or in small amounts...You get what you paid for right away. A+ keep it up.  
Comment by burtonride2 on 17-05-2012 2:03 AM
Just used it to buy 20k gold. Well-organized and well-run. Didn't take long, and a very simple and easy process. Very personal and helpful.  
Comment by AirJordan on 14-05-2012 4:52 AM
I bought tera gold for a friend of mine and the people on KoalaCredits are very reliable - they're honest, they communicate well, and the prices maybe be a bit steep to a few at first glance but it's worth it for the quality of assurance that you won't find anywhere else.  
Comment by Sharir1 on 30-04-2012 2:10 AM
Most amazing site for buying ingame currency. I tried sites like 1000mill.com and its sister sites that only take your money, customer support never responds, and you never get your ordered currency, you only get dissapointment, but these guys are there to help and make sure you get exactly what you paid for. I hope these guys stay #1 site for a long time!  
Comment by throwarockatme on 25-04-2012 5:23 PM
Following up on my previous post from a couple of days ago...

Koala delivered as promised, and has a fairly genius trading procedure which ensures that prying eyes don't interfere.

Thanks, Koala!  
Comment by Argonoth on 25-04-2012 3:36 PM
I decided to buy some ISK recently to forgo the rather long process of making it myself. The service was fantastic, the whole process only taking a total of 3 days, with quick delivery and discreet service. I'll definitely be buying from KC again!  
Comment by howard on 12-04-2012 4:00 AM
Just made my first big purchase of $200 with KC for swtor credits. My first purchase with them a month ago left me very surprised by their quick service. This time round was no different. Thanks again KC.  
Comment by MrKalifornia on 24-03-2012 1:09 AM
So like most, I saw in-game ads for Susanexpress or whatever and googled it. Was led to MMObux and saw Koala Credits was # 1 in gold selling. Thought I'd take a chance (since you pay through paypal you can easily dispute). To my delight they delivered QUICK. Was told the gold wasn't ready at that exact moment but 4 hours later I went on their website chat to ask and they said it was ready. 2 minutes later I was in Orgrimmar getting my gold. Easy to see why they are rated # 1. Will DEFINITELY buy from them again. No more gold farming for me! -OC, Southern California  
Comment by ictwow on 29-01-2012 10:48 PM
I bought a large amount of gold from this supplier, and was told could take up to 3 days to receive gold. Started a live chat 30 minutes after purchase to see when I could expect gold and was told that they didn’t have full amount on my server yet but would send me what they had available. Responded very quickly to all of my live chat questions and delivered the full amount within there predicted time frame.  
Comment by BovBrew on 27-01-2012 4:37 PM
First Purchase went great live support was very helpful and gold was received within 15-20 min the second time not as smooth they were out of stock and took me 12 hrs to receive the Gold all in all I am now comfortable buying with them i haven't been warned or banned and in the end although was slow one time I received what I paid for.  
Comment by BovBrew on 07-01-2012 4:57 PM
First time Buying gold was actually doing research for susan express which is always being spammed on trade and saw warnings for Fraud saw this site was rated #1 and went with it. whole process took about 15-20 min. but was talked through the whole time by great customer service will buy again.  
Comment by toktokeh on 29-12-2011 10:04 PM
Well I came to mmobux to read the reviews on susanexpress (cause they always advertise on the trade chat. lol) and boy am I glad I did. I decided to go with Koala since they were rated number 1 on mmobux. I had to come back here and comment because I was super impressed by their service. I ordered first and then used their live chat to check on status. They met me in game and delivered face-to-face, well, toon-to-toon I suppose. The whole process took less than minutes. Now I can finally go level up my blacksmithing! lol  
Comment by abe on 28-12-2011 7:14 AM
was skeptical. been years since i bought gold. on live chat, asked them prior to purchase about their stock, they told me, i was buying less than that, they told me to order it was ready for immediate delivery. i did, they told me to stay on live chat until i got the gold and to verify my email. once i did that, 5 minutes later i get a tell asking me to meet the trader somewhere. done. that was easy

i will report back if i get banned. but otherwise the best gold buying experience i ever had. i ALWAYS went on live chat years ago and asked them how long, and they always assured me immediate. that meant up to 2 days. this was 20 minutes or so. had to register because it was so painless compared to old times... i had to tell someone  
Comment by gveronesi on 10-12-2011 5:51 PM
These guys always deliver your order in time and have elite customer support. I bought Eve Online Isk from them and both times I got them as soon as I contacted their support, the second time few minutes after placing my order. Best around in my opinion.  
Comment by paul87 on 22-11-2011 7:09 AM
Realy fast delivery, good prices, nice livechat support, everything perfect  
Comment by Kalude on 21-07-2011 5:32 AM
Livraison rapide environs une heure.  
Comment by Van on 27-05-2011 4:12 AM
Bought 10000 gold from them on a US WoW High Population server. Sent a message via live chat to see how long the wait would be before I ordered and they told me it was immediately available. Took about 30 minutes to recieve all of the gold via player to player trades. The Service representative I talked with via live chat was very nice and had excellent english skills compared to some services I have tried in the past. I highly recommend Koala Credits !  
Comment by coeos on 14-02-2011 5:24 AM
Hello all,

I recently bought 1000 million ISK on EVE online using koala credits.

Their customer service is great, very polite and always try to find a solution to any problem.

They delivered as planned and even included a bonus !

after so many rip off companies, I am glad that someone out there is willing to offer a good service.

Do not hesitate to contact them shall you need ISK !

edit: I just noticed the above comment, the lack of communication was probably due to the Chinese spring festival (also celebrated in Hong Kong). That is why you could not get through. Everything should be back in order now.  
Comment by cdjc on 08-01-2011 6:35 AM
I have purchased from other (shady) sites in the past. My transaction from Koala was extremely quick, hassle free and safe (PayPal). I will reccomend this to my friends who buy game currencies and will not ever go back to another site for currency.  
Comment by Puddleglum on 03-01-2011 3:46 AM
Hi, I ordered 500 plat from these guys for EQ2, it was delivered quickly and the customer service was great.  
Comment by ScottBlaze on 02-01-2011 6:20 PM
amazing company! very fast and best customer service i have ever experienced! MUCH better than MOGS!!!! Koala ROCKS!  
Comment by Dodge on 27-12-2010 7:05 PM
Got to be honest, they are brilliant for customer service and delivery times.

This is the only site you need for your in game currency!

Buy with confidence, I did  
Comment by chemicalgreen on 30-11-2010 6:59 PM
Great site, excelent attention from the staff and they will alway try their best to help you when there is any problem.
I bought 500 Mill ISK and they instanlty ask me if i was in the game to deliver the gold... outstanding!
I will be receiving the ISK today at 18...
Thank you Koalacredits!  
Comment by Rieper on 20-11-2010 2:40 AM
By far the best online isk site around, tried others and had problems all the time. First time i purchased from koala credits got my isk in 20 min. Second time i couldn't stay on long enough so the next day customer support got in touch with me and helped me get my isk in a matter of minutes.Best customer support ive seen online.

Looking forward to many more purchases.  
Comment by cutiesonly on 02-11-2010 3:26 AM
Bought 47,000 and it was sent to me within 15 minutes. Make sure to ask if it is available on your server first that is what made it really fast because they told me they had it available. A+++ will be back for more soon! Great sellers 100%trusted!  
Comment by ProudmooreDK on 03-09-2010 7:30 AM
Although expensive, these guys are about the most honest and understanding of gold-sellers that I've run into. I ordered a large sum of gold and became nervous shortly thereafter, as I usually do. Days passed and I never received anything, but when I spoke to them about it, they explained that their stock on my server was depleted and were happy to refund my money.

They suggested, and I agree, that you live chat with them before you make your order so that they can check their stock on your server. That way you won't have the issue that I did and, they told me, if they have the full amount you want they can deliver it immediately.  
Comment by misfit138 on 29-08-2010 7:01 PM
I ordered a small amount of LOTRO coinage, and was nervous as soon as I completed my order. However, Koala delivered, and was very honest about the order. They told me outright that it would take some time, but kept me informed and were very pleasant to deal with. Even for a game that most don't farm for, Koala went out of their way to complete my order, and delivered with a little extra. This is the premium MMO shop, and you can trust these guys to deliver what they claim. I've even placed a second order.

I'll never use anyone else.  
Comment by Montross50 on 08-06-2010 3:26 AM
I placed an order on Koala Credits and received it within 72 hours as stated on their website. Their online chat was helpful and everything was quick and painless. I liked their service so much I ordered more gold and got the same quick response. Definitely would recommend Koala Credits to others. These guys aren't a scam.  
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