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Website: http://www.avatarbank.com/
Owner: Avatarbank
Street address: 20 SW 27th Ave.
Suite 201, Pompano Beach
FL 33069
Country: United States
Livehelp: Available
Alexa rank: 1,275,388
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AvatarBank (sometimes also spelled 'Avatar Bank') started out as a project by a group of long time gamers who sold off their surplus currency to other shops and on popular auction sites. Over time, their efforts turned into a successful, commercial online currency shop: avatarbank.com. Having a lot of first hand experience playing MMORPGs and gaining insights on game economies within, the company founders are set on remaining involved with the day-to-day operations of the business to this very day.

For AvatarBank it's quintessential to offer not only a reliable and safe service to all MMO players, but to do so at affordable rates in an expedited manner. This starts with 24/7 live support, goes on to fast order verification and gets rounded off through a network of proven suppliers that work according to the same standards and ethics as AB.

Seeking to stand out among the mass of gold sellers, the company has focused on building up an impeccable reputation that is based on putting customers first and building life-time relationships with their buyers. The American-Taiwanese management of the company emphasizes their focus on customer satisfaction through evaluation models that promote and distribute bonuses to their best rated staff members according to customer feedback.

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Comment by thisguykai on 25-01-2014 3:31 AM
Just bought some gold from AvatarBank. Did the first time buyer verification, and was then told that they are currently restocking gold for that server. It would be a 2 to 24 hour wait for them to be restocked. Will update when I receive delivery of the gold.  
Comment by Dino on 11-02-2013 4:40 AM
Amazing is the word I tried buying from a different shop before but never got my gold so I tried this one. Truly, I really liked their honesty about not being able to deliver within 24 hours. The live chat was very supportive and helpful. I also like the way they deliver the gold. I got my gold according to the specified time. So I am really happy and satisfied with their service. I will definitely purchase gold from them next time. Overall its a good shop.  
Comment by Siaren on 30-01-2013 2:47 AM
One of my friend referred this site to me. I was not sure until last week. My first impression about this shop was way different from what it is now. I was really glad that customer support could speak English.They deliver gold on time.Overall it is a good shop.  
Comment by Zmark on 14-01-2013 2:44 AM
I was glad that live support spoke English. Good service, convenient and easy process.  
Comment by thepinkelf on 19-12-2012 2:52 AM
When I saw that the site was under maintenance when I was going to check my status order a few hours after I paid for my purchase, I was really worried. But then I opened a live chat and their customer service is pretty decent.

The only reason that this was not a 10/10 is because I had to wait for the trader to come online but otherwise the entire experience had been a fairly smooth one.

I would totally recommend using this shop.  
Comment by fctech on 24-11-2012 1:07 AM
Their web site says "Please be informed that the site is under temporary maintenance for a week and we're not accepting orders at this time." It has been this way for over one week. When I asked in chat when WILL they be back taking orders they said they don't know maybe 2 days maybe more.  
Comment by pdrec on 16-02-2012 3:38 AM
Used them again, this time for 20,000. Took about an hour but I got a call confirming my order. Unknown number so if you get a call like that when you order pick it up. Took 5 mins after the call.  
Comment by pdrec on 29-01-2012 7:07 AM
Just want to let you know they deliver, and they deliver quick. Within 15 minutes I had my gold! I would use them again for sure.  
Comment by Jimmy on 05-10-2011 11:31 AM
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