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wowgoldup is no longer operating. Contact details on this page, including phone numbers, e-mails and URLs, might not be accessible anymore. Any details about the shop as well as past customer feedbacks are provided as a reference only. For a list of alternatives to wowgoldup, please check our top-ranked shops here.
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Below, you can find wowgoldup reviews written by users. Find out if wowgoldup is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover wowgoldup delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is wowgoldup legit? Is wowgoldup safe and reliable?

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Like the name suggests, primarily specializes in one thing: selling World of Warcraft gold. The site sells the game in-game currency for all available servers on both EU and US servers. Although this is a relatively new website, the team behind it has years of experience in selling of World of Warcraft gold elsewhere.

Surprisingly, despite the company's name and focus on World of Warcraft, they do sell one other product FIFA 17 coins. The coins are available on nearly every platform that runs FIFA 17, from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 down to the iOS and Android.


The website promises the cheapest World of Warcraft gold prices around. Currently, they sell gold in multiples of 10,000, starting at 10,000 gold pieces and going up to a maximum of 100,000 gold pieces. Their prices are a bit lower compared to other gold selling websites. The site frequently adjusts their prices according to a high competition in this market. Customers who buy at least 50,000 World of Warcraft gold pieces will get an additional 5,000 gold at no extra cost; it's not a huge sum, but it's a nice gesture on the part of the company.

Likewise, their FIFA coin prices are typical of what you'd see on other websites. The coins are available in multiples of 100, starting with 100 coins up to a maximum of 1,000. Unfortunately, there is no bonus for buying FIFA coins where there is with WoW gold.

Speed offers its services 24 hours a day, seven days a week with two options to pick up your gold in World of Warcraft: either using the Auction House or meeting up with another in-game character.

Unfortunately, does not provide a specific time estimate for gold delivery, only stating that they instantly deliver it to the customer. However, customer reviews peg the delivery time within 24 hours.

Shopping and Payment

While the website is responsive and easy to navigate, it's also incredibly barebones. What graphics the site does offer are incredibly simple with some sections of the store, like the FAQ, being nothing more than a placeholder.

This level of simplicity extends to their payment options as well, as offers only one payment option: PayPal. There is no quick buy option either, meaning you will need to fill out an extensive form every time you want to buy WoW gold or FIFA 17 coins.

Customer Service

Where truly excels is their customer service; not only are their customer service representatives friendly and professional, but there are six ways to get a hold of them. In addition to social media platforms such as YouTube and Twitter, you can also contact them via Skype, QQ, email and even Flickr. Their website also offers a contact form that customers can fill out. In general, the customer service representatives seek to answer all inquiries within 24 hours, though some customers claim it has taken longer.

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Review by abraham
I bought wow gold yestoday and they deliver fast, good service!
Review by quinlan nlan
I placed an order for 50K gold for World of Warcraft US, and fast delivery, I love this site!