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VgoldSeller is no longer operating. Contact details on this page, including phone numbers, e-mails and URLs, might not be accessible anymore. Any details about the shop as well as past customer feedbacks are provided as a reference only. For a list of alternatives to VgoldSeller, please check our top-ranked shops here.
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Country: China
Livehelp: Available
Payment options: MasterCard PayPal Visa Card

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Below, you can find VgoldSeller reviews written by users. Find out if VgoldSeller is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover VgoldSeller delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is VgoldSeller legit? Is VgoldSeller safe and reliable?

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Last Update: February 18, 2013

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Review by Dabkof
Bought gold, waiting for 4 days, everytime customer service say to wait 1h, after 1h again and again and again.
They dont refund.
Review by Reechard
This company has ripped off many people. Use Google to find out just how many. They take your money and do not deliver.
They go after you for personal info incessantly.

They ripped me off, thank god it was credit card, they are
being charged back.

Do not trust Vgoldseller!
Review by TaintedBlood
Ok So i order 27m for rs, they say they will start tranfering in an hour so im like oook.....i try to log in 3 hours later, they havnt started, so I log into there online support, they said they wanted to know if they could train my def up to 60 cuz i have 45 cuz im a zerker, I say no, they say they will start ASAP, and it will take 24 hours. So off an on every 8 hours i check if there working on it, i get 3m in 24 hours, so i log back on to support, they say it will take 3 days, so im ooooook.......i continue to check, after 2 and a half days, I have 15m so i log back into customer support and say how much more time, they sya 30 hours im fucking pissed if they dont deliver all the gold in those 30 hours im going to file a dispute, dont buy from!!!!!!!!!
Review by Anssi
they said they call my mom as they need to check it well then i give the number then they call me! i dont undestand so much english i only can write it im not so good to talk they are noobs they cant call my mom
Review by bbyers1234
So, I ordered 1 mil Runescape gold. They say it will take 20 hours. I'm like WTF! 20 hours!? Ok, so I wait a full day and a half. Still no delivery. So I log back on to live support, I get Citheya again....great. He informs me that it will take another 8 hours, maybe more. OMG. So I nicely ask for a refund since I have already decided to go with another company. After insulting me numerous times, the bastard customer service agent hangs up on me, without refunding my money. I log back onto the customer service chat, fuming of course, but still ask nicely for my refund. Still will not give me one. I finally have to threaten with the police and fraud before they will give me a refund. If this was a company in real life, they would be shut down for selling piss as lemonade. Do NOT deal with this site. You will be sorry.

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