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Website: http://www.u4gm.com/
Telephone: 1-347-759-6266
Livehelp: Skype: coolyou8
Alexa rank: 404,363

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Below, you can find U4GM reviews written by users. Find out if U4GM is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover U4GM delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is U4GM legit? Is U4GM safe and reliable?

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Last Update: February 23, 2017

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At U4GM, you'll find a variety of services for over 20 online games. While the site's main focus is on selling in-game currencies mainly for MMORPGs, the site offers a plethora of additional features as well, including power leveling, the ability to sell them online game accounts or in-game currency and being able to buy crafting resources in bulk. You'll find these services available for not only the hottest PC titles, like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV, but console titles as well, including Madden NFL 16, The Division and FIFA 16.


U4GM provides comparable prices to other gold-selling websites. For example, you'll be able to buy 10,000 pieces of gold in World of Warcraft for the low price of $3.19; while not the lowest price on the Internet, it's close to it.

However, upon qualifying for the VIP program membership, you'll find that this extra discount gives U4GM to be even lower than the average market. The membership has five different ranks, with ranks awarded to those who spend a certain amount in the store. Each level you achieve gives you a membership discount up to a maximum of five percent.

Remember that gold price is always changing. It's always a good idea to check it with other gold suppliers.


U4GM boasts a large stock of inventory and can reliably get most gold orders to you in less than 10 minutes. This only works with small order for a popular game. There can be delays in getting your gold, such as the game itself and a large number of orders coming through at once. Likewise, buying significant amounts of gold will take longer to process than smaller quantities. Sometimes can be a week.

Shopping and Payment

While the number of payment options at UG4M is on the small side, you'll find the most popular ones available, including Paypal, Credit Card, Debit Card and Western Union. The U4GM website is easy to navigate and laid out quite well; you'll have no problem selecting a game and an appropriate service to buy.

Customer Service

In the event there is a problem, U4GM features 24/7 customer service, and they try to close most tickets in a matter of hours. Their customer service is known for both their friendliness and their professionalism; they'll listen to any problems you may have and do everything in their power to find you a solution. You can contact U4GM not only through email and phone but also through Skype as well. In the event you have a problem, you're in good hands with the staff of U4GM.

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Review by k3nshiro2
It's a Scam site never use it guys.
Review by zevathyra
Scammers don't use this site,me and some friends we brought sopmething and they didn;t deliver then the customer service ignored us.
Review by james
these people ripped me off scammed me out 180 bucks ... 75 million gil on game ffxiv...... please do not trust these scammers YOU WILL GET SCAMMED
Review by Falstaff Denzel
Path of Exile is my favorite game. I buy 100 exalted orbs from U4GM with coupon Z123 which gives me a 5% off.
At first, I worried about being scammed. However, I received the currency within 6 minutes. Thanks for U4GM and the coupon Z123.
Review by jek
I bought 55m Maplestory 2 Mesos From U4GM.COM, Delivery fast, and price is very cheap!
Review by 213 Johnson
Review by Mike D
Agree with the rest! Do not use. Paid for Trove flux, and none ever came. They even emailed who I needed to "friend", so I did. After two nights of whispering them (with no responses), I'm giving up. I doubt I will ever be refunded either.
Review by Richard Gregg
If I could give zero stars I would. It's a scam. I sent them 18 bucks and waited for my gold to show up. They told me they were having problems. I said I wanted to cancel and they said ok. Their site says you can cancel any time. I never got a refund. I live chatted with them and they sent me bogus screen shots claiming they bought my player and completed the transaction. I then sent them screen shots showing them I still had the player I bought. Then they just started calling me names and refused to refund me. SCAM SCAM SCAM.
Review by Anthony Malooly
Its been 4 days have not received my coins yet.. I keep getting told because no coins in stock and to be patient.. Its been 4 days !!!! Why am I not being refunded ?? Other orders are being filled !!!

Review by Chad
Scam dont buy from this garbage site you wont get what you pay for!!!!
Review by Gregery Kerley
Review by James
I bought 5mil from them for madden mobile, they claim they bought my player but they did not, hes still in my ah and i dont have the coins i payed for. They must of bought someone elses player, so now im out of 25 dollars. Beware! Ik ppl who got what they paid and ik ppl who where screwed.!
Review by linda
u4gm deliver the eso gold.but it takes too long to deliver it.when i checked stock,they guarantee 15 min,but i take 24 hours fianlly.my friend tell me goldhaha.com,and it only take 5 min
Review by Jason
Still got nothing and the 24/7 keeps on asking the same question
Review by
Scammed. Misleading advertising
Bought Pokemon Go acc lvl 25 (and had to wait for about 12 hours till the "24/7" was avaible when they promise to deliver the product withing 15 min or they refund all the money :DDDDD) ... wich had only 40 pokemon in pokedex when in pictures was 120, pictures shown had many good 100% iv pokemon with very nice CP.. and description was really atracting 2..
When i contacted suport they told me nothing but excuses.
That's my review. Hope you are now aware of how they treat the ppl who give them money :)
Review by SanRyo
Bought 90K of mt point for nba. They split into 3 because the gamer can't buy all. Got my 2 for total of 60K. But they bought the wrong auction from someone else so i never got my last 30K. Talked to a live chat and he kept insisting that they've bought all my players.. So i guess im hallucinating that im still seeing my player at the auction until now and only have 60K on my player acct.
Beware!! buy at your risk for this website. They are cheap but very irresponsible for a missing item. They will just tell if your missing an item. "Too bad, it's not our problem".
Review by D
After doing business with them for a while I'm done. They have gotten a lot worse. They will short you then pay you late hrs some times days later. Don't risk it with these people, there prices are low on some things because people stopped using them because they've become shity.

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