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Below, you can find mmotank reviews written by users. Find out if mmotank is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover mmotank delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is mmotank legit? Is mmotank safe and reliable?

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Last Update: January 1, 1970

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Product offers virtual currency and various other items for over 30 different online gaming titles. Some of these like Pokemon Go are for mobile platforms. Others are considered hardcore desktop games. Those who play the console version of Neverwinter or any of the various Tree of Savior titles will feel more than welcome here. They even offer virtual currency for both Star Trek and Star Wars titles.

Mmotank .com were among the first to provide digital purchases for Overwatch and several other hot titles. These are probably listed everywhere. Players of more obscure games might not really have any other options but this site. They're really the only secure RMT market site that deals with games like Dragomon Hunter and Kritika Online.


Prices at vary wildly depending on the game in question, but the site offers some of the fairest prices for astral diamonds in the market today. This serves as a form of virtual currency for the PS4 and Xbox versions of Neverwinter. Gamers can usually get deals on any size astral diamond pack, but they can find a better deal if they buy in bulk. Merchants on the site also offer items for many of these games as well, which helps to reduce the cost of products that don't fall under the virtual currency heading.

A variety of promotions are also very common. Users are often given different promotional codes depending on the time of year. These pop up as soon as a customer accesses the main page of the browser. The site also tends to offer promotions whenever a new game is released.


The site promises to dispatch virtual currency as soon as payment clears. They offer a support email inbox for users to check into if they're having any problems with the speed of delivery. It generally only takes a few moments for most orders to clear. Refunds are offered on any order that wasn't filled on time. Orders paid for with a Western Union money transfer will naturally take longer than those paid for with PayPal or a credit card.

Shopping and Payment

The checkout page at allows users to pay with and PayPal balances. They also accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover as payment methods. Those who don't have any of these options open to them can also alternatively use Western Union, though this can slow down the delivery process quite a bit.

Recently McAfee put their seal of approval on the site. They're VeriSign compliant on top of this. Both of these certifications provide an additional layer of security for buyers.

Customer Service

This is one area where suffers. Service is offered through a help center that requires users to fill out forms and wait for a ticket. The site has earned a poor reputation on Web of Trust, which has further hurt people's opinions of the company's customer service. The email and Skype links provided by the company has helped to restore some faith in this aspect of business.

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Review by Nightmare123168
Ordered an item for neverwinter and never recieved it. Tried to find out why and they said they didn't have any stock. Why would someone sell you something they don't have? Would not recommend to anyone. Only rated one star because i have to in order to post a comment.
Review by dNgrr
I payed 6$ for my purchase and waited 3 days but they still didn t do it and they ignored my emails / skype / messages everywhere, i asked for a refund on paypal and they mailed me that they would not take any action until i close the refund, i closed the refund and they are back to ignorin me. This is one of the worst online experiences i ve had and i m going to report them everywhere. It s not about the money, it s about my time and respect. Peace !
Review by Cory Davis
I would have never bought coins for Maddening Mobile if I knew there was a chance of me being banned by Ea sports for doing this. I lost every dime I spent on mmotank and every dollar I spent on madden mobile and i have spent hundreds. Very disappointed,, i have completed 3 straight seasons lasting 3 years and now i am banned Bc of buying coins from mmotank. Highly disappointed & will never refer anyone else. So sad
Review by BadPuppy
I have used MMOTank 3x; people need too be aware that this company is akin to a thrift store. They can only get inventory for games if players sell them the accounts (witch is common in asia).

They have always offered me a refund and currently suggest you ask their live chat service dubbed 'Alex' if they have inventory for your game before you make a purchases. Remember people like you must sell them inventory first... Buyer/Seller.

This is considered black market goods by PSN and all Games currently listed on the web page... Your account will be banned from play for even mentioning MMOTank in chat window or if caught by monitor making an exchange.

The risk is yours!!! I can say if they have it... They deliver... Ask 3
Review by Nikki
Been waiting 2 months for delivery and nothing yet, keep getting a guy called Alex and every time they are out of stock. Think I should get a refund! Terrible service, terrible company, bunch of scammers! Avoid at all costs!
Review by LR
Terrible Service. No response for 3 days. Customer service was rude when I disputed the payment after 3 days of no response on live chat. Then they proceeded to hold my money hostage and say they won't be refunding for 5 days until the dispute runs out. SCAMMERS
Review by James Warren Mulholland
I have placed an order on the 27, was told that i would have the delivery within 12 has been 4 days and everytime I use their customer service to ask about my order as soon as Alex gets my email address he ignores me. So right now in out my money and goods. Looks like its dispute time. This site is a joke and a fraud spend your money else where.
Review by Rick
Delivered items, and have the cheapest prices online, just drop them a message after purchase, if they don't have it in stock, either request another item of equal or lesser value, or request a refund. They'll issue you a refund no problem, if they don't have your item in stock. Now on the flip side, they do ask for a photo ID when making a purchase, this is for their protection, you can easily claim fraud on a paypal charge with an Asian guy and win due to China and Japan counterfeit item industry booming currently, this protects the merchant from being scammed. Just cover up your license number if you want, leave your name, picture, and age visible to confirm your an adult, and are in fact you. They have the cheapest prices and do deliver, ask the live chat if your unsure, they'll straight tell you if it will be 5 minutes or 5 hours.
Review by Joe smo
Wish i could give a lower rating. 32 hours and nothing yet, and when i contact them they leave the chat after saying they are having problems. Don't buy from them if you want an easy time.
Review by Steve
mmotank claimes you will receive your items within 15 minutes to an hour of your purchase depending on the amount of clients they servicing at that time. I have used mmotank 4 time to be fair and have only had semi fast service once(meaning I received my items within 6 hours). Each other time I contact their customer service and spoke to someone claiming to be Alex who seems to be the only person you can talk to and am told they are sorry but they are out if stock and are unable to give me a timetable for when I will receive my items.mmotank seems to love their false advertising and seem to feel that once they have your money there is nothing you can do. I will not be using this company again and suggest anyone else find a better choice.
Review by Mmotank is horrid
I recently tried to order from mmotank. After my payment went threw paypall. I receved an email asking if it was a good time to call. With in 5 min of my returned email my phone rang. The gentleman on the other end asked my name and age. Which I gave him. He then hung up. Shortly after this I receive another email asking for my photo identification. I.E. My drivers license. My response was to ask why and inform Mr wang Yuh402-935-7733ca that no place on there site did it ask for my license.

His reply was that they wanted to make sure I was of consenting age. I sent my work ID which has my photo on it. Now I am a 45 yr old male that in no way sound like an underage individual. I promptly asked for a refund.

Skam skam skam skam is all I can say.

Review by John
Fucking ABSOLUTELY horrible customer service. Noticed absolutely capitalized because I fucking mean it to the highest degree. Some of the worst customer service I've ever experienced in my entire life
Review by x
got banned today for using this site for ps4
i got we are sorry and no refunds....

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