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If you're one of those who simply don't have enough time for gaming and for leveling up their Heroes of the Storm account, this HotS powerleveling service is for you. Level up your account by spending your hard-earned cash and hiring one of's pro gamers to do it for you in a timely maner. Using one of their 1,500 disposable IP addresses available in 49 countries, they can login to your account easily, with your permission. They can also spoof their location to a city or town within 5-10 miles of where you are exactly located at, with the use of their virtual private server. All that for the purpose of eliminating the possibility of getting penalized for account sharing, or be entirely banned, by making it look like as if it is still you who is behind the screen.

If you can't be bothered to do by yourself the reaching of a higher level in the game, or the unlocking of the Master Skin, you can choose the service's HotS powerleveling package for your account. Focus on whatever is keeping you from playing the game yourself, and let Hots-boost do the powerleveling jobs. To perform the service, they can get on your account within minutes. If you have any questions or need help ordering, you can also contact their support service through the on-site chat applet to speak to someone. To facilitate the order, they can contact you immediately over email and Skype upon placing an order.

If powerleveling is not for you, you can also quickly learn the game and increase your skill ceiling with the help of a professional gaming tutor or coach. This service, called HotS coaching, is a quick and reliable way to learn more advanced concepts, and even the basics. There are packages catered to different learning styles, so no worries if you learn rather slowly. You can boost your performance in team play, or know the detailed concepts of HotS through a Skype call from one of the service's tutors. Hot-boost has a dozen of pro gamers, who have been into the regional and global competitive scene, ready to coach you in a wide variety of different play styles, at different experience levels. There arw different coaching package to choose from, which could last for a few hours, a few days, or a few months. That means, direct one-on-one training with a pro gamer who you can ask questions from and pick his brain.

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Review by Candy_chick
Hey guys,


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