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Last Update: January 1, 1970

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6kgold.com was launched in October 2006 as a diversified service provider for MMORPGs. The company, which started in China, has expanded its reach in recent years to American and European users as well. The organization provides virtual currency in the following games: WOW Gold, ESO Gold, Runscape Gold, Wildstar Gold, Swtor Credits, and more.

Over the past nine years this quality transactional platform has garnered numerous achievements from MMOG players and has expanded its registered member usage numbers to over 50,000. The feedback from users is positive. No doubt the number of customers for 6kgold.com will grow even more in popularity, because of various choices of in-game supplies and 24/7 live support. This support team ensures that gaming transactions are smooth, secure, and reliable.


6kgold sells virtual currency for more than 20 MMORPG fantasy and sports games. The site has the most comprehensive services catering to World of Warcraft, selling gold, items, gear and power leveling for Blizzard’s iconic game. Among other sites, it is one of the few that sells bind-on-pickup World of Warcraft items, including tier gear and mounts.


6kgold is a bargain hunter’s paradise, especially if you are looking for very cheap World of Warcraft gold. Its prices are some of the lowest in the industry, differing only in cents most of the time from its more affordable rivals. Because there are only a few other sites that sells bind-on-pickup World of Warcraft gear, the site charges a bit more premium but this can be justified by how hard such merchandise is sourced. Customers will not be faulted for overlooking some of the site’s shortcomings such as a slower-than-average delivery speed because of this price advantage.

Shopping and Payment

Off the bat, the site loses points for not having a quick buy option on its homepage, which makes it a bit more tedious to order. The interface is simple enough to navigate but a bit dated. There is stock status displayed on each of the game servers, but how updated it is can be called into question given that virtually all servers are indicated as having “huge stock.” Payment methods are disappointingly limited to PayPal, a few major credit cards and Western Union.


Delivery speed takes 30 minutes to several hours, which is noticeably slower than other websites that promise 15 minutes on average for their fastest deliveries. 6kgold uses the reason that there is a “time difference problem” but then again most other sellers also based in China do not seem to suffer from such an issue.

Customer Service

As a seller that is based in China, 6kgold has customer service agents that are non-native English speakers, and the occasional grammatical errors and misunderstandings might occur. Still, agents appear to have been trained to some extent and they are eager to please customers and respond quickly to your questions. The customer chat also persists as a pop-up button on the bottom of the browser, making it convenient to chat while finishing up your order.

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Review by Steph
Ordered FFXIV Mogstation items from them several times. Always multiple items at a time. Sometimes it takes them a while to get the codes to you but it's never been longer than 10 hours. Their customer service was helpful and nice. You really can't beat the prices either. I haven't tried buying gil yet but I am considering doing so in the near future because I've had nothing but good experiences with them. The prices on their Mog items are so good I just love going and getting presents for my in game friends now too :D Super recommend!

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