WildStar Gold Missing on EU Server

By Brandy,
Before the crash happened, the WildStar team had been experiencing crashes on the European Auth server that they had been working to fix. Then, at about 11:40AM PDT on June 13, 2014, the Regional server fell. While server crashes are often unavoidable due to malfunctions of varying degrees that cannot be circumvented no matter how much planning goes into avoiding them, this crash affected more than simply log in ability. The Regional server controls such things as account rights and permissions. Unfortunately, this meant that every user that was logged in or logged in during the crash between 11:40 and 11:45AM PDT suffered the fate of being flagged and reverted to "Guest" status.

While a different flag is not as bad as an entire account wipe, the consequences that came with a simple user level change were harsh. Because of the built in cap on max gold a user can store as well as a cap on every single type of currency (such as influence and renown), those guests that made transactions during the time frame had their gold amounts completely downsized so as to adhere to the guest cap rules. Some users reported losses of up to a staggering 57 plat. Players also reported getting kicked out of veteran dungeons because of their xp change as well as losing skill points in riding.

To counter this, the dev team immediately set to work building countermeasures against such an event happening in the future. For starters, they introduced a hotfix that completely prevents the removal of currency from a guest during a Regional server crash. Secondly, they have made it so that if the server is suffering difficulties, users will not be able to log in at all, saving everyone from the headaches unexpected glitches such as this can cause. These were installed in an emergency downtime that happened during peak hours. Gold reimbursements were also released in the evening, however skills took at least a week because of the complexity. Due to this, riders had to wait just a bit longer to resurrect the speed they had been traveling at.

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