Dell Now Accepting Bitcoin Online

By Brandy,
Dell, the computer giant that ranks as the third largest seller of PCs and other computer products globally, has announced it is now accepting Bitcoin for online sales. Dell is now the largest retailer to add Bitcoin, a digital form of currency, to its online payment options. It joins and Expedia as major internet retailers who recognize that an increasing number of customers want the option of using Bitcoin to pay for their online purchases. Some analysts see Dell's acceptance of this digital currency as moving it one step closer to being accepted by the mainstream retail marketplace.

Officials at Dell say that their recent addition of Bitcoin as a payment option is one way that they can offer their customers the most flexibility when it comes to paying for their purchases from Dell online websites. Dell is making it easy and convenient to use Bitcoin for processing online payments in three simple steps.

Customers can simply add whatever items they wish to purchase into their shopping cart, fill out details regarding their shipping address, and then choose Bitcoin as their payment option. Once the customer has submitted their order, they are then automatically transferred to, the largest international platform for buying and selling Bitcoin, in order to complete their purchase. Once the customer has accessed, they can pay for their Dell purchases directly from their Bitcoin wallet. After payment has been successfully processed, customers automatically return to the Dell website to receive confirmation of their order.

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