Elder Scrolls Online Gold: Virtual Currency Industry's New Revenue Darling

By Brandy,
Ask virtual currency shops these days their biggest business problem, and most will likely bemoan the declining demand for World of Warcraft gold. For several years now the sale of World of Warcraft Gold represented the biggest moneymaker for the industry, but sales have been weakening as millions of players unsubscribe and migrate to other online games. This has left virtual currency sellers scrambling to find another reliable revenue generator.

Enter Elder Scrolls Online Gold, which is emerging as the new lucrative item on virtual currency shops. Many had been initially skeptical at the demand for Elder Scrolls Online Gold, but it has silenced naysayers with surprisingly strong sales among top-tier sellers.

ESO Gold has emerged as one of the four most searched virtual game currency on IGXE.com, along with GW2 Gold, Wildstar Gold and FIFA 14 Coins. At IGE.com and PlayerAuctions, ESO Gold is listed as one of their "hot seller" products.

Part of the rise of ESO Gold comes from a healthy subscriber base. SuperData, which tracks trends in the MMO gaming industry, revealed that as of late July, Elder Scrolls Online had roughly 770,000 or three-quarters of a million subscribers. Given that the data was culled just a week after the game's launch on Steam, its subscriber count could now have well reached past one million.

But Elder Scrolls Online Gold has a long way to go before it replaces World of Wacraft in terms of revenue sales among sellers. Even with its declining playerbase, Blizzard's mellowing behemoth still has millions more players spending and buying currency. It will take a lot of additional momentum for Elder Scrolls Online Gold sales to make up for the loss in World of Warcraft gold income, but smart sellers will realize that a more diversified sales portfolio is now imperative. You can no longer depend on one mega game currency, in this case World of Warcraft Gold, and hope to rake in high profits. Supporting promising currency items is now the new imperative and choosing to focus on Elder Scrolls Online Gold is a step in the right direction.

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