February 2017 News Summaries

By Brandy,
Homestead was finally released in the Elder Online bringing a whole new housing system to the game. FIFA 17 launched a new patch update improving Squad Building Challenge and other minor changes. FFXIV received 2 the World Guinness Records from its longest end credits and numbers of game soundtracks. At the same time, SWTOR introduced the EXP bonus campaign while the World of Warcraft gave a glimpse of an upcoming patch 7.2 expecting to release soon.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Homestead Expansion is Here

The Elder Scrolls Online’s Homestead expansion is now live for the PC, Mac, XBox One and Playstation 4 versions of the popular MMO. This expansion includes 39 different homes for your player character to live in across Tamriel, all available for purchase using gold or crowns. In addition to this, over 2,000 unique furnishings and decorations have been added to the game so you can truly personalize your living space and call it your own. These furnishings can be crafted with the right materials or bought with both gold and crowns.

Once you’ve furnished your home, you will be able to customize home permissions so that your friends and guildmates can crash at your place to relax. The update also includes improvements to Cyrodiil’s vendors and town quests, Master Crafting Writs, four new Crafting Motifs, a Dungeon Ready check added to the Dungeon Finder, and it also increases the Champion Point cap from 561 to 600.

Since the housing can be expensive, checkout this article and find out how to make enough gold for this expansion.

housing in ESO


Patch v1.07 is Live

FIFA 17 Patch v1.07 has been released for both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles. Measuring roughly 800MB in size, the patch adds an option to sort players in reverse, giving you more options in how you organize your club. It also makes it easier to find certain players than before, helping to make Squad Building challenges much easier and more convenient.

FUT Champions intro flow also has increased anonymity. Graphical edits to over 1200 players’ 2D cards were made to be more up to date and to reflect the real world changes the players have undergone, and the boots of certain players were also modified to be more up to date. These changes help add to the realistic and immersive experience FIFA 17 offers to its players.

fifa 17 squad building challenges

Final Fantasy XIV

Trailer for Expansion Stormblood Released

The official trailer for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood has been released in full. First unveiled at the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Frankfurt, Germany, the trailer teases at the newest expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, due out on the 20th of June this year. Stormblood promises new locations to explore, new foes to conquer, near gear to find, and two new classes to play as: the Samurai class and the Red Mage class. The expansion also increases the level cap for players from 60 to 70

Guinness World Records Awarded

During the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival, Final Fantasy XIV was awarded with two Guinness World Record titles: longest end credits in an MMO game and most original pieces of music in a video game. The end credits of Final Fantasy XIV runs for one hour and 38 minutes long, including not just the names of everyone in the development team but a list of 32,335 players who continued playing and supporting the game after the original release of version 1.0. And as of patch 3.45, Final Fantasy XIV, with all of its expansions included, contains 384 songs total, with additional music being added with each patch to the game and more to come with the Stormblood expansion.

An additional award was given to the Final Fantasy franchise as a whole. Guinness World Records officially recognized Final Fantasy as the most prolific RPG series to date. Final Fantasy celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, releasing in 1987 on the NES.

ffxiv guinness world record

Star Wars the Old Republic

2.5x the Experience and Command Experience until April

Beginning this month and lasting all the way through until the 10th of April, players of Star Wars: The Old Republic can gain 250% more experience points than normal up until they reach level 70. All sources of experience gain are valid for this event, including story missions, PVP warzones and Starfighter battles. The boost means you can reach new areas and explore new content that much quicker, allowing you to see more of what the game has to offer.

Once players reach level 70, play through the Knights of the Eternal Throne Expansion and unlock Galactic Command, players can instead gain a 250% boost to Command XP. This allows players to reach the maximum level and experience the end game content that much faster than normal, including the equipment obtained from Command Crates.

swtor starfighter

World of Warcraft

Upcoming Patch 7.2 Details

February in World of Warcraft has seen a number of small changes while building towards the release of Patch 7.2: The Tomb of Sargeras. While there is still no definitive patch release date, we know now a little more about upcoming PvP Brawls. They will be a zero-gravity Resource Race, a spectacular battle between the towns of Southshore and Tarren Mill, and a new spin on Warsong Gulch’s classic Capture the Flag gameplay.

WoW Tokens Allow Cross-Game Purchases

Fans of Blizzard’s other games, including Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch, are now able to convert their WoW Tokens to Battle.net Balance or auction them for gold at the Auction House. Converting a token will yield players $15USD to be spent across Blizzard’s catalogue. The Auction House value of a WoW Token will be determined by supply and demand, but locked at the time of sale.

wow tobm of sargeras

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