Making the Elder Scrolls Online Gold in the Homestead

By Brandy,
With the release of Homestead, the long-awaited player housing is finally available. The option to create and furnish a house is exciting, but can be expensive.


But first, let’s explore what Homestead is. It is a free game update released in February that offers player housing. One nice feature about Homestead is that the housing is account wide. Houses will be available to all characters, making it easier to leave items for other characters to pick up later. You can also invite friends and other players inside to admire your decorating skills. The location of the housing remains the same for all players, but the inside changes for each individual player.

Players can get a room at a local inn by completing a quest. This quest is a small tutorial on housing. The apartment is small, but free. There are four house sizes, ranging from apartments and small houses to large homes and manors. Players can own three total apartments and three manors, one for each alliance. The small, medium, and large homes can be purchased for up to 10 characters, one for each playable race. The homes come in 40 unique styles all over Tamriel.

There are over 2,000 different decorations and furniture for your house to make it your own. The larger the home, the larger the item cap. Furniture is craftable and can be sold to other players. Some furniture can also be purchased after completing achievements. There is also limited-time furniture that is available from the Luxury Furnisher. Players cannot use the chests for inventory, but a banker can be placed in the home for ease of access. Mounts and pets can also be put on display inside the home and still be useable in Tamriel.

There is no upkeep or rent charges on homes. Players will always have access to them after they purchase one. Being an ESO Plus member doubles the number of items and people (did we mention you can duel in your house?) allowed in the house. However, if your subscription ends, the items will remain in your house, however, you cannot make any changes until items are removed to meet the item cap.

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Making Gold for Housing

Imperials Farming

To help with the cost of buying manors and all the furniture needed to make your home all your own, here are a few suggestions for making gold. Or you can consider buying it from ESO suppliers. If you don’t mind grinding, Imperials are the way to go. They tend to drop more gold per kill, making them more efficient to grind. Grab a few repair kits from the guild vendor before you head out since these help you stay out longer.

Other suggestions are to have empty bags when you start, since you will be getting loot you can trade or vendor; try to have all Prosperous gear; and have auto loot on since it saves time in the long run. A good place to grind Imperials is in the Vile Manse in Reapers Marsh.

Bring Out Your Inner Thief

Another great way to get gold is to bring out your inner thief. Each character can launder 50 items a day, and this can be very lucrative. Make sure you do the Assassin quest line and receive the Blade of Woe. Empty your bags out and head into Glenumbra and loot everything you can. There are also people you can assassinate.

Keep the purple and blue items that will auction well and then launder the rest. For each white item you get 40 gp, green is 100gp, and blue is 250gp. Keep an eye out for unique décor and all furniture plans, as they can be a hot commodity.

assassin in the elder scrolls online

Gold Coast Dailies

If your auction prices are good on your server, there are some farming options instead. There are two dailies in Gold Coast that drop some plans that can sell for a lot of gold, plus the two bosses you have two kill can drop a plan as well. Head into Kvatch and accept “Looming Shadows” and “Roar of the Crowds”.

For Looming Shadows, head to Tribune’s Folly and defeat the world boss Limenauruus. He is guarding one of the relics you need. There are two more relics to pick up, each guarded by some shadowy enemies. They can be avoided if you can grab the relic first. The Roar of the Crowds is an arena challenge. There are quite a few waves of people to defeat with a final boss.

World Bosses Hunting

There are other world bosses that can be worth camping. See which ones have the best items to sell and camp them. Farming popular sets can make a lot of gold as well. Two examples are Spinner and Spriggans. These drop from Dolmen, world bosses, and delve bosses. While farming dungeons and bosses for gear, also loot every container you come across for furniture plans and décor.

Dungeon and Crafting Goods Farming

A good place to try and farm for furniture plans, mats, and décor is Old Orsinium, just make sure you open all the containers. Other good dungeons to farm might be Hall of Dead, Obsidian Scar dungeon, and Crimson Cove. Just look for dungeons with a lot of containers to loot to increase your chances.

A player can never go wrong with farming crafting goods. If you are maxed out on refining, then get tempers. Otherwise, sell the mats to other players. When running around in One Tamriel, avoid fighting as much as possible since it can increase the time spent with fewer rewards. There is also a passive ability that can double the amount nodes drop to increase your yield. There are also addons that can help with this. It is also worth doing the daily crafting writs. They can provide items that sell for thousands of gold.

crafting in ESO


Tamriel just got a lot more interesting and homey for all of its inhabitants. The options of housing types and decorations give players hours of decorating fun. So bring a friend, a few fellow players, or even your in-game arch-nemesis, into your home to show off your loot. With the gold making guide, no house or decoration is out of reach.

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