Monthly RMT Roundup: May 2016

By Ned,
Blade and Soul Gold and SWTOR Credits had price severe drop in May from a similar reason, lacking of new interesting contents. World of Warcraft Gold was surprisingly lower than April although it just had beta testing for the upcoming expansion as well as the World of Warcraft movie. Tera was still doing well from its costume strategy. FFXIV Gil price was on a slight decline but expected to rise again soon whereas EvE Online ISK price was very stable.

ArcheAge Gold

ArcheAge Gold price has been slightly increased thanks to the new patch update 2.9 Ascension. It brought many new features to the world of world of Erenor from new player nation system, building a huger castle, more powerful items, to new PvP systems. Although the 2.9 patch update did increase the RMT price, it should not be that significant. Gold price shouldn’t be higher than this even after the Ascension release. ArcheAge Gold price is expected to be slightly increased during the first 2 weeks of June and then back to its normal range again. The cheapest Archege gold was on May 14 2016, which is 2,000 ArcheAge gold for (US) $29.98 and the most expensive was on May 30, 2016, for $34.32. It is a 14.48% increase.

Blade and Soul Gold

The decline of Blade and Soul Gold price is even more serious than expected. Currently, it’s even less than $0.76 USD per 10 in-game gold. We asked many suppliers in our list regarding the quick decline in price. They said the similar thing that there are very less Blade and Soul customers nowadays since the BnS gold is quite easy to farm at a later point as well as the main competition from NC Coins. Blade and Soul Gold should be struggled to find its average price for a while or they might not even find it at all. The cheapest was on May 31, 2016, which is 10 Blade and Soul Gold for $0.79 and the most expensive was on May 01, 2016, for $1.89. The decline rate is as great as 239.24%
Blade and Soul Gold price history in May 2016

EVE Online ISK

Regardless of the Citadel update, EVE Online ISK price has been staying in the rate of $36.00 USD per 2bn ISK for the whole month as predicted by our April RMT Roundup. EVE Online in-game currency price is actually has been being in this range for 5 months now starting from February. The ISK price dropped to $32.72 USD on May 14, 2016, with an unknown reason. However, it bounced back quickly to its normal range a day after that. It seems like the price will not change any matter what happen. However, it cannot stay in this range forever. There’s tendency that EVE Online ISK will be slightly lower in June. The cheapest was on May 14, 2016, which is 2bn EVE ISK for $32.72 and the most expensive was on May 19, 2016 for $36.00. The discrepancy rate is only at 10.02%

Final Fantasy XIV Gil

After having a good time of its high price for quite a while, Final Fantasy XIV Gil has now completely returned to the original price in June. Since the release of patch 3.2 back in February, the game in-game currency price had an over 50% significant rise. It’s now back to the range of $15 USD per 50m gil, which was around the same rate before the increase. However, the Gil price will be on the rise again because of the upcoming Patch 3.3 on June 7. However, its impact shouldn’t be as great as the previous 3.2 update. Final Fantasy XIV Gil price is highly expected to be at least 10% higher in June. The cheapest was on May 02, 2016, which is 5mn FFXIV Gil for $15.00 and the most expensive was on May 05, 2016 for $17.30. The different rate was 15.33%
FFXIV Gil price history in May 2016

Guild Wars 2 Gold

Guild War 2 Gold price doesn’t change much from a previous month. It’s still staying in the rate of $11 USD per 500 Guild Wars 2 gold. Although its in-game currency price had a slight increase at the end of the month, it should not create any different in a long term. Looking at Guild Wars 2 news, it seems like there’s nothing new in the near future. The game just only brought new decorative items in the Gemstore. There’s still no new story, content, and features. However, the game is now more focusing on the Pro Leagues, bringing the top professional teams over the world to fight through the structured PvP leagues. And this season 2 has a prize pool of $400,000 USD. Guild Wars 2 can go back to its glory again if the Leagues go well. Guild Wars 2 Gold price should be higher in June especially after the season 2 final on June 25. The cheapest was on May 06, 2016 which is 200 Guild Wars 2 Gold for $10.39 and the most expensive was on May 31, 2016 for $11.99. There’s a slight 15.40 increase.

SWTOR US Credits

SWTOR US Credits price surprisingly suffered serious decline in May. Its in-game currency price has been on the decrease after February and it was getting more serious in a previous month. It ended with $7.9 USD per 10mn credits, which is the lowest price ever for the SWTOR Credits price history. And it shouldn’t be surprised if the price will go down again in the months to come since people is now getting bored of the BioWare plan to release a monthly update for the KOTFE. However, SWTOR price still has a chance to be on a rise again after the expected full release of Knights of the Fallen Empire after August and even the Star Wars movie “Rogue One” in December. The cheapest was on May 31, 2016 which is 10mn SWTOR US Credits for $7.90 and the most expensive was on May 05, 2016 for $12.27. It was more than 55% decrease.

Tera Gold

Tera Gold price was quite fluctuated in May especially during the 3rd week when it was around 10% lower than the average price. Currently the costume items based on real world characters have a significant impact on the Tera in-game currency price. After the end of Hello Kitty on May 19, Tera Gold price had a sudden 10% drop and it was quickly recovered by the introduction of the hip-hop items. It seems like Tera Online is using the same marketing strategy as Maple Story where costume plays an important part keeping current gamers active as well as attracting new players. In addition, Tera keeps updating its content as well although it had been released for more than 4 years already. The Ninja class was just added in May. Tera Gold price in June shouldn’t be much different than in May and is expected to stay in the rate of $24 USD per 20,000 Gold for the whole month. The cheapest was on May 27, 2016 which is 20,000 Tera Gold for $22.24 and the most expensive was on May 11, 2016 for $27.74. Although an average price didn’t change much, a discrepancy rate is quite high at 24.73%
Tera Gold price history in May 2016

WildStar US Gold

WildStar released 1.5.1 update in the first week of May adding a new Vault of the Archon story to the game as well as some minor adjustments. It caused WildStar Gold to have a sharp 15% increase. However, its price was quickly dropped a few days after since there’s nothing much interesting in it. Since they belong to the same game publisher, WildStar Online used the same strategy as Guild Wars 2 by adding new items in the in-game store in order to boost some revenue during a hard time. However, this shouldn’t help much in a long term unless it can cooperate with other popular figures like what Tera is doing. WildStar Gold price is expected to be slightly increased in June because of the upcoming Starfall Celebration, a month-long celebration to the release of WildStar in June two years ago. The cheapest was on May 276 2016 which is 5,000 gold for $34.95 and the most expensive was on May 10, 2016 for $49.40. The discrepancy rate was as high as 41.34% different.

WoW US Gold

May is a busy month from the World of Warcraft: beta testing for the upcoming patch, “Legion”, cinematic the World of Warcraft movie, and the preparation to BlizzCon 2016. However, it’s quite surprised to see that the World of Warcraft Gold price didn’t change at all even though having 3 important events at the same month. Worse, an average price is even slightly lower than the previous month. However, it’s only two months to go until the release of the Legion. Enjoy the low WoW Gold price during this time until it has significant increase in August. The cheapest was on May 27, 2016 which is 50,000 gold for $16.34 and the most expensive was on May 05, 2016 for $19.37. It was 18.54% different.

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