Monthly RMT Roundup: April 2016

By Ned,
Most in-game currencies price was decreased in April especially Guild Wars 2. This month alone, Guild Wars 2 price dropped more than 50% making it to be the worst month in its RMT history. SWTOR suffered the same fate as well. FFXIV and Blade and Soul in-game currencies price also had severe price decline. EVE Online and, surprisingly, WildStar Online are the only two games in our list that almost have the same price as in March.

ArcheAge Gold

Although ArcheAge Gold price in April had been up and down throughout the month, its in-game currency price was always in the range of $30 per 2,000 ArchAge Gold as predicted in our March RMT Roundup. Actually, ArcheAge Gold had been staying in this range for the whole 3 months starting from February after the release of patch 2.5 “Bloodsong”. Looking at ArcheAge news, there haven't been much update on the site as well. This brings doubt that what will be the next update of the game. Because of this, ArcheAge Gold price have a tendency to be slightly lower in May. The cheapest Archege gold was on April, 01 2016, which is 2,000 ArcheAge gold for (US) $28.84 and the most expensive was on April 29, 2016, for $32.03. The discrepancy rate was only at 16.92%.

ArcheAge Gold price history in April 2016

Blade and Soul Gold

It was quite surprise to see that Blade and Soul Gold was on a decline again although its price was just set in place last month. The decrease rate was quite serious without a stopping sign. The PvP season one started on April 13, 2016 did not help increase the gold price at all. Blade and Soul Gold price at the end of the month is $1.95 per 10 gold which is almost 40% lower than the first day of April, $2.99 for 10 gold. The new multi-player content “shattered empire group content” should not help its RMT price much as well. Blade and Soul Gold should be even lower in May. It may even reach $1.50 for 10 gold. The cheapest was on April 22, 2016, which is 10 Blade and Soul Gold for $1.79 and the most expensive was on April 02, 2016, for $2.99. The discrepancy rate was as high as 64.04%

EVE Online ISK

EVE Online ISK price did not have any change much although the game was already released for several years. In April 2016, its ISK price was almost unchanging at all, staying in the rate of $36 USD per 2bn ISK for the whole month. The is definitely not what we expect to see since it just had EVE Fanfest 2016 between April 21-23 in which normally should raise the RMT price. With this in mind, it is highly possible that EVE Online ISK price will be in this range again in May no matter it just released the Citadel update on April 27. The cheapest was on April 08, 2016, which is 2bn EVE ISK for $35.49 and the most expensive was on April 26, 2016 for $36.00. It is only 1.44% different.

Final Fantasy XIV Gil

Final Fantasy XIV Gil price now returned to its normal rate of ~$15 USD per 5m Gil, which was the same rate before patch 3.2 took place back in February. It's believed that FFXIV price should be in this range for quite sometimes considering that it might not have any major update again in 2016. From what we've seen so far is it only had a plan to add some more solo contents in patch 3.3. However, it shouldn't have an impact in the Gil price at all. FFXIV price should be in the range of $15 USD per 5m Gil in May and should be slightly lower a few months after that. The cheapest was on April 29, 2016, which is 5mn FFXIV Gil for $15.10 and the most expensive was on April 04, 2016 for $22.90. The different rate was as high as 51.66%

Guild Wars 2 Gold

Guild Wars 2 Gold reached its lowest RMT price in history after its release back in 2012. Currently it costs only ~$11 USD per 500 Guild Wars 2 gold because of its severe sudden 30% decline on the second week of April. This price is over 200% lower than it was before 6 months ago. One main reason from this heavy drop was from its new several interesting items on the gem store, the official GW2. But we could not deny the fact that there shouldn't be much demand in Guild Wars 2 anymore since the game barely had have new contents at all although it released for several years already. We will remove Guild War 2 from our RMT Roundup very soon. There's still no factor to help increase the GW2 Gold price by far. The cheapest was on April 23, 2016 which is 200 Guild Wars 2 Gold for $10.39 and the most expensive was on April 03, 2016 for $16.28. It's a significant 56.69% decrease. Guild Wars 2price history in April 2016

SWTOR US Credits

SWTOR US Credits current situation wasn't much different that Guild Wars 2 much: suffered from the dramatic decline and now reach the lowest price in history. However, SWTOR have a very strong point that no other MMOs can compare: its long rich history from the epic movies. And this year there's going to be another new Star Wars movie which should have a great impact on SWTOR, like it did before last December. Of cause, this isn't an only factor that can keep the game alive. BioWare team still added new more contents to the game to keep current players active. With these two factors, SWTOR RMT market should still be popular for a while although the game was launched 5 years ago. The cheapest was on April 28, 2016 which is 10mn SWTOR US Credits for $11.99 and the most expensive was on April 15, 2016 for $15.98. The declined rate was still as high as 33.28%.

Tera Gold

Thanks to the good marketing campaign from Enmasse, Tera can still keep it's gold price to be in the range of $25 USD per 20,000 Tero Gold as predicted by our last month roundup. And the marketing strategy in April was even beyond imagination. The game made a business partner with Celio causing it's able to add the popular "Hello Kitty" into the game. This is not what we see much even from the MMOs market. If this partner thing goes well, we should see more famous cartoon characters tied in the game. Tera should have some more marketing plans in their hand causing its RMT price to be higher in May. The cheapest was on April 11, 2016 which is 20,000 Tera Gold for $22.04 and the most expensive was on April 29, 2016 for $25.98. It was 17.99% different.

WildStar US Gold

The average WildStar US Gold price in April was quite the same as at the end of March, around $39 USD per 5,000 WildStar Gold. Although WildStar in-game currency price was updated almost daily, the change in price was always less than 4%. This month the game only had an update related to in-game store especially the Darkspur Store update adding several in-game items and months. The next WildStar update is still nowhere to be found. The cheapest was on April 25, 2016 which is 5,000 gold for $38.46 and the most expensive was on April 04, 2016 for $40.00. The discrepancy rate is as minimal as 4%. WildStar Gold price history in April 2016

WoW US Gold

World of Warcraft Gold price in April had been decreased continuously since the beginning of the month. However, the decline stopped after Legion Alpha Test Information released on April 21, 2016 coming with information on level cap update to 110, new available classes as well as 10 more explorable areas. WoW players were quite excited from this update causing its RMT price to be higher immediately after the announcement. The excitement did not end there. BlizzCon Benefit Dinner Tickets, a special dinner tickect for the upcoming BlizzCon, were sold out in less than 24 hours. It's highly possible that the World of Warcraft Gold price should be even higher in May. The cheapest was on April 24, 2016 which is 50,000 gold for $17.31 and the most expensive was on April 05, 2016 for $21.06. The discrepancy rate was 21.66%

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