Three Fastest Ways to Farm 1 Million Guild Wars 2 Karma Revealed

By Ned,
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A Guild Wars 2 player has hit the 1 million Karma cap, and he shared three of his personal farming techniques.

Over the weekend, Reddit user Thomsonrult showed a screenshot of his 1 million Karma-capped character, a staggering amount of Karma which he plans to spend on the Obsidian Shards needed to create a legendary weapon, one of the finest and most powerful in the game.

Part of what makes Karma hard to obtain is that it cannot be traded with or bought from other players or other characters. Thomsonrult said his 393-day-old character reached the Karma cap through a combination of methods, two of which involve farming in World vs. World and another farming dynamic events in the level 80 zone Cursed Shore.

World vs. World Farming
Capping castles and towers in World vs. World can give huge amounts of Karma, according to Thomsonrult, "but it's very dependent on others so I dropped that pretty fast."

He was referring to the fact that capping castles and towers can rarely be controlled, often happening when there is a surge of players who join the fight, and might entail a lot of waiting time for a player. There is also the trend of a few handful of servers dominating World vs. World which all but makes capping by the losing side impossible.

As a side note, night capping seems to be gaining traction as a viable counter-strategy by underdog servers, which Guild Wars 2 game designer Jon Peters wholly endorses and brands as "fun."

Another high-yielding Karma source is the World vs. World Centaur event. "Northeast of every borderlands there is a centaur camp with 2 dynamic events," explained Thomsonrult. One will ask you kill 30 Centaur while another will ask you to kill a "Veteran" centaur. Do this alternately, he says, with each giving you 340 "base Karma" and will have a relatively short respawn time of 4 minutes.

Thomsonrult refers to base Karma because there are Karma boosters that will improve gains for a short period of time. Karma boosters can be purchased from the Gem store.

Dynamic Events at Cursed Shore
The third method for fast karma comes from repeatedly completing dynamic events in the Cursed Shore region, the most southernmost map in the Ruins of Orr region, and can be reached by travelling southwest from the connecting level 75-80 region of Malchor's Leap.

Thomsonrult listed down the dynamic events that he completed in succession -- "Cursed Jofast/Penitent/Shelter defense DE" - which is known collectively as the Pact Operation Southern Advancement meta event. He then combined these with dynamic events in the northwest, eliminating tar elementals in the R&D Fields of Gold Arena, and performing the five events "beginning from the skill point to Caer Shadowfain."

1 Million Karma Not Enough?
Despite reaching the level cap, it seems that for Thomsonrult - and other players hoping to create a legendary weapon - will need to repeat the feat again. According to this community-compiled Guild Wars 2 Guru legendary weapons guide, crafting the coveted items will cost "roughly over 100 Guild Wars 2 gold and 2 Million Karma."

This does not include spending Karma on items from heart vendors while leveling up, crafting recipes, and cultural weapons currently at a whopping 63,000 Karma each (although plenty of endgame players believe this is a waste of Karma since cultural weapons "do not go towards any title and is only rare not exotic so it is not max stat.)

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