Price Updates and Accuracy

By carebear,
Just a short report from behind the scenes:

Price updates are still not as often as we would like them to happen. This - and the fact that we still need to manually review a lot of prices - is resulting in some prices not being as accurate as we would like them to be.

Over the next few weeks we will continue to optimize our system to resolve this issue. With over 700,000 new entries in every update that's a huge challenge, but things are looking good.

We'll stick for one update a week - probably throughout June. Since now all game and server prices are linked to the individual vendors it's rather simple to check the cheapest options manually if the automatic results are not 100% accurate.

The site is still in beta (yes, rather web 2.0, I know) - this is one of the reasons why. As always feedback and new ideas are welcome.

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