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Latest Articles About Fiesta Online

All You Need to Know About Farming Fiesta Online Currency

Despite the sad news of Fiesta Online's publisher Outspark shutting down, the fantasy mmorpg lives on under Gamigo. It continues to delight fans with its serving of super cute avatars and engaging class development system, which unavoidably requires a lot of Fiesta Online currency for players to ramp up to its max potential.

Below are essential information new players and even returning veterans that will help them farm Fiesta Online currency to their hearts' content.

Types of in-game currency
Fiesta Online uses four types of in-game currency, in order of increasing value: copper, silver, gold, and gem. The conversion amounts to one gem for 100 gold; one gold for 1,000 silver; and one silver for 1,000 copper.

How to earn Fiesta Online currency
Players can earn in-game currency through the successful completion of quests, selling in-game items and mining.

I'm tired of questing. Can I skip it?
Yes, but you will be missing out on by fear the easiest way to earn Fiesta Online silver. The official Fiesta wiki even serves you the quest lists on a silver platter. Unfortunately, the quest lists do not have updated values on XP and currency gains for each quest, but rest assured that a majority of the quests are still available.

Questing in Fiesta Online can be time-consuming with all the running back and forth to town, locations and randomly placed quest givers across the world map, so take a few minutes to plan your trips for multiple turn-ins at once. The hours you save can be spent on the two other farming methods below, netting you a higher silver or gold income per hour.

How to get the best profits when selling in-game items?
Turn (almost) everything in. Fiesta Online is not like other mmorpg games where you need to obsessively keep all those drops in your bank just in case you will find some future use for them. Instead, you should dump all your extra badges, lumps, bones, meats and lucky stones to anyone willing to purchase them. The first two can be sold en masse to vendors, while the others are better off peddled to your fellow players who might need them. Prices for these goods are almost always decent because of the constant demand, so you can feasibly focus on farming them for sale.

Is mining worth the effort?
Yes, Mining still offers fantastic yield if you put a little effort and organization into it. But do not ignore Alchemy, which has become quite the moneymaker as well. Mordor's blog explains the appeal of Alchemy - it not only nets you lots of silver, it also gives bonus Skill points to boot.

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