Top 5 Shops to Buy Star Wars The Old Republic Credits

By Brandy,

Star Wars The Old Republic is an MMORPG game based thousands of years before the events of the original Star Wars trilogy. This game lets gamers enjoy the Star Wars galaxy in different roles. This is a review of the top 5 RMT shops as it pertains to purchasing credits.


InGameDelivery specializes in selling virtual currency to gamers for their MMO needs. They sell Star Wars The Old Republic credits on their website. InGameDelivery touts itself as the number one virtual currency shop for gamers.

ingamedelivery homepage

The site is simple and easy to use. Select Star Wars The Old Republic, click the link to the credits page, choose your server and faction, and select amount of credits you wish to purchase. It’s very straight forward.

The prices are competitive with other RMT shops. At the time of writing this article, you can purchase 100 million credits for $12.35 USD on InGameDelivery. There are different ways to receive your credits. You can receive them through game in-box delivery, auction house transactions, or face to face transfer.

InGameDelivery was established in 2010 by a group of gamers who were also close friends. They do not ask for passwords, credit card information, or home address.


Avatarbank is a company that is owned by gamers who have experience playing a lot of the popular MMO games. The founders of this group rely on responsive customer service and relationship building.

The website is simple and easy to use. Choose your game, select your server, and pick your faction. Avatarbank has a competitive price range on par with the other top websites.

Although their price is slightly more expensive than the other top sellers, it is still a very good deal.

Customer satisfaction is the main mission for the American-Taiwanese management group. They strive to build great relationships with their customer base and emphasize satisfaction through their evaluation models.

This creates a strong reputation and a highly-rated staff built from customer feedback. Judging from the feedback on MMOBUX, Avatarbank has the respect of the gamers in the community.

Koala Credits

Koala Credits sells Star Wars The Old Republic virtual currency on its website. You can buy millions of credits from Koala Credits for a pretty low price. Koala Credits values fast response times, great pricing, reliable customer service, multiple delivery options, and a pretty good refund program.

koalacredits homepage

It is easy to navigate the website. They have multiple ways to purchase credits. Select Star Wars the Old Republic. Choose SWTOR credits. Select your game server and your faction. The next step is to purchase your credits.

The price is competitive in the market. The company ensures they will deliver your currency within 24 hours. They also have a live chat support team on standby 24/7.

Koala Credits started in 2010 and is based out of Hong Kong. The creators are savvy sellers of credits who have played many MMO video games. Their business is focused on customers in the United States and Europe.


MMOGA is rated as one of the top sellers of virtual currency by MMOBUX. This company sells credits for Star Wars The Old Republic on its website. The founders of this website operate primarily in the European market, and they promote their friendly customer service, fast response times, and convenient prices as proof of their reliability.

Navigating the website is a bit harder than using some of the other top websites. Though it can be a bit convoluted, it is possible for gamers to find their way through the website. Select Categories and choose Star Wars The Old Republic.

Continue on by selecting credits and your country, then choose your server and your faction. The prices are not up to the standards of some of the other top RMT shops.

The website tops out at 2 million credits, so players will probably have to make multiple purchases to fulfill their needs.

Also, the price is astronomical when it is compared to the other top sites. At the time of writing, it would cost an American gamer $153.54 USD to purchase 2 million credits. That's wildly out of step with other top sellers.

MMOGA is rated highly in the industry, and they strive to improve on their accomplishments.

Though they are ranked highly, customer feedback is a bit more negative than other highly rated sellers in the industry.

IG Vault

IG Vault is an international group that came together in 2006.“This is a game service” is their motto, and they stress four key characteristics as key ingredients to their success.

IG Vault bases its success on its international group, its unique service, diversity of products, and its loyalty membership program. They stress their reliable customer service and their secure transaction platform.

IG Vault’s website is a bit cluttered, but not difficult to figure out. Gamers select Star Wars The Old Republic, server, class, and faction.

The site seems to top out at 500 thousand credits, which players can purchase for $34.49 USD, but another page lists 5 million credits available for $360.57 USD as the maximum. The price is competitive with many other sellers, but it’s a bit high when compared to the other top websites.

IG Vault is listed as “verified” by MMOBUX, and it has positive feedback from the gaming community. They get good grades from customers for professionalism and fast response times. There were some complaints, but overall the feedback was good.

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