January 2017 News Summaries

By Brandy,
Many new patches were added in January 2017 with news on the upcoming major expansions within this year. Homestead, coming with the housing system upgrade, was finally released for Elder Scrolls Online, with news on the Morrowind expansion expecting to release this year. FFXIV launched the Far Edge of Fate as the pre patch releases before its huge Stormblood expansion.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Homestead Launch Dates Announced:

The free update for The Elder Scrolls Online will add 39 designed houses for Tamriel, so that you can build your perfect home. In addition, over 2000 decorations and furnishing items will be added, making the houses to be fully customisabled. As well as this, you will also be able to craft furniture.

This large customisation addition has now been given release dates and they are as follows:

- PC and Mac 6th: February 2017 - PS4 and Xbox One: 21st February 2017

eso homestead

Morrowind Expansion Announced

A big expansion has also been announced, bringing the largest land addition to The Elder Scrolls Online. It brings the return to Vvardenfell and will add over 30 hours of gameplay, including a new class (the first since the game launched), new PvP modes, a new trial and more.

The Morrowind expansion is set to release on June 6, 2017 brining a whole new mission to save the dreadful Daedric forces.

FIFA 2017

Upgrades are coming

It is rumored, and seems highly likely, that the usual, large EA sports FIFA Winter upgrade is coming, possibly as soon as the first week of February. The upgrade will also come with many players stats upgraded causing the change in Fifa 17 RMT market. In addition, a list of 31 of the changes has been leaked, although not confirmed.

Expect upgrades for:

- Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal)
- Diego Costa (Chelsea)
- Harry Kane (Tottenham)

Patch 1.06 has now launched

The patch was modest in size, taking up 761MB on the Xbox One and only 430MB on the PS4, adding subtle changes to the game:

- Fix disconnection problems experienced when a substitute is made online.
- General stability fixes for Ultimate Team and other online modes.

fifa 17 year of the roster

Year of the Rooster SBC

The Year of the Rooster Squad Building Challenge was released, offering a prize of a Rare Gold Pack, 888 coins and a commemorative kit.

The squad criteria are as follows:

- Minimum 4 Gold players
- Exactly 6 players from different clubs.
- Only three players allowed from the same league.
- Only 2 players allowed from the same Nation.
- The team must have a chemistry of at least 60
- And the minimum number of players in a squad is 6.

Final Fantasy XIV

The Far Edge of Fate, Patch 3.5 released

Patch 3.5, The Far Edge of Fate has been released adding additional contents to the game from extra main story quests, two new dungeons; Baelsar’s Wall, to AI improvement.

Patch 3.5 also brings further private party feature to the game, including password protected parties so you can be in a team with only the players you want. It is also easier to find who those players you like and dislike are, with the addition of a list of the most recent 50 players you've played with. As well as other additions to the way you find a party.

It is also now possible to keep your chocobo when queuing for a dungeon and they no longer count as a member of the party. This means eight members, eight chocobos.

This patch release anticipates the upcoming Stormblood Expansion.

the far edge of fate

Preorder Stormblood Expansion

You can now preorder the Stormblood Expansion before its launch date on June 20, 2017 for the new package. The preorder also comes with an early access to the expansion.

Stormblood is set in Ala Mhigo involving new missions for your hero to take back the region from the Garlean Empire. It will also increase the level cap to 70, new jobs, new places to explore, battle updates, dungeons, gil, and raids amongst other things

Star Wars the Old Republic

Defend the Throne (Update 5.1)

On the 24th January, update 5.1 went live for SWTOR, adding new experiences for both single players and online players.

'Master Mode' difficulty has been added to all 25 Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne solo chapters. This will offer the biggest challenge the single player mode has seen.

There are now 5 more multiplayer Uprisings:

- Trench Runner: Capture and Defend trenches against a republican general.
- Destroyer of Worlds: Use explosive to stop a corrupted Jedi master.
- Landing Party: Take down a group of deserters.
- Divided We Fall: Infiltrate a hideout to prevent a plot against the senate.
- Trial and Error: Assault a hidden space station.

Read the preparation guide to Defend the Throne here.

knights of the fallen

Stalwart Leader Cartel Pack

January also saw the addition of new gear:

- Silent Warden Armor
- Resourceful Engineer Armor
- E-95 Dread Behemoth Tank Mount

World of Warcraft

Patch 7.1.5

World of Warcraft started the new year by releasing patch 7.1.5 on January 10 adding the Mists of Pandaria Timewalking event and the return of the Brawler's Guild giving new encounters to battle through to win prizes.

Patch 7.1.5 also sees the arrival of Micro-Holidays which brings small holidays to the universe throughout the year. This addition is to 'make the world feel more alive'.

As well as this there are Artifact Knowledge and Class Hall updates, the addition of pre-made groups in Quest Tracker, and new Legendary items amongst others additions.

The Legion companion app has also been updated to work with 7.1.5.

mists of pandaria time walking events

Raid: The Nighthold

For those with a minimum level of 110, mythic difficulty and Raid Finder Wing 1 is now open.

Set in Suramar and with 10 bosses, this new raid offers a new challenge for your team.

Here is the schedule:

* Tuesday, January 17: Nighthold Normal and Heroic difficulties open.
* Tuesday, January 24: Nighthold Mythic difficulty and Raid Finder Wing 1 (Arcing Aqueducts) open.
* Tuesday, February 7: Nighthold Raid Finder Wing 2 (Royal Athenaeum) opens.
* Tuesday, February 21: Nighthold Raid Finder Wing 3 (Nightspire) opens.
* Tuesday, March 7: Nighthold Raid Finder Wing 4 (Betrayer’s Rise) opens.

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