ESO One Tamriel Update Changes and Explanations

By Brandy,

The Elder Scrolls Online newest update, One Tamriel, have brought many major and minor changes to the game. To help players understand the change, the article put together a detailed list of all of the changes to ESO along with explanations on what it means to both new and current players.

For players who are planning to try the game for the first time, it is going to be a really good opportunity due to several changes that support a new player even more.

Major Changes

Exploration Redesign

The biggest change so far in the Elder Scrolls Online One Tamriel is the new exploration system and zoning mechanic. Before the update, players can only explore a specific zone in a specific order based on the chosen faction, and then continue the journey to Coldharbour.

After finishing the first faction explorable area, players will move on to a next faction, with the same process except for the Coldharbour: exploring specific zones in a fixed order, and then advancing to the remaining faction. It is like to repeat the same process again and again.

With One Tamriel, a player is now able to go to any zone in any faction after completing the tutorial. This is accomplished by scaling the level of player to the level of the content. A high-level player will no longer have to make a new character in order to play with friends who just experience ESO for the first time.

ESO One Tamriel Artwork

Ultimate Abilities to Weapon Skill Lines

Ultimate abilities also have been added to weapon skill lines. This is the second major chance in One Tamriel. Elder Scrolls Online players have been hoping for this feature for quite a long time until it is included in the update.

It means that this is going to be the first time players who do not play as the Templar now able to use the healing ultimate ability, Panacce. The addition of ultimate ability further brings a variation of new character builds to all ESO players. It also gives joy to those who are using the stamina build.

Veteran Difficulty Level to All Dungeons

A veteran difficulty has been added to all currently available dungeons. Dungeons that previously have veteran difficulty will now have two veteran difficulties, version I and version II. In addition, over 110 achievements have been added due to the new difficulty levels for all dungeons.

This means, not only over 20 veteran dungeons are added to the game, 20+ new monster helm should also be included as well. The number of the helm sets will likely to be two times more than the current available helm set.

Undaunted Pledges

In addition, Undaunted Pledges provides more rewards with the Undaunted Keys that always drops a shoulder piece from the chest.

Currently, there are 3 available NPC with Pledges with 3 difficulty levels.

Normal difficulty gives a single key without a chance to obtain a monster helm. Veteran level guarantees a key with a monster helm. Veteran hard mode rewards 2 keys with a monster helm.

Each NPC has a set of dungeons. Players can choose one from each set daily. The new Pledges should increase the number of players running a dungeon run. In addition, a monster helm set should be completed quicker than before the update.

undaunted pledges

Item Set

Item sets in Elder Scrolls Online have been revamped which is the last major change from One Tamriel. Player level will be scaled with the item sets and they can be obtained with all type of level, since the early game to CP 160. In addition, most of the sets now include weapons and jewelry bringing the rising numbers of set customization. Because of the complete revamp, it can be said that this is the biggest item sets change.

Over new 30 more item sets are introduced with the change of most item set drop locations. Each zone and group dungeons now drop all types of armour set: light, medium, and heavy. Moreover, players have more chance to acquire the sets since more enemies, including Dolmen, bosses, including mini bosses, world bosses, and delve bosses, quests, and even treasure chests drop them.

The veteran and hard veteran difficulty level drop a higher item set quality level than a normal level.

Minor Changes

Not only One Tamriel improves several important features dramatically, it also changes many minor elements of the game. For example, the group play is more recommended and encouraged because of the increasing difficulty of world bosses, dungeon bosses, and anchor.

Legerdemain skills give an increasing chance to steal a high-quality item. Survey reports and crafting writs do not limit to a specific location of each faction anymore. Players have a chance to encounter Molag’s Balls general in any Dark Anchors.

Grand Soul Gems is obtained at any level and it is used for reviving a fallen player as well as for enchanting purpose. Duelling can happen anywhere outside Cyrodiil. The number of Champion Points is increased to 561. Motif chapters are rewarded from the Undaunted, the Fighter Guild, and the Mage Guild daily quests.

And much more.

The Possibility Effect of One Tamriel

Market Change

One Tamriel should create a significant impact to the in-game economy considering that tons of items and materials will be much easier to obtain. Players should sell more item sets through the Guild vendors since they can be farmed at several places.

However, item price sets are expected to greatly go down. Price for some sets might even decrease over 100% in One Tamriel.

One of the few items that have the rise in price should be the legendary jewelry set. After the update, players need to obtain them by themselves in Cyrodiil. But please note that the monster that drops the set appears in random and only once a week. This might despair some people who haven’t gotten them yet.

Players, both new and current, should have better equipment since even the best item sets can be farmed throughout Tamriel outside the dungeon. It can only take a couple of hours to farm for PvP gears from trials.

In-game materials price should go down the same way as the item set considering that they can be obtained more easily. Since zones are not bound by faction anymore, players can go to specific locations right away without having to complete the faction story first. However, materials from the beginning of the game and the mid game price might go up since the drop rate for these items has been decreased over 50%.

Materials for item upgrade such as tempers, tennins, and resins should increase as well considering from the demand in upgrading new item sets.

More Questing

It is expected to see more people doing quests because of more available rewards and experience. Since players can get better gear from various places as well as from the questing rewards, they should have a proper gear set than before.

In addition, the market for set items should be expanded since most players will likely to buy and sell more gear.

Then, more players should be hunting down world bosses because of the better gear they have.


PvP should be more competitive since the difference in gear wouldn’t be that vast anymore. Avid It should be harder for PvP players to kill new PvPer because of their gear upgrade. On the other hand, casual players should get more kill in PvP as well.

The ultimate abilities from items should be the key part separating between pros and normal players.

There should be more fight in Cyrodiil after a certain point of the update when players can farm all gear they want.

More Group Dungeon but Less Trials

Monster helm sets should be becoming even more popular since they will be rewarded from Pledges. It also means that more players tend to form a party and run do a group dungeon run for the helm farming.

However, Trials run should be less since the item drops here will be bound on pickup. This completely removes the gold farming method though Trials.

In conclusion, there should be a lot more players playing the Elder Scrolls Online after One Tamriel release because of several changes especially on the exploration system and increasing chances of item drops. These should keep players busy for a while until they are getting bored with farming.

After that, ZeniMax Online will have enough time to think about adding new content to the game creating more excitement to players.

The freedom of choices is an important factor in MMORPGs. One Temrial makes it pretty well. As a plus, it even increases the strong concept of Elder Scrolls Online of "Play the Game You Want to Play".

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