Money Making Strategies in Black Desert Online

By Brandy,
After playing a few rounds of Black Desert Online, you would have presumably learned the various advantages of certain professions. Playing the game for a considerable amount of time, you should have already known that focusing on a profession such as fishing may seem like an inspired career undertaking but not a truly sustainable one. Sometimes, you simply must forge a path on some other promising profession.

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Aside from having a meticulously designed characters and combat, Black Desert Online happens to be one of those games that has some of the most excitingly complex money-making options for which having a strategy guide could be of unparalleled value.

Set Up a Business Empire

You can go for what is probably the simplest, most obvious way to make money – by dabbling in professions. By doing farming, mining and fishing jobs, you can make more than just a quick buck from your harvests. These are relatively long-term professions that you have to make certain hiring and gearing decisions for. Hiring NPC workers is a vital element in sustaining an empire, and to do this you have to be a master at being a master. As an owner of farms or any business empire, you have to have workers that will do your bidding for as long as you, dutiful master, create a cooking station for them in their cosy home.

NPCs you hire are also going to be instrumental in gathering tools and resources that you will need to do to engage in other professional activities as well as in combat. These workers will come in handy for upgrading your fishing, farming or housing gear.

No, you don’t have to send your workers and goblins to an educational institution to school them in whatever trade you hire them for. At most, you would only need to deal with and take advantage of what they can do for you and your wares.

You may also act like a true business tycoon and invest in certain underground projects, send a trusty worker, and watch as your treasure trove, the one you’ve purposefully built for collecting as much as you possible can, overflow with more riches than you can count. But of course, you have to count them to see if your money-making efforts are paying off.

Use your workers to create your own business empire so you will have enough to go by as you level and progress. Becoming a millionaire land-owner is going to take some time but with the right resources, the riches might come pouring in sooner than you expect.

Kill Monsters

Killing monsters and pocketing whatever items they drop, then trading or selling these items for a quick profit is another way of fattening up your net worth in Black Desert Online. You might think that grinding for money is the most humdrum activity in this or any other game. With this game’s immersive, fast and exciting graphics and construction, grinding – whether for money, fun or for both – is not going to put you to sleep; it simply has one of the most stunning, most intricate combat systems, which makes grinding quite an attractive mode of play. You can say that the money you gain from all that fun combat is just a bonus.

In case money you’re looking for more than just bonus wealth when doing battle, you wouldn’t be disappointed. Don’t expect instant rare loot on your first go-round with monsters, though. Because valuables are hard to come by at first, you have to grind to learn which monsters drop the most precious items.

Be Part of a Guild

This is perhaps one of the most overlooked way to make money in Black Desert Online. Signing on the dotted line that a guild will hand you is a step towards accumulating a steady, albeit modest, source of income. Simply by being a guild member, you earn a stipend which is a rather comforting thought as this income flow is assured and does not require much thinking.

Establish and Furnish a Storage

Ideally, all your valuable and semi-valuables will be hidden in some magical and unknowable safe that has unlimited storage capacity for which spending for an upkeep and maintenance fee won’t be necessary. Not so in Black Desert Online. To increase your inventory space, you can either spend actual money by heading toward the game store and upgrading or do quests to boost your storage without breaking bank.

Having a house full of well-fed employees is as important as having a well-maintained warehouse for all your storage needs. Having workers won’t answer for all your storage and gathering requirements, so make sure you develop some key skills yourself such as hunting. Being a good boss to workers can do wonders for your wealth’s upkeep. Having more than ample skills in less obvious professions such as taming could also prove to be very valuable when you have to go around town to find an attractive deal for items you’ve picked and pocketed along the way.

Making tons of money is indeed a truly fulfilling pursuit in games that make it a pivotal aspect in level and character progression. In Black Desert Online, though, players have to work for it by being shrewd land owners, cunning investors, and careful item appraisers. In most RPGs, you make loads of cash and/or gold by fighting monsters over and over and having middling trading skills, which would be enough to earn your keep. It might also be useful to have an open mind and expand your enterprise into different money-makers such as turning your house into a blacksmithing, jewellery and woodworking centers.

You can consider these money-making strategies in Black Desert Online, but it isn’t quite as simple as putting yourself in the battlefield, hacking away at moneyed monsters and harvesting their valuables. If you have any ambition at all to make more from your play, you have to have the right mix of good combat skills and a little bit of business acumen.

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