Should You Buy Gold From Blade and Soul’s Currency Exchange Or Third-Party RMT Sellers?

By Frank Lewis,
As a Blade and Soul player, you might be torn between purchasing gold from the Currency Exchange or from third-party sellers. This guide can help you decide which option is best suited for your needs.

When To Buy From The Currency Exchange

The Currency Exchange is a player market which is allows players to buy and sell gold to each other, with the developers taking a small cut from gold sales. A player that wants to buy gold will first need to purchase NCoin, and then spend that NCoin to purchase gold.

You want to support the developers

Purchasing gold from the Currency Exchange is a way to support the developers. Each gold transaction in the Currency Exchange provides some more profit to the company that runs Blade and Soul. If you are not paying for a subscription already and do not purchase from the cash shop, then this might be your way of at least forking over some cash to the game makers.

You want risk-free gold purchases

There is virtually no way for you to get duped through the Currency Exchange since it is directly managed by the Blade and Soul developers. If there are problems with regards to the gold transaction, then you can simply file a ticket and then the issue will be investigated and resolved. This is perfect for people who do not want to take on any risk.

You want to purchase gold from the officially sanctioned market

The Currency Exchange is the sanctioned market for buying and selling gold, and is recommended to players heavily. Meanwhile, third-party sellers do not have the blessing of the developers, even those that provide safe and cheap services. If you are not comfortable purchasing gold outside of the sanctioned market, then you have no choice but to stick to the Currency Exchange.

The Currency Exchange system has plenty of supporters. Many praise the functionality of the system, and how the prescribed market for gold buying and selling brings a bit more security than third-party sellers.

“I'm a fan of this system, As farmers will have a hard time undercutting the player-based system. So when people pay to win at least the gold is staying in-game. Just need to focus on gold farming bots, Which players will always take the risk of doing,” said one user from the fan site Blade and Soul dojo.

“All in all, the Currency Exchange is a safe way to covert real world cash into gold legally through the developers and publisher of Blade & Soul,” said writer David Stonecipher.

When To Buy From Third-Party Sellers

You can buy gold from hundreds of third-party sellers. Many of these sellers have been operating for decades and they accumulate their gold supply by creating accounts in the game that farm gold. Players can buy gold from third-party sellers through their websites, and then the gold is transferred to the buyer’s account in as fast as several minutes.

Third-party sellers have their fair share of fans as well, with many citing the more affordable prices, fast delivery speed, and surprising convenience of using their services.

You want overall cheaper prices

According to players, one of the biggest advantages that third-party RMT sellers have over the Currency Exchange is their low prices.

Blade and Soul gold can be purchased from RMT sellers for as low as $2.46 per 10 Gold on the NA-Hajoon server, which comes down to $0.246 per gold, according to the price tracker as of March 18, 2016. This is enough of an incentive for players to purchase from third-party sellers – because who doesn’t want to get more gold for his hard-earned dollar?

Compare this $0.83 per gold rate at the Currency Exchange, given a $0.0125 per NCoin conversion factor. The fact that the Currency Exchange is far more expensive than third-party sellers is not surprising because of the lower amount of gold available for sale in the Currency Exchange, and the additional taxes that the developer imposes on the market.

You need lots of gold fast

For balancing purposes, the Currency Exchange puts on restrictions on the amount of gold seller orders per day. If you are late to the party, then you might run out of gold from the Currency Exchange and end up having to wait the next day. There is a huge amount of gold demand in the Currency Exchange and this not only jacks up prices but also leads to a limited supply.

So when you need to buy a large amount of gold right now – maybe to gear up for a raid or acquire that very expensive item you are eyeing – then you can consider RMT sellers. You can reliably buy gold whenever you need it from the hundreds of third-party sellers, especially when the Currency Exchange has run out of gold.

A typical seller should be able to deliver gold in as fast as a few minutes. For larger orders, it can take a few hours or up to a day, but this happens less frequently. The reason is that most sellers have a large network of gold suppliers that keeps supply high and prices low.

You do not want to get stuck with NCoin

If you use the Currency Exchange to buy gold, the developers require you to purchase NCoin with your real world dollars in various bundles. You can then spend NCoin to purchase gold from the player-sellers in the Currency Exchange. But this leads to awkward moments when you are forced to buy more NCoin than you need, and you are either forced to spend more dollars or get stuck with NCoin in your account.

Basically, if you want an exact amount of Gold or have a specific budget in mind, then RMT sellers can often cater to your custom orders. Compare this to the Currency Exchange where you have to adjust to the NCoin bundles available.

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