Guide to Farm Black Desert Online Gold through Trading

By Frank Lewis,

Black Desert Online is all set to launch on March 3, 2016 and players are eagerly awaiting to enter the sandbox MMORPG world. The recent beta tests have revealed plenty of information about the game, including how you can farm Black Desert Online gold, the in-game currency.

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Gold can be spent to purchase armor and other valuable necessities in the game. This currency is different from the cash shop currency, which can be spent to purchase costumes, boosts and other predominantly cosmetic and convenient perks.

Amassing Gold through Trading

One of the best ways you can potentially farm in-game gold in Black Desert Online is through the trading system.

Through the trading system, players can buy or craft items which they can then sell to other connected towns for profit. This requires you to connect town nodes with each other by spending contribution points, and then you can start building your trading empire.

When you buy items from one town and sell them in another connected town, there is a decent profit margin to be made. You can sell the originally bought items between 80% to 130% of the original price. This means that under the best scenarios, you can make 30% profit from buying and selling with a slight risk of losing some money in some trades.

Alternatively, you can also craft your own items and sell them at the connected towns. Crafting materials are usually not that expensive to begin with, so you can make a tidy sum of profit this way.

trade route in black desert

How to maximize trading profit and avoid losses

The Black Desert Online trading system is a fun and exciting way for players to accumulate a lot of gold. In order to maximize your trading profit and avoid suffering losses, you can follow these few surefire tips for success.

Keep track of trends

You will need to always keep track of trends such as where most players are selling their items. This lets you pick more uncommon trade transactions that let you sell at a profit.

Sell at a large distance for higher profit. Whenever possible, you should sell items at a large distance because of the up to 10% bonus you get from traveling farther for trading transactions, especially when selling expensive and large items.

Trade fast

If you do buy trade goods to sell at another town, you have to do so very quickly since they a 24-hour time limit on value after which they can no longer be sold. This means that once you buy the trading goods you should prioritize finishing your trading during your play session. Plan ahead if you have enough time to do a trading run because if you have only a short time available and cannot make the long journey to the destination node, you may just end up wasting your time and gold.

Become good at the Trade Administrator minigame

You should start honing your skills at the Trade Administrator minigame. When you win against the Trade Administrator, you can haggle for even higher selling rates with the NPC in each town. The minigame can also serve as a fun break during your trading runs.

Identify the highest crafting margins

If you have time and dedication, you can also make a ton of gold by studying which crafting items will give you the highest margins. Learn which items have the most inexpensive materials to make and can sell for the highest gold, and you will have likely found the highest-margin items to sell at each town.

Be cautious during PvP wars

Are you at war with another guild? Then your trading runs can become very dangerous and unprofitable since you run the risk of getting attacked and looted by enemy guild members. You can practice prudence, and opt to delay your trading runs until the PvP war ceases, focusing instead on building up your crafting inventory or adventuring. Or you can continue trading as normal, but make sure to beef up your trading entourage with more powerful companions.

pvp in Black Desert

Travel in strong groups

Trading runs can be dangerous because the game is designed to spawn level 50 bandit NPCs that will attack players carrying trading items. These bandits roam around roads and trade routes, so low-level players must invest in a horse to be able to run away from bandits and safely sell their items at the connected town. Better yet, you should aim to level up quickly and travel with powerful friends so you can easily defeat the roaming bandits. Traveling in strong groups also gives you a fighting chance to fend off attacking enemy guild members during PvP wars.

Weigh in warehouse transporting

If you cannot risk losing your trading goods or are strapped for time, then you can consider paying the fees for warehouse transporting, which will let you transfer the items to another town. This shortcut method can be expensive but drastically reduces the transporting time and traveling risk related to trading. For very high profit trading goods, this can be a great option and worth every gold you spend.

Stock up for sales booms

Black Desert Online sometimes holds events which leads certain town nodes to raise their buying prices to up to 200% which are being called as sales booms. You can rake in a lot of gold if you happen to be one of the first players to sell to these nodes during sales booms, but only if you happen to have the right items the nodes are looking for. Study the patterns of the sales booms and then begin stocking up on the right items, then swoop right in when a sales boom occurs.

Establish strong production workshops

If you can, you should leverage on production workshops which can let you level up workers and produce trade bundles that can be sold to other towns. Any sort of automation and increased production will help your starting empire grow by leaps and bounds.

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