Earn 50,000 WoW Gold Per Day By Farming Deepholm

By Frank Lewis,
Before anything else, you should know that aside from farming, you can also earn WoW gold by buying gold.

YouTube user OmegaReloaded offers a lucrative alternative to earning world of warcraft in-game currencies without ever needing to visit an auction house.

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By simply farming a high spawn rate area in Verlok Stand in the level 82-83 zone Deepholm, and then vendoring the item drops, World of Warcraft players should be able save up enough or their favorite mounts or boost their subsequent raiding runs with expensive consumables.

"This is no rocket science. I bet most of you know this little farm spot in Deepholm," says OmegaReloaded.

In the video we see OmegaReloaded's level 90 warlock decimating waves of Verlok Pillartumblers, Grubthumpers and Shroomtenders and looting their corpses for the valuable loot, which will be then sold off to the vendors once he returns to town. Their almost instantaneous spawn times are what make the location a high-yield farming location.

"I tried to maximize my grind output and after 24 hours and 22K Gold looted, 13K Gold from vendoring greys and greens, 46,970 Embersilk Cloth, 71 Truegold and tons of other stuff like Elementium Ores, Volatiles and recipes," OmegaReloaded said.

While potentially profitable, gold farming in this particular nook of Deepholm is not as simple as mindless clicking. Players looking to try out this grinding method should remember its inherent risks and caveats.

Day here means literally 24 hours. Yes, you will need to literally grind the area for 24 hours straight + allowances for all those bathroom breaks and meal times you took. Realistically though you'll just be able to grind 6 hours per day max after school or work, which means this guide may actually net you a just 12,500 WoW Gold per play session. Weekends are another matter though - feel free to barrel your way through to 50K in on long sitting.

Auction house trading can quadruple earnings. OmegaReloaded said this farming method did not require an auction house to make 50K Gold, but he does acknowledge that adding the auction house can quadruple the daily income. "I decided to sell everything to the vendor. If you sell of these in the auction house, you could easily make around 150K - 200K Gold." Of course, auction house trading is quite time-intensive and has a pretty high learning curve, so consider carefully whether it will be worth your time and effort.

Beware of the Vigilant Bot Reporters. If you kill mobs 24/7 in the featured area, you will draw the attention of vigilant bot reporters who will mistake you for a WoW Gold seller. Gankers and other fellow grinders will also be crawling the place. "It's extremely busy there always with non-botting players, you're going to get ganked a lot, also you will get spam reported because of the competition, and these Cataclysm zones are cross-realm so it will be even busier," said BuddyForum user saburown.

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