SWTOR Credits Farming via Dailies

By Frank Lewis,
Patch 1.5 or the patch that fully activated the free-to-play option in SWTOR also brought in a fresh load of dailies that have made mission farming more rewarding. Among the currently available guides, one of the most comprehensive is the SWTOR guide from Dulfy.net which has been updated for the new major content patch.

Best Credit/Daily Ratio
For those with a limited amount of time completing dailies, Ilum currently rewards the best credit/daily ratio for its six dailies among the four daily hub locations. Meanwhile, Section X gives the best daily commendations/daily for its six dailies if you are stocking up on daily commendations rather than SWTOR Credits. The two other daily hub locations are Black Hole and Belsavis, which in between them offer a total around 17 more dailies.

Your allegiances will dictate your farming location. Sith Empire players will only need to roam the upper half of Ilum, particularly in the northeastern shuttle and Imperial Waystation slightly to the west of the shuttle. Meanwhile, Galactic Republic players can pick up their dailies starting on the lower half of Ilum, likely starting from the southernmost shuttle and trooping northwest to the Republic Waystation.

Credits Computations
Aiming to save up for a specific number of SWTOR Credits? Dulfy.net provided a handy calculation of how long it will take you to reach your farming goal.

Daily missions from all four daily hub locations reward between 265-275K SWTOR Credits, with the lower end for Galactic Republic players and the higher end for Sith Empire players. In a week, this means that grinding daily missions will net you an average of 1.855-1.925 Million SWTOR Credits. You can add several hundred thousand Credits by also completing space missions and Flashpoint dailies, which can well bring your total haul to just over 2 Million SWTOR Credits weekly.

Earnings Comparison with Other Activities
Grinding dailies might not be the fastest way to amass Credits - some players report profits of 2-3 Million from playing the GTN market by buying underpriced items and re-selling them at higher prices - but they promise guaranteed earnings for those who simply put in the time.

Harvesting crafting materials and crafting high-end Artifact-grade items are also popular alternatives to earning Credits. Harvesting runs can prove lucrative but can also be subject to price fluctuations since materials can go in and out of fashion depending on the demand. Crafting arguably promises the highest earning potential, with players reporting an income of 1-5 Million Credits from churning out items from Grade 27 schematics, but this will require you to raid consistently and to do some research on how to properly price items made from your hard-earned crafting schemes.

Dailies Reset
SWTOR dailies reset at 12:00 UTC, which is -8 hours for PST and -5 hours for EST zones, and make sure to factor in daylight savings.

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