Guild Wars 2 Gold Farming via Wintersday Gifts

By Frank Lewis,
Wintersday, the year-end holiday event has descended on Guild Wars 2 and it comes bearing gold farming and gold-making opportunities for those who are willing to be extra greedy.

From jumping puzzles to the Bell Choir game to grinding the continuously spawning toy mobs across Tyria, many activities this Wintersday will reward Gifts that can sold for GW2 cash at the vendors or at the Trading Post. Farming as much as you can until the event ends in several weeks should prove to be quite a profitable - not to mention fun - exercise.

Best Ways to Farm Gifts
The first question of course will be: Where is the best place to farm gifts? Official forum users provided some tips that we have confirmed to be quite effective.

For those who like to accumulate presents through combat, then grouping up with friends will be far more rewarding than going at it solo. "Working with a party of 3-5, a return of 35-40 giant gifts per hour is achievable, running a loop of 5 present spawns, and killing all the toys that spawn when presents are opened. On top of this all team members get these benefits and all the other benefits of additional drops including rares." said Comicus.

Comicus also suggests that grouping "must be done in a higher level zone to guarantee giant gifts," suggesting that lower level zones could have lower drop rates due to difficulty scaling.

The Bell Choir game, a Guitar Hero-style performance challenge, also provides a decent return of Gifts per hour. "If you do well, you get 4 presents every time, and it takes about 10 mins. It's very reliable for me, but some people have more trouble with it," said ElenaDragon. For those having trouble with the rhythm game, guildwarsinsider has assembled a full Bell Choir guide to help you get your groove on.

Last but certainly not the least, the new Wintersday jumping puzzle offers a competitive number of Giant Gifts for those with nimble keyboard fingers. "I usually go with the Jumping Puzzle, can get around 6 giant presents every 5-10 minutes assuming you don't fall. Also depends on how fast you do it so you make the next rotation before the people waiting are put on the puzzle," said oron. Jumping puzzles can be quite tricky to master though so be prepared to spend a couple of hours for training, then the Gifts should start trickling in as you begin to complete the jumping course with increasing consistency.

Flipping Wintersday Gifts
For those who can't be bothered farming out on the field, then the flipping Wintersday gifts is also emerging as a viable profit maker. This entails buying Giant Wintersday Gift items for cheap and selling their contents for higher than what you bought them for. offers a general summary on how to go about flipping Wintersday gifts.

First thing is to watch out for the price of Giant Wintersday Gifts at the Trading Post. Once it hits 2 silver each, according to gold guide maker Markco, then it's time to purchase them in bulk. Open up the boxes to receive stacks of Drops of Magic Glue, Ugly Wool Sweaters and Flawless Snowflakes. And proceed to sell them. This takes quite a bit of math though, and significant profit will only be made if you probably purchase thousands of Giant Wintersday Gifts since the profit margin can be quite small per Gift.

Still, it's a notable gold-making method since it requires the least amount of actual time effort in-game.

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