How to Farm Guild Wars 2 Gold through Raids

By Brandy,

Raids are now featured in Guild Wars 2: Hear of Thorns and they are made of not one, but three different raid wings.

Guild Wars 2 is made even more challenging with the introduction of raids. This new system will allow 10 players to face off against a boss, eventful encounters, and so much more, with a reward awaiting them when they appear triumpant.

Improving skills and testing camaraderie are the goals for the raids. At endgame, this ultimate test awaits high-leveled PvE players and is something to be excited about. Players will have to know how to come up with efficient placements, sneak, cooperate with each other for a common goal, and how to deal with unexpected events that can either determine their triumphs or loss of life.

Every week, you will have chance to face against a boss. If you are able to slay him, you will be able to loot the boss' chest which contains rewards of either XP,  gold, rare and exotic items, leveled gear, and rewards that are exclusive to a particular boss. This can only be acquired the first time you do it each week

The First Raid

Now, players don't have to wait for their teammates to be ready or their weapon to be successfully swapped before they can have fun. Changing a player's build to adapt to a new situation can now be easily done with a new weapon-swapping and build modification system. Adjusting a team's strategy and makeup so they can be more streamlined to meet a goal can now also be done despite discrepancies in playstyle.

In this system, raids don't become irrelevant just because a new set of gear is available or a new level cap has been released. All raids have an importance to them, and not only when a player wins, but more so when a player gets to experience it. Winning a raid doesn't have much meaning if there are new sets of more advanced gears to be had or higher experience level needs to be reached. Winning a raid in Guild Wars 2 will always have significance no matter what.

There will be three impressive, various and tough bosses and a larger-than-life event in the first Raid wing that will put players on the spot. There will be varying execution in each fight that will call for different strategies, but is a worthwhile victory if done right. The game will want you to do each encounter repeatedly, perfecting your craft, improving what needs to be improved, and fortifying your strong points, with an unwavering hope that you can come out of it alive and proceed to future encounters.

Experience and Gold Rewards

You will get a lump of gold and a Compendium of Knowledge when you kill each raid boss the first time each week. Just like the Writ of Maguuma Mastery, your currently equipped Mastery is strengthened with a large amount of experience that is awarded by the Compendium of Knowledge, but when you pick it up, will be consumed automatically. Also, the Call of the Mists effect also doubles the gold and Compendium of Knowledge rewards.

Boss Rewards

Rewards that are unique and corresponds to each boss are also available. These may range from aesthetic rewards, to small models of the boss or of its minions. For example, in Spirit Vale, there is a unique infusion that if a player successfully equips, gives his character a ghostly aura. Also, new build-able guild refurbishments will be added to display a guild's raiding triumphs. However, it will not be available at the release of raids yet.

Playing content in the raid also rewards Magnetite Shards, a new map currency, aside from the weekly boss chest. Killing bosses and completing events in the raid instance allows a player to earn Magnetite Shards. Also, unsuccessful boss attempts are also rewarded with small amounts of the shards, depending on how close your group is to actually triumphing over the boss. Although there is a cap to the amount of shards that can be gained each week, these are not limited by the lockout each week that restricts boss rewards.

A player can look for the vendor that seeks magnetite shards within Spirit Vale after he/she is able to unlock the use of ley rifts through the Rift Traveler Mastery.   Obtaining the boss rewards is not the ultimate goal for this currency. Instead, allowing players to work toward getting a specific reward that they want even though they are unfortunate with drops.

Way to Legendary Armor

As soon as you kill a raid boss, an opportunity to build the armor of your dreams is opened. Just like the legendary weapon and backpack collections, you can make collection that follows a certain theme. Exploring the Maguuma Jungle will open up new possibilities on your quest to legendary armor, together with taking on challenges in the first several raid wings. The first three raid wings will be more than enough time for you to be able to complete the collection. You will be awarded with a set of ascended precursor armor and you will be able to unlock the next levels of the journey as soon as you complete the collection.

Differen gifts will be called for by Zommoroa, despite the fact that the process of creating other legendary gear is the same as upgrading precursor armor into legendary armor.  The new Faction Provisioners can provide you these gifts and they can be sought out at major outposts in the Maguuma Jungle. You can help them survive in the jungle by helping them craft a new gear. By doing so, you will be awarded with a Gift of Craftsmanship among many other things.

Raid rewards can be gained based on individual skills, similar to most Guild Wars 2 content. Meaning, you don't need to have a complex player-run loot system and you don't have to compete with your teammates when it comes to acquiring rare items.

Searching a Pact recon squad that disappeared while on an assignment will be the official start of the adventure. By going after them, you will find yourself in long-discarded locations, face dangerous opponents, and experience incomprehensible phenomena. Will Guild Wars 2 can make a big impact like a success in WoW Warlords of Draenor expansion? Let's find out how entertaining Guild Wars 2's raid!

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