Guild Wars 2 Inventory Management Guide

By Frank Lewis,
For many Guild Wars 2 players, sooner or later you would come across the same problem with your inventory slots. Which is: you don't have space left to pick up a rare drop. With your backpack and bank limited by microtransactions, organizing and removing junk to make sure you have the much needed space easily becomes a challenge.

At one point when your inventory gets too full, you might be tempted to sell away your collection for a much lower price. With good inventory management, you would not actually need to cut-down your profits in half. There are several ways which in combination helps you maximize your use of space without having to use gems for extra space or slots. The easiest is none other than getting larger bags. Just the smaller 12 [20s+] are enough to show a big difference. They're also pretty cheap. Next, (if you're a seasoned MMO gamer, this is nothing new) create mules to hand on to your inventory. Mules are basically extra level 1 characters. Do make sure they are equipped with large enough bags though.

My next tip is to use your bank wisely. Given that your bank is bounded to your account, you could actually use it as a trading medium between the extra characters you create for speedy item transfer. Also, never overlook guild bank space. As part of a guild you get even more space for your stash.

That should already help solve your space problem. If not, you may need to consider spending gems for more space. There are several options should you decide to buy extra space. For 400 gems you can get extra bag slots (between 10 to 20 slots). Whereas for 600 gems you can get more bank tabs (30 slots) and 800 gems you can expand your character slot further. Take note that the space ultimately depends on bags but you would essentially get between 10 to 20 slots for each of the 4 bag slots obtained.

I would recommend getting a character expansion slot to start of with. If you do the maths, you actually can obtain 60 slots at more or less 800 gems, or in fact 2 bank tabs at 1,200 gems. Now if your character is really brimming with gold, 100 slots of free space can very much be achieved.

So, gold and inventory spacing really do come hand-in-hand when playing Guild Wars 2. The more gold you have, the more slots you can obtain. Consequently, the more slots you have, the more items you can collect to sell in order to have a character flushed with in-game gold.

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