Top Gold Farming Headlines for October

By Frank Lewis,
Here are a quarter of notable news and forum discussions related to gold farming last month:

Gold Farmer Stays in Gaming Café for Two Months
In Wuchang, Hubei Province, a 23-year Chinese man identified as a Mr. Wang had been living for more than two months at an internet café and refused to leave because he was "training for gold."

A report from Tencent Games, which was then translated at Kotaku Australia, explained that the shop owner had no grounds for kicking Mr. Wang because he had paid his fees. It did not mention what game he had been playing or training for, but he appeared to be so engrossed that he had not taken a shower or changed his clothes throughout his stay.

Talk about dedication to the gold farming cause.

Should Gold Farming Be Illegal?
In the general discussion thread of, there was an intense debate on whether gold farming should be made illegal in government laws.

The yea crowd reasoned that gold farming is tantamount to business sabotage, and even compared it to piracy. Some supporters believe this can become a reality when in-game currencies become protected by copyright.

The nay crowd defended that charging gold farmers with felony was simply too much bordering on government totalitarianism. Others also questioned the relative importance of going after gold farmers when murderers are waiting their turn in the courts. The word impractical was thrown around.

Scroll through the eight pages of snarky retorts to amuse yourself for half an hour.

Debunking a Gold Farming Guide
There are a lot of WoW Gold farming guides popping up ever since the launch of the new expansion, Mists of Pandaria. But not everything is going to deliver what they promise. For example, YouTube user DrakePrism debunked a gold farming guide that claimed to make 25K Gold and found it only yielded 3K Gold in 30 minutes.

DrakePrism admits though that despite the overambitious claims, that Gold haul is still impressive for half an hour of farming. In the video he runs through the recommended mining area and provides other important tips for newbies including extra items that will help in gathering ores faster.

Call for RuneScape Gold Farmers
Enterprising user organgyvv is inviting all interested RuneScape gold farmers to join his budding organization which he plans to pattern after PowerGP. In exchange for your fealty and dedication, he promises to reveal the "best methods" he has found and to divide the profits according to a predetermined rate. Be prepared to be grilled though on your experience, probably because the game has been aggressive as of late in banning bots and newbies might become more of a liability.

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