YouTube Series on How to Make 200K+ Gold in Mists of Pandaria

By Frank Lewis,
Veteran World of Warcraft player Tarou has been recording a video series that reveals how he rakes in more than 200K Gold every couple of days or via the auction house.

Tarou, who is now based on the Stormreaver US (PvP) server, is a prolific guide maker and vidcaster who covers an extensive range of Gold-making methods on his website

1 million Gold in 5 Episodes
For his "How I'm Making Gold in MoP" video series, which began three days after Mists of Pandaria launched, he focuses on auction house trading which in his Episode 1 netted him 261K Gold. Combining his earnings until the latest Episode 5, he has earned more than 1 million Gold in just a little over two weeks.

Tarou knows how to earn some serious coin as an auctioneer, and he tries to share some of those effective techniques in his new series. He mentions the hottest selling items, which at the moment seems to be Jewelcrafting and Alchemy items. He also compares alternatives, like whether selling gear is better than disenchanting them and selling the resulting materials.

BeanCounter Addon
To help him navigate the trading market and discover profit points, Tarou uses a custom add-on called BeanCounter, which helps in tracking transactions, figuring out trends, and even gleaning competitor behavior due to its in-depth auction history database.

BeanCounter comes from the Auctioneer Suite which is super popular among the professional auctioneer crowd. JustMyTwoCopper has a basic primer on how to use BeanCounter that could help newbies get accustomed to using it.

Emerging Gold Market
Based on Tarou's prediction of the market, future episodes will be focusing more on peripheral items such as pets and mounts. Casuals should begin hitting the level 90 cap soon and shift priorities from leveling and advancing crafts, to chasing achievements and collections.

"You just wanna wait until all the newness wears off and people start to look at their achievements and see what kind mounts they don't have... Unless the price is good, just hold on to them and wait for people to get into it," Tarou said.

Beginners though could be scratching their heads while watching the "How I'm Making Gold in MoP" series. Tarou spends little time hand-holding viewers, so it's advised to tinker with the auction house first to make the most out of his Gold guides.

Some of Tarou's recommendations also heavily rely on auction house prices, which are of course different per item per server. Several YouTube commenters have said that the reason Tarou earns as much Gold as he does is because of the peculiar nature of his server, to which he just transferred. If anything, they say, these video guides are more meant to provide suggestions that an auctioneer can check out and possibly take advantage to farm coin in the world of warcraft.

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