TERA Gold Farming: Four YouTube Vidcasters to Follow

By Frank Lewis,
We tracked down four YouTube vidcasters which can help you improve your gold farming speed and efficiency in TERA.

YouTube user tgnTera has so far focused on rolling out beginner quest guides, but recently he has come out with a TERA gold farming guide in Pathfinder Post who want to accumulate gold as well as high tier weapons.

A great thing about his video is that he provides a lot tips about the fight, as well as useful information about endgame gearing. Players who share his class will be able to see his skill rotation when fighting the big ass monster (BAM). His narration though might be hard to hear at some points due to the relatively loud in-game sound effects. Some sound adjustment may remedy the situation.

YouTube user akadevvy is a new but potentially popular vidcaster that produces the "Let's Farm" series. His videos guide you to farm specific BAMs such as the Argonomorph Naga Marauder. He provides a map location on where battle the mobs and a full recording on how to defeat them, as well as the deadly special attacks that can wipe you. This mob-specific approach is great if you're the type to get bored farming one specific mob or area repeatedly, since you can easily switch up.

If you are already familiar with fighting these BAMs, you can jump straight to the end portion of the guide where akadevvy summarizes the pros and cons of farming each mob. He also provides calculations of potential gold earnings per hour - breaking it down to gold dropped and gold income from selling loot drops - to help you decide if they are worth your time.

For those looking to gold farm via dungeons, YouTube user acegamestv is one of the few to have posted detailed run-throughs, including from Ascent of Saravash to Saleron's Sky Garden. Loot drops from dungeon can be sold for a hefty profit, especially when you luck into one of En Masse Entertainment's week-long loot boost events. The big payoff usually comes in clearing the dungeon until the last boss, which reward the best and most valuable items.

But if you've hit the level cap and want to get into endgame raiding, YouTube user nalfen offers videos that will help you take down the hardest encounters including the Argon Queen. His narration is one of the clearest among TERA vidcasters and he provides elite information that endgame raiders will value, which makes his videos very enjoyable to watch.

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