New Seller Profiles: On buying guilds, Big in Malaysia and IGE's downfall

By carebear,
This week we published three articles on some of the heavy-weights in the RMT industry. Three of the biggest companies only got started within the last three years and even though they only received little press coverage have began to surpass IGE. We covered their interesting stories - from hard business facts to the latest gossip:

  1. Russian Oligarchs buy soccer clubs. RMT companies buy game guilds. No joke: Take a look at the SwagVault profile.

  2. Want to get to know the biggest player in the Malaysian market? Interested in the business side of moving a gold farm to China? The Offgamers article might make an interesting read then.

  3. Last but not least: THSale (which also own and - business has been good for them lately. But THSale gaining on IGE is maybe not as much their doing as IGE's decline. Take a look at their profile to find out more more.

[Edited on 6/18/2007 by carebear]

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