How to Get Rich Quick In Diablo 2: Resurrected

By Brandy,

Getting ready for the release of Diablo 2 Resurrected? Want to start your game with the information you need to build a fortune and reach the top of the ladder? Then you’ve come to the right place. This is a guide on how to farm gold fast in Diablo 2.

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Making Gold in D2R

There are only a few ways you can get gold in Diablo 2. Here is the short-list:

  • Monster Drops
  • Lootable Objects
  • Boss Drops
  • Selling Loot
  • Trading With Players

With the right picks of farm runs, you will utilize all five ways of getting gold or rare items. This means you will pick a boss or uber minion and repeatedly take them and their minions out while looting nearby objects. 

Once you’re done picking up the loot, you simply leave the game and load back in. You’ll be in a whole new generated space and your chosen target will be alive again. Rinse and repeat.

diablo 2 resurrected gameplay

Once you’ve picked up too much loot for your stash and inventory, sell off items of less value to NPCs. Keep the rare drops for trading to other players. In the past, high-level runes and uber keys were used as a currency for trade. 

Pay attention to what the player market is after and you’ll know what to keep in your stash. Items you find yourself looking for intently will also become valuable to others.

Get Your Character Ready

You’ll want a character that can quickly and efficiently hunt down specific targets and traverse game boards. There are a lot of arguments for which class is the best to accomplish this, but any class with efficient mastery can make the cut. If you’re new to the game, I would suggest starting with a sorceress or a paladin. 

The sorceress has a big advantage in traveling as she can teleport from level 18 and onward. Combined with her AOE combat abilities, she’s a goto farm running class. However, as you advance to Nightmare and Hell difficulties, enemies will begin to have added abilities and buffs. Many times this includes immunity to specific elements. You’ll have to come up with a good build to work around this challenge.

Paladins, on the other hand, have strong physical and magic damage that scales well for Nightmare farm runs. Using the Hammerdin build will guarantee success by defeating difficult bosses like the Mega forms of Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal in Uber Tristam.

Magic Find

No matter what you run you are making or boss you fight, having high magic find chance will make everything just a little bit easier. Some items have a 1 in 1000 drop chance from different enemies. Magic find helps to increase that chance by whatever the stated percentage. 

For this reason, items with magic find should be stashed until you have replacement magic find a piece of better stats. They are incredibly useful for building your character’s full kit. In the late game, this includes finding the runes and gemstones to socket into your best gear.

Rush to Hell

Don’t waste time farming on the normal difficulty. If you are playing solo, collect what you need and get through the storyline. It will be more challenging at first, but the increase in rewards will speed up your ability to build wealth ten-fold. The same goes for Hell mode, but you’ll find rushing through Nightmare a bit more difficult.

hell in diablo 2

During the initial release of the game, you’ll be able to find plenty of players to run through difficulty levels alongside. They may even have access to waypoints further along in the game than you have. After a short time, you will see players who speed-run others through difficulties. It will be incredibly helpful to get your character through the first two difficulties in a day.

From there, you will be able to set up farm runs that you can handle and level up from.

Learn the Farm Runs

There is already a list of archives for Diablo II enemies and drops. While Resurrection may seem some direct changes to drop rates and what items are dropped, so far it appears that it will be nearly the same. This means you’ll be able to capitalize on items that are valuable and hard to get as soon as you have access to the area it’s in.

Farm Specific Drops

For a little tip, here are some of those valuable farm run items:

  • High-level Runes - Ber and Jar
  • Unique Charms - Torches, Gheeds
  • Unique Helms - Crown of Thieves, Stealskull, Shako, Arreat’s Face
  • Unique Armor - Duriel’s Shell, Skin of the Vipermagi, Templar’s Might
  • Unique Shield - Herald of Zakarum, Boneflame, Homunculus
  • Unique Gloves - Magefist, Bloodfist, Steelrends
  • Unique Belts - Thundergod’s Vigor, Nosferatu’s Coil
  • Unique Boots - Shadowdancers, Sandstorm Trek
  • Unique Weapons - Arm of King Leoric, Death Fathom, Wizardspike
  • Unique Rings - Nagelring, Nature’s Peace, Wisp Projector
  • Unique Amulets - Cat’s Eye, Seraphim’s Hymn
  • Set Items - Tal Rasha, Immortal King’s

Stat variations and effects will also alter the value of the items you find. Every stat on Diablo II items is also based on RNG. While every item has a limited set of available attributes and effect ranges, they are chosen based on luck. This means that even if you find items of the same name, they will not be of the same quality. Keep an eye out for rare forms already rare drops.

Higher Difficulty Has Better Yields

You’ll find that set items and unique items dropped from enemies in Nightmare are better than normal. This also applies to Hell mode. As the game becomes more difficult, the enemies will start to drop rarer and more powerful items. 

This effect is also multiplied by having more players in the room. You can have up to eight players in a room. Combine the higher difficulty farming runs, magic find, and a full room to get the best possible drop rates.

Uber Events

Once you think you have a powerful character, you can move from special enemies on the field to mega bosses. You’ll have to get a hold of the three different keys to do this.

  • Key of Terror - Farm Countess in Tower Cellar L5
  • Key of Hate - Farm Summoner in Arcane Sanctuary
  • Key of Destruction - Farm Nihilthak in the Halls of Vaught

These keys aren’t likely to drop the first time. You’ll also need a total of three sets of keys. The keys are step one. You’ll be combining them into your horadric cube to form red portals in town. Once you fight your way through three different bosses and collect their organs, you’ll combine the dropped organs to create a fourth portal. 

The fourth portal will lead you to Uber Tristam. Uber Tristam is populated with Mega editions of Mephisto, Baal, and Diablo. Defeat all of them to receive a guaranteed drop of a Hellfire Torch charm.

Hellfire Torch

Hellfire Torches are incredibly valuable even if they are unidentified. These items are the most powerful charms in the game. They can host a great number of stats and abilities that supercharge your character into an almost god-like being. 

hell fire torch from diablo 2

You’ll most likely want to gather a set of Hellfire Torches for yourself to start with. Then once you have a surplus, you can use them to trade for whatever you desire.

Secret Cow Portal

Diablo II is home to another secret level that can get you rich in Diablo II. Once you have beat Baal on any difficulty, you can combine Wirt’s Leg and a Tome of Town Portal in the Rogue Encampment to create a special portal to the Cow Level. This level is filled with Hell Bovine equipped with halberds and magic stats. 

They drop an enormous amount of rare items and gold. Take note that once you have completed the cow level with a character, you can no longer go back to the cow level in that difficulty with that character. So the cow level is a great quick addition to your character’s gold after your first time beating Baal, but it’s a one-off.


Now you can start in Diablo II Resurrected with a solid plan to build your character and get rich. Just to recap, build a fast, powerful character to quickly get through the easier difficulties. Then, find powerful enemies that drop valuable items. Repeatedly defeat them and collect their loot. After you run out of inventory space, sell the common items to NPCs and offload the rest on the player market. Keep doing this until you are satisfied with the results. Happy ladder climbing!

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